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- 4 decades ago

Time Warner hates you. They've always hated you. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, you're the customers who have speed issues with Ultra Edge. The website is slow for you because you're experiencing the result of packet shaping. Here's what Time warner had to say about you. TIME WARNER ANNOUNCES INTRODUCTION OF PACKET SHAPING TECHNOLOGY NATIONWIDE June 6, 2007 -- Time Warner today implemented a network management tool to improve the operation of the network for all subscribers. As a result, a small minority of users may experience slower speeds during peak hours when using certain applications that consume lots of bandwidth. You can address this situation by reducing your use of bandwidth-intensive applications during peak hours. "Peak hours" are generally in the evenings. "Packet shaping" technology has been implemented for newsgroup applications, regardless of the provider, and all peer-to-peer networks and certain other high bandwidth applications not necessarily limited to audio, video, and voice over IP telephony. Road Runner reserves the right to implement network management tools for other applications in the future. Customers are reminded of the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy at » * The Road Runner service may not be used to engage in any conduct that interferes with Road Runner's ability to provide service to others, including the use of excessive bandwidth. * The Road Runner service may not be used to breach or attempt to breach the security, the computer, the software or the data of any person or entity, including Road Runner, to circumvent the user authentication features or security of any host, network or account, to use or distribute tools designed to compromise security, or to interfere with another's use of the Road Runner service through the posting or transmitting of a virus or other harmful item or to deliberately overload or flood that entity's system. Customers are further advised that efforts designed to circumvent our network management tools may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and may result in account suspension without warning. What is Packet Shaping? Well, here's what Wikipedia had to say about it: Packing Shaping is the control of computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, lower latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth by delaying packets that meet certain criteria.[1] More specifically, traffic shaping is any action on a set of packets (often called a stream or a flow) which imposes additional delay on those packets such that they conform to some predetermined constraint (a contract or traffic profile).[2] Traffic shaping provides a means to control the volume of traffic being sent into a network in a specified period (bandwidth throttling), or the maximum rate at which the traffic is sent (rate limiting), or more complex criteria such as GCRA. This control can be accomplished in many ways and for many reasons; however traffic shaping is always achieved by delaying packets. Traffic shaping is commonly applied at the network edges to control traffic entering the network, but can also be applied by the traffic source (for example, computer or network card[3]) or by an element in the network. Traffic policing is the distinct but related practice of packet dropping and packet marking. So, in other words, its a technique that slows down your connection depending on what application is being used. For example, if you're downloading a torrent, Packet Shaping will slow down your connection. It can even extend to certain websites such as Ultra Edge and several other websites that have video, audio and other multimedia applications. Heck, it can even extend BEYOND that. This is why Net Neutrality is so important. If your ISP can dictate which sites you go to, then the Internet is no longer considered a free medium of information. Although I already talk about this very same problem in the FAQ section, I felt this piece of information needed to be known. A lot of people are complaining that my site is slow. However, these people happen to all be Time Warner customers. There are a few other ISPs such as Earthlink that some of these other people have accounts to. Understand that Earthlink's broadband uses Time Warner's network. So, even Earthlink customers are affected. Honestly, January 20th couldn't come soon enough.
Posted on 12/24/2008 07:33 pm


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