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- 4 decades ago

Ultra Edge was... Or rather, used to be, a video sharing website. However, this was back during the Stage6 days and before Youtube offered HD videos. Nowadays, its pretty risky allowing people to share videos with DMCA C&D letters being thrown every which way. Not only that, Crunchy Roll ended up being THE place to get streaming anime (well, legally anyway). So, with all of that crap going on, I decided to... Well, not necessarily get rid of the videos, but to just... Put them away for now. So, Ultra Edge is my personal blog designed for me to host all of my projects. One of those projects is my Anime Jazz radio.

I've looked around and I could not find ANY anime themed jazz Internet radio stations at all. Most of them were just nothing more but assortments of Anime JPOP and KPOP. However, how could we all ignore the sweet and wonderful sound of wholesome jazz? There's a ton of it in the anime universe, yet it never gets appreciated. So, I decided to created my radio to appreciate that music. It's pretty small right now, but I bet it'll grow more and more as time progresses. Each anime OST I've had the opportunity to hear that features at least one jazz sound, I've included in my radio. So, I hope you all enjoy it.

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