Becoming an affiliate is painless and easy!

0) Before we begin, you need to be a member of Ultra Edge. So, if you're not one, then please make an acount. You can do so by clicking here.

1) First, you need to put the Ultra Edge 88 x 33 size pic somewhere on your site. You can do that by adding the following code.

"<a href='' border=0><img src=''></a>"

2) Then you need to enter in your site's name below:

3) Now enter in your site's URL. For example:

4) Now, for the final step. Enter in the URL of where your 88 x 33 size picture is located. This is so we can add your picture to our list of affiliates. For example: Once you're done, be sure to verify that everything's in order. Once you're satisfied that it is, click the submit button. After awhile, give it about a few days for the pic to be up. If there's an issue or your site doesn't have our button on your site, you will not be contacted and your picture will not show up on the affiliates list. You can always send an email to if you have any questions.