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- 4 decades ago

Borked Website
I accidentally borked the website before making recent backups. So, the index page is slightly... uh... different!

I've already had plans to update the website's code. It's going to have a complete makeover. Looks like I'll have to start it sooner than I had planned.

Some of the things I have planned:

1) Complete redesign of the site. Most likely a brighter look with an even more streamlined and easier navigation than before.

2) Self maintained. Yumibot, a program that works in the background that does a lot of the encoding and indexing on the site will be adding new anime videos automatically.

3) Encoding will be automatic as usual, but the website will also have the option to download the original MKV versions of the anime as well as a torrent link if that MKV is/isn't available.

4) Automatic Wikipedia queries will be added. This allows the site to automatically grab the descriptions for anime from Wikipedia and include them upon each encoded (or non encoded) anime.

And of course much much more.
So stay tuned for the new UE. In the meantime, please bare with this site until I'm done.
Posted on 10/18/2010 02:22 pm



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