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- 4 decades ago

Street Fighter IV
 Alright. So, Street Fighter IV will be released in a few more days. Anyone out there excited? I know a few people who are. However, this game is only on the X360 and the PS3. It's not even on the Wii; nor does it show signs of coming to the Wii. 

Capcom, what the heck is wrong with you?!

Capcom must have retards working in their sales and marketing department. This would be the 3rd retarded move they've made in the last few months! First, it was not bringing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom over to the States. The game already was doing poorly in Japan. So, why not try to gain some extra cash by bringing it here? The 2nd time was when they decided not to bring the Monster Hunter 3 demo here. WHY NOT CAPCOM??? If you want the Americans to like your game, why not show them what it is first? Thirdly, not porting SF4 to the console with the most sales. There's hardly anything in SF4 that couldn't be ported to the Wii using the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom engine. It's like they hate money. Capcom can't blame it on the falling dollar. Sure, the American dollar is falling, but its still above the yen (last I checked). The Japanese have been in a recession for yeeeaaaarrrrsss. Why not stop making games for the Japanese if the falling dollar is your excuse, Capcom? "Oh!" Says Capcom. "We are a Japanese company, so it's our responsibility to SHOOT ourselves in the foot by creating yet another Japan-only hentai dating sim." GIVE ME A BREAK, CAPCOM!! Do 3rd parties honestly hate Nintendo so much that they will disembowel themselves before they ever release a game on the Wii? Really? Well, I say they should all just perform the ancient samurai suicide ritual right now and kill themselves. That way, the ones that attempt it and somehow live through it (if organ failure or bleeding profusely doesn't kill them) they'll realize how hard the gaming community is laughing at their stupidity. Heck, we are ALREADY laughing at Tecmo for being flaming idiots by not trying hard enough to keep Team Ninja. Team Ninja WAS Tecmo, but Tecmo didn't realize it until THE WHOLE ENTIRE TEAM LEFT. Now, they're on the verge of getting bought up by a bigger company because they're losing a ton of money. Did Tecmo even release a single Wii game? Of course not! Other third parties see this and, just like a Lemming, follow blindly to their own stupid deaths. Kinda reminds me of Sega. Sega, since the Genesis, had been making stupid business decisions one after another: First: The 32X Second: The Sega CD Third: Not releasing the Sega Neptune instead of the 32X Fourth: Going bankrupt after releasing their best system ever (Dreamcast) HOW DO YOU DO THAT SEGA?! HOW?!?!?! Fifth: Releasing crappy Sonic games to the wrong demographic instead of releasing them on the Gamecube where they would have actually SOLD! Sixth: Releasing Virtual Fighter 4 around the same time as Tekken 4 (A PS2 Exclusive)... AND THEN MAKING IT A PS2 EXCLUSIVE!! Seventh: Getting bought out by Sammy. Sammy only bought you, Sega, because they loved you. Despite how many times we got burned by your stupid decision, we loved you too. Finally: Still releasing crap Sonic games! Just give us a regular 2D Sonic game! QUIT TRYING TO FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T ALREADY BROKEN!! Don't give Sonic a sword, don't make him transform, don't send him to the future, don't send him to the past, don't put him in a story book, don't give him a skateboard, don't give him a gun, don't give him a genie, don't give him bullet time and DON'T GIVE HIM ANY MORE FRIENDS!! He's got a enough of them!! Just give us a 2D Sonic with a spin attack... And if you absolutely have to... Give us Tails, BUT THAT'S IT!! In other news... Yes, Ultra Edge is (still) one of the very few (if not only) HD Anime Streaming websites on the entire INTERNETS... It's probably the only one that allows other users to upload their anime content. Why is that? No one thought about doing this? I can't possibly be the only one! It's been a year now and I have yet to see any serious websites doing what I'm doing. I've seen maybe two, but they're completely dead. Meanwhile, you have HD anime being released all over the place! People killing each other trying to find a good high quality stream. Meanwhile, you have these second rate anime sites still linking to Youtube and Veoh. Oh, and Megavideo, which by the way, CHARGES MONEY TO WATCH THEIR CRAPPY QUALITY VIDEOS!! A fellow poster in the message forum brought this to my attention and even wondered why I didn't get much traffic here yet. I sat there and scratched my head wondering the same thing. Of course, the obvious conclusion could be because not too many people actually KNOW about Ultra Edge. Of course, promoting UE isn't exactly cheap either. I have an idea... How about you people (Yes, that would be you who are reading this) tell a friend or neighbor about Ultra Edge. Ya know, just go up to them and say something like: "Hey, mang. Go to Ultra Edge. They're awesome!" I'm sure they'll say, "Sure, dude. Where at?" Then you can say, "Heck, I don't know. Google it!" That will only take up 2 seconds of your time. Don't hog Ultra Edge to yourself!! Share it! Didn't your kindergarten teacher teach you how to share? Didn't you parents teach you to share your animal crackers with your siblings? You better share those crackers! Share Ultra Edge!
Posted on 02/14/2009 08:18 pm



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Hubris (Ehru Version) - Soul Calibur II
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