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- 4 decades ago

Mortgages and Politics
Just look at Rick. People like him are disgusting. Sure, he makes a good argument for a troll. However, for anyone to feel that helping out his fellow man is wrong needs to get his/her head examined. This guy is basically saying that we shouldn't give money to people who are having issues staying in their homes. His reasoning was that people are 100% responsible for not being able to take care of their mortgages. What he fails to understand, however, is that those same people (2 million+) were suckered into those mortgages using predatory methods. Ya know, no down payments, people with bad or no credit being accepted and etc. Then at the end, having mortgage payments balloon after so many years and then keep ballooning afterwards. The value of their homes going lower than the mortgage reflects and thus making the homes useless. The banks expected people to pay, but in the end they can't. So, what happened is those same people foreclosed and the banks ended up with toxic assets (assets with little to no value). They obviously don't get paid for these foreclosed homes and now the banks are stuck. Now, of course, if you add 2 million people to the equation, it becomes a HUGE HUGE problem. This guy, Rick, is saying f*ck 'em! Those people got themselves in that mess and it's not "OUR" responsibility to "bail" them out. Essentially, let the people lose their homes and let whatever happens to them happen. Oh, but when questioned about that very same thing he claims he wasn't for that. Kinda hard to believe in such a story when he's turning his back the way he is. Kinda reminds me of libertarians. They also believe in the same thing. Libertarians are mostly people who believe in grass-roots democracy. They believe in small government and 'let the people do what they wanna do'. Of course, many libertarians do not believe in government funded programs. That, of course, enlarges the size of government. I don't think I can ever agree with libertarians on several fundamental issues. In essence, libertarians who are for smaller government do not support government funded health care... Ya know, we call that Universal Health Care. They don't believe in many social programs; some don't agree with public schooling. However, they do believe in pot o_0. So, when I think of libertarians, I think of hippies. When I think of hippies, I think of the Baby Boomers: the generation of people who didn't give two nuts about anyone by themselves. Oh, but not all Baby Boomers are libertarians. I stand firm to that, but they are similar in many ways. One of those would be not caring about the world or anybody else around them. The same generation that voted for Reagan. The same generation that's telling our generation to get a job when it's nearly impossible. They're starting to see that now, but its far too late. Yesterday, my mother presented a job posting for a job I just wasn't qualified for. I explained to my mother that I couldn't apply for the job because I wasn't qualified. By my response, she became perplexed and then continued to urge me to apply. At that point, I became annoyed. Perhaps back in the 70s it may have been easier to get such a job. Back then, you could just have the fire in your eyes and they'd hire you. Nowadays, you gotta have specific experience with object XYZ for 3 plus years with a bachelor's degree. Once you meet those requirements, you can work at the job offering you 9 or 10 bucks an hour. It's an insult. On top of that, they ship the jobs over seas or they hire foreigners for far far less. The Baby Boomers have been working at their little jobs for 20 to 30 years. So, it's hard for them to imagine competing with some guy in India whose government allowed for them to attend college for free. In India, college is mandatory and free. Here, college is optional and expensive. Tuition keeps going up and colleges are raping their students by forcing them to take college courses that have nothing to do with their respective fields of study. So, students pay more. The students who get loans to pay for these courses end up in deep deep debt when they graduate. Even when they graduate, its hard for them to get a job in their field because... Once Again... They are competing with the rest of the world. So, now you have students with a degree with a huge loan looming over their shoulders. Now, it's difficult for the student to get a house or a car. Heck, its hard to rent some apartments! This is what many people would call getting f*cked. After 2 and a half years of college, I couldn't afford it anymore. Tuition went up twice on me and I simply couldn't afford to stay. Not only that, I worked full time to maintain my living. Needless to say, it was difficult. However, I don't expect Baby Boomers to understand. My gf's parents are just as clueless: I lost my car due to economic woes. So, it became increasingly difficult to go to work and etc. My gf wanted to catch a few rides to work from her parents. I mean, they are her parents, so what harm come could come out of it? This is what her and I assumed. However, her mother made a big stink about why she couldn't get her own car and etc. Well, we obviously couldn't afford one right away. Another thing is that her parents promised her a car as a college graduation gift and never came through. My gf's parents are also those types of people who believe getting a job anywhere is easy. However, for a person, such as myself, who is overqualified for many of the jobs in my area, it's really not. My grandmother is the same way, but that really doesn't say much. Or maybe it does. Baby Boomers had it easy back in the day when all they had to do was look at pretty colors and get high. Nowadays, that's just not possible. They really only think about themselves and are completely uncaring about what's going on around them. Now, Baby Boomers are fussing and ranting about their Social Security and IRAs or 401ks. They're only worried about how they're going to retire and couldn't give two flooks about the younger generation. Heck, its the younger generation that's going to be stuck with a huge debt that the Baby Boomers placed on our shoulders. It's the younger generation that has to compete with the rest of the world for good paying American jobs. It's the younger generation that has to undo the uncaring and unrelenting social and political burdens irresponsibly placed on us from the generation before. Ugh!
Posted on 02/21/2009 10:51 pm


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