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- 4 decades ago

People get on my nerves!
Well, since it has already came and gone, I can talk about it. That's usually what I do. I wait awhile before I report things that could potentially get me in trouble. However, the following incident I will talk about, I'm already passed that.

Ok! Everybody knows the economy sucks. Right now, I'm trying to find a good paying job, but it's extremely hard due to the circumstances. In any case, I applied for an entry-level PHP/MySQL programming position at which is a translating company whose corporate offices are located in my city. My resume was forwarded to Henry Dotterer. He replies with:

Thanks for your interest in Unfortunately, for the current opening we are looking for a bit more experience in web development.

What?.... WHAT?! Are you kidding me?! I built this freaking website from scratch using nothing more but a program equivalent to notepad! NOTEPAD!! To be more exact, I use Gedit, which is a tabbed text editor in Linux.

I had to read his email twice just to grasp at what he was telling me. I then double checked the job description and it said "entry-level". It didn't mention anything in regards to a degree or anything like that. As a matter of fact, it mentioned that people with little experience would be considered. His reply to my email isn't even considered a 'consideration'.

Ok, granted, the URL to my site wasn't on my resume. However, my experience WAS. The guy didn't even attempt to ask, "Hey, pal! I see your resume says you have experience with PHP and MySQL. Do you have any examples to show?" Geez, I'd figured if someone's resume said they had experience in ANYTHING, they'd schedule and interview and find out if they really did instead of tell them right in their face that they have no experience.

Now, I do understand that some companies would love examples forwarded along with the resumes. Blizzard Entertainment is a wonderful example. They have software engineering positions in which they request for a resume and examples of code. That's all fine and dandy as long as they explicitly ask for it. I dunno. Maybe it's just me.

Well, whatever. People are stupid. Perhaps I am too! However, at least I stand a chance at survival! Many of the dummies out there, I don't understand how they're still alive! Amazing. 

For example, my best friend's girlfriend. She has some of the dumbest jokes I've ever heard. Of course, "that" doesn't make her dumb. However, if you add the horrid jokes with the random "Hehe, my grandmother tripped over a simple strain of hair", you'll go insane! I mean, she'd say the most asinine things during a normal convo and completely mess the conversation up.

Like, the other day, her, my best friend Pat, my girlfriend and I were at Denny's. Ok... He's throwing balled up straw wrappers at me. Ha-ha he-he; having a good time. Then she opens her mouth wide and lays out her tongue and goes, "Just put it in my mouth!". Seriously, WTF? So, we're looking at this chick like she's suffering from brain damage. There's a long silence. I then look at my friend, attempting to joke about it and say, "You're responsible for that!"

A few minutes later, we're discussing the quality of food at different restaurants. Everybody knows I typically get burgers at Denny's.

She then asks me, "Why go out and eat a burger? You can eat a burger anywhere." 

I asked, "Oh? Like where?" 

She replies, "Like, McDonalds. I typically eat burgers at McDonalds, but when I'm out, I get chicken." 

I then say, "Well, Denny's has higher quality burgers." 

Now get this. She says, "I don't understand it! If you want a burger, McDonalds is known for it. That's what they do. They make burgers. Denny's isn't known for their burgers." 

I got annoyed and said, "Denny's has better burgers." 

"No they don't." She says.

I reply, "Are you serious?"

"Yes. They have better meat. I like reprocessed meat." 

WTF?? That made absolutely no sense. Just because McDonalds serves burgers doesn't mean it's magically "better". It's a freaking FAST FOOD restaurant!!! Denny's is a diner! There's just no comparison. 

We then got on the topic of tipping waitresses and waiters at restaurants. We start talking about that for a bit and later she tells me I can find my own way home (she drove all of us). I say, "What?" She then tells me she's joking with the most serious face I've seen on a person. That's when I start to get angry. Later, the conversation continues and she says, "Seriously! Why are you still talking?" I say, "Because we're a group and I'm trying to get us all to talk." At the time, we really weren't talking at all. She starts babbling about me talking with a serious face. I interpret her telling me to shut up and I drew the line. "Ok, it's time to go home. You're seriously starting to piss me off!"

I can tell we aren't going to get a long at all. 

Posted on 01/28/2009 06:30 am


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