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- 4 decades ago

What the heck: Part II
 Ah, I sent an email to Firestar expressing that what he was doing could seal his website's fate. I gave him some advice on what he should implement in order to gain more visitors and perhaps earn ad revenue. Of course, he argued me down and denied the advice I gave him. Ultimately, he said this:

I am a professional web developer, I already know how to implement such a thing, but there is seriously no need to, the users do not visit the site for pointless extra themes but the content itself.

Also please do not try to confuse yourself into thinking your site is better due to the fact that is messy and has more episodes. There is only 1 reason your site has more visitors (which can be debated) it is due to advertising, I do not spam animecaps name here and there, I prefer the site to be spread by word of mouth.

Please try to forget the offer of partnership as it has been withdrawn, until you learn to stop trying to be a smartass that has no idea what he is talking about. and believe me I was holding back in every one of these emails but your arrogance is just to great to even let go. I could never see us ever getting along

For those interested in seeing his site, please visit:

His response kinda ticked me off. I was only trying to help the kid. However, I suppose now, it just doesn't matter. I'll just respond publicly.

1) You're talking about implementing themes to your very dull looking site. Your site is uninspiring. Put SOMETHING on it. Put up a naked picture of yourself. Write "AnimeCap" in crayon and post it. Rub your dirty balls on a pristine white piece of paper and scan it. Show the world! Something!

2) Oh my goodness. Let me not confuse myself into thinking my site is better than yours. Oh no! Lets completely forget about the fact that you have absolutely nothing on your site. You have 10 different anime in which 7 are extremely old. Your forums are bare bones and... That's it! There's nothing else. Your site offers nothing. You don't even offer rope for your visitors to hang themselves with, because that is what they will do when they see your site. There are no links, no pictures, no nothing. It's like walking into a playhouse with no windows and no toys. Like stepping into an asylum with the word "AnimeCap" written in purple lipstick on the front door. Yet, my site is messy. Its messy with... Anime... Yeah, your site is clean. Spotless, but my website is dirty with UP TO DATE anime. Filthy! Just simply filthy!

It's a bit hard to believe your site gets any visitors. If it did, you wouldn't be talking about charging people $2 to become members so they could... uh... Well, gee. What exactly would they be paying $2 bucks for? Not to watch the anime, because you don't have anime. Heck, you don't even have a functional forum. You have... NOTHING. You also mention 'word of mouth'. Well, in order for your site to be spread by word of mouth, there would actually need to be... umm... words for people to... uhh... spread about your site. Currently, the only word they'll be spreading is dull. Oh, and maybe "boring" and "flat". Perhaps it'll remind them of the time they shut their bedroom lights off and went to sleep. Exciting! Look, I'm giving word of mouth right now. Awesome!

3) What partnership? I didn't want to 'partner' with you. YOU wanted to 'partner' with me. I told YOU I wasn't interested and would rather affiliate with you. I didn't email you, kid. YOU emailed me. Remember?

hey Just visited your site, wanted to know if you want to partner or even merge with, it seems we have the same goals. We also do podcasts if you would be willing to do that as well that would also be cool, I normally take care of backend, server, space, bandwidth. We need more uploaders to upload more HD content currently i am the only one uploading anime and it is becoming quite stressful. please if you love all that is holy or atleast anime consider this offer of partnership/merger.

Seems to me that YOU (I'm emphasizing here) needed to partner up. You even wanted to merge. Doesn't make sense to merge since you really didn't have anything. Kinda like marrying a woman in which all she had was a plastic shopping bag full of cloths, and then when things go sour say, "Well, I'm revoking my offer to you! I was going to hand you a piece of gum I saved in my pocket. Now, you can't have it!!"

You were holding back too?!?! No way! You mean to tell me you would've went Super Saiyan at any moment?! OMG! What were you expecting me to say after you just turned Super Saiyan?

It's over 9000!!

Well, there. I said it.
Posted on 03/01/2009 04:01 am


sl33p :
Feuds are never fun and noone ever looks good. Why give his shitty site the platform?

sl33p :
And btw, I can no longer upload...Site looks like it's doing its thing but the vid never show up to publish.

Qchan :
Email me. We'll discuss it.

Qchan :
Concerning his website. I told him I would post the situation on my blog. In essence, I'm still helping him out. He's still getting negative press, but eventually he'll learn.

Max :
Good evening. S

Glynis :
Good afternoon.


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