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- 4 decades ago

People Don't Understand What The Internet Is
Happy 4th of July everybody. Just a reconfirmation to everyone that I am not dead (yet). Just been very busy with work, life and coding the new Ultra Edge 2.0. 

Today's topic is about understanding. The type of understanding that should be widely known, but is not. Understanding the Internet.

Its a known fact that many people (a lot of people) don't understand what the Internet is or how it works. This is a very sad development. Perhaps people will understand it better in the future, but as it stands, they don't now.

Back when I was 14 or 15 years old, evidence that people didn't understand what the Internet was ran rampant. Now, it was during the early days of the Internet, so I guess it was understandable. There weren't fancy streaming videos or music clips or anything like that. However, in 7th grade, a group of us could easily go to websites like, and There were no blocks or restrictions. Teachers had no idea that children had easy access to games and porn sites. They didn't know what the Internet was! Even after its explained to them, they still had no idea what it was.

Fast-forward to today. People still don't understand what the Internet is. You have groups of people or even organizations who believe that they can remove leaked pictures from the Internet (that's nearly impossible). You have companies attempting to fight the Internet to save their dying businesses. They're suing people for downloading music... at least they were until they realized they were losing money doing it. Each and every single time they fight back, they lose; yet they continue to fight the Internet to hang on to their dying business practices. These people don't understand the Internet.

You have people in high positions, or precarious positions, putting out career damaging information on Twitter. Not realizing that this sort of information spreads like wildfire. These people don't understand the Internet.

You have companies who don't want to be bothered with the Internet. They implement very little to no Internet services. They don't advertise online or do anything involving the Internet. Those companies die quickly. They don't understand the Internet.

Parents who allow for their 12 year old children to become the techs of the house don't only just misunderstand the Internet. They misunderstand the entire reasoning behind being at least a few knowledgable steps above your children with computers (or somewhat on par). So, when it comes to blocking them from certain websites, they don't know as much as their 12 year-old kids to stop them. 

Former real-life friends who block you on Facebook as a way to say they hate you now. These people don't understand the Internet. They think blocking you on Facebook prevents you from going to their house and kicking their arse. They believe it's a way to give you a virtual kick in the balls. Sorry, its not. 

Companies like Sony, who get hacked don't understand the Internet. A lot of these companies don't believe in securing anything they put online. Hackers have always existed on the Internet. They aren't some new pandemic. If you don't secure your computers and you get hacked, it's not the hacker's fault. It's YOUR fault for not understanding the Internet.

The U.S. Government doesn't understand the Internet. I'm talking more than just their servers. I'm talking about laws inacted by congress and the whole 9 yards. They create laws that help businesses latch on to old business models that are dying. However, these laws do nothing, because the people who wrote them don't understand what the Internet is. So, they create unenforcable laws that do nothing but attack the constitution.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, government computers are just as bad: Government PCs that hold very important documents running Windows with a direct connection to the Internet. This is a blantant example of misunderstanding the Internet. When you're housing a server or any other type of PC with government secrets, NEVER expose it to the Internet! When you do, it can get hacked, and you have no one to blame but yourself.

I have a friend who thinks he's untouchable... Rather, he thinks his Windows XP server is untouchable because there are very few ports open. He works as a Systems Engineer, but even he doesn't understand the Internet. He says his server wouldn't be a target because it's a small target. Foolish boy. You'd think he'd have a better understanding of the Internet, but no.

Cocky system admins seem to understand the Internet, but underestimate it a lot. One could say that underestimating something could lead to the misunderstanding of it. So, because of that, I'm including that here. System admins who think they're so awesome tend to check their networks and equipment a lot less than average. 

Anyway, people who don't understand the Internet tend to do things that cause more problems than fix. Some times it doesn't do anything at all. There are still people who think they can remove a leaked picture from the Internet or who feel as though their systems can't be compromised. There are others who feel that if their online presence is clouded, that nobody can touch them; as if they're incognito. I just wish we could educate people more.

Posted on 07/04/2011 06:04 pm


Necrotic's :
i agree


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