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- 4 decades ago

This is too funny!
An article appeared on the Internets claiming that Rhianna's lawyers are trying to "remove" leaked pictures of Rhianna (and Chris Brown with panties on his head) from the Internet.  


These people still don't quite understand how the Internet works. You can't remove ANYTHING from the Internet after it's been leaked. It's nearly impossible. Literately billions of people use the Internet a day. Billions of PCs access the Internet and any one of these computers that access it could have a copy of the leaked pictures. Here is the article here:

The pictures they're talking about are here:


I'm quite sure they're not going to be able to REMOVE them from the Internet. This is how I know that these same people don't understand the computers that are used in their lives. Computers are all around us and these same people barely know what a computer is, let alone how it works.

I just want to let people know that I'm only talking about the US. I'm not sure how proficient the rest of the world is in computers. However, I'm quite sure it's more proficient than us.

Just the other day, I read 3 articles that talk about how PCs were being hacked. These weren't just ordinary places. One was a computer involved in Air Traffic Control for airplanes and another for a college that specializes in IT. Sure, you can argue that these sort of things can happen to the best of us. I, of course, disagree.

First off, PCs that deal with Air Traffic Control do not need access to the Internet! I'm not just talking about desktop PCs. Oh no no no. I'm talking about Air Traffic Control servers that services SEVERAL airports. These servers don't need access to the Internet; at least directly! That's just asking to be hacked.

Secondly, a school specializing in IT shouldn't have insecure servers. IT involves computer security, so there's absolutely no reason why student alumni and personal information, such as social security numbers and etc., ought to have been hacked. Period. has been hacked 3 times. They've been hacked at least once a year since 2006. That's ridiculous. What makes it funny is that they keeping getting hacked through the same methods: SQL Injection. Heck, I can't find a job in programming and I at least know about SQL Injection. Yet,, the arguably the Internet's largest job search engine, can't even afford a few lacky PC programmers to program SQL code? To avoid injection, you simply don't trust data from the outside. Never take a variable grabbed from the URL and parse it along side of an SQL request! NEVER!

So, what am I concluding here? I'm concluding that the US still have a lot of incompetent computer people in high places. It's like I said in a previous post. It's not about how talented you are. It's about how much money you make. If you make a lot of money, then you can go far. If you don't, not so much. That may not apply to everything (Barack Obama is a wonderful example), but it applies to the majority of American society.
Posted on 05/09/2009 08:28 pm



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