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- 4 decades ago

This is retarded. Yes, it is!
Just the other day I was talking with another contracting agency about a similar job. The female I spoke to admitted that getting into the market without a degree and experience is difficult or nearly impossible. I find that rather funny. George W. Bush went to Yale. Yet, he's a complete idiot. He's not where he is because he's got talent. Him and his family have money.

Simple jobs, such as call center reps, demand for people to have degrees; even for collections. What makes it funny is that these particular jobs don't care what degree you have, just as long as you have a degree. Does that make sense to you? A job that doesn't even care about the relevancy of your degree -- just as long as you have one? How would that match up to the job? How would that prove that the person is even capable of doing the job? Is it to keep the bums out? Maybe so.

Just because a person has a degree, doesn't mean they're talented. It just means they have money. I would go so far as to say: a person who has a degree is a person who took the correct number of courses to know the "basics" of a job. It doesn't make them a master at it by a long shot. If this were the case, then the H12B Visas from India wouldn't be known for making low quality stuff. Then again, they only get paid 1/3rd the amount of an American of the same level.

If I ever were to become the head of a major corporation, I wouldn't look for a degree. I'd look for talent. That's how companies go far. That's how companies make the most money. 

I just heard the other day that Obama was attempting to prevent these corporations from taking advantage of corporate tax loop holes. The loop holes are used when companies offshore a part of their business overseas. The places they offshore them to are small countries that charge little to no tax at all. According to US Tax law, they can't tax any corporation (or part of the corporation) stationed out of the country. If the countries want to tax these corporations, 9 times out of 10 they can't because the corporations adhere to US tax law. So, what ends up happening is they pay... Well... Nothing in taxes. At the same time, these companies can employ the local residence of that country and pay them little to nothing. So, people like us here in America get to suffer while these corporations rob the country they're benefiting from, while at the same time, enslaving the people of another. Now, if this isn't evil, then I don't know what is.

Posted on 05/05/2009 06:23 pm



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