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- 4 decades ago

Server trouble!
Hello! Yes, I'm still alive! I hoped that last entry was enough to keep you guys busy.

As of late, my server had been acting up (Overheating). I got that issue fixed, so everything should be ok. At first, it figured it was just the board, and that it was somehow restricting power to the 3-pin CPU power connector. However, that wasn't the case. Even so, just as a added precaution, I went ahead and put in a molex to 3 pin power adapter. I did that so the CPU gets its power directly from the PSU and not the board.

I'm still working on a few aspects on the site. Not as frequently as before as I've gotten extremely busy. I've added affiliates as well as a few bug fixes here and there. I still have to do the FAQ section - That section appears to be the most important. Right now, I'm going to focus on the code surrounding the ads. For some odd reason, they're not showing. Ah well.

I hope in the future people upload videos. I wonder when that'll be. :P
Posted on 05/10/2008 04:19 pm


Sandi :
Give please. Th

Kona :
Good afternoon.


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