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- 4 decades ago

More on the MKV support
 Another day goes by as I run tests through the beta code for MKV support with soft subs. Previously, the comments in the softsubs would show (which is annoying!). VLC used to have issues with that very same thing. I implemented code that would completely nullify the comments inside the softsubs. So, now it should look a bit more professional.

I want to point out that the MKV support with softsubs is STILL beta right now. I've noticed that Gundam 00 episode 3 has desync issues. They can be fixed simply by clicking on the slider bar. It'll change the position of the video by a couple of seconds if you do it right, but it'll resync. I've only found this issue with episode 3, so I think it may have been a conversion problem. I honestly hope this is the case. Otherwise I'd have to alter some more code to fix it.

Once again, it is beta. If you find any problems with the video you're watching, you can either contact me, leave a comment under the video or notify me in the forums. The quicker I know about these issues, the quicker I can fix them.

On a side note. I've never uploaded videos to Veoh. I wonder if Veoh supports mkv or if it forces people to re-encode their videos. Ah well...

I will post more news as it breaks. So, stay tuned! 
Posted on 12/06/2008 03:51 pm


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Sheba :
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