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Why Ultra Edge?
  • Ultra Edge is a free anime sharing website! Share your wallpapers and videos here free of charge! Upload anime episodes in full quality and preserve the anime in which it was meant to be watched.

  • FREE! You can't possibly turn down free, can you? How many people do you know readily give stuff away? I know I don't know that many. I dare you to go to a random person and ask for a stack of anime DVDs. You'll get one of the weirdest faces you'll ever see!

  • Ultra Edge is more than a multimedia site. It's an anime community. Talk to your fellow anime lovers about the latest news in all that is anime! Post up art to your favorite anime title or maybe even something completely unique. Talk about Jpop, Jrock, Kpop, or maybe even Japanese singers, actors or talk about video games! Xbox 360, Wii and the Playstation 3. Talk about politics, talk about your day. Heck, talk about food!

  • Ultra Edge also has a growing library of Wallpapers of different sizes that you can post on your PC or maybe print out. It's all free and doesn't require special rights to download them. If you have wallpaper you wish to upload, you're also free to do so (duh?!). Afraid you have a resolution that's too high for the naked eye to comprehend? Upload it anyway! If you can find a resolution higher than 12,000 x 16,000, please let me know!

  • Customizable Themes! You can't argue with that, can you?! Choose anywhere between the Cherry Wood theme to the Leopard Skin theme. You can also change the skin on the player interface! There's a ton of skins and themes to choose from and they continue to grow!

  • Downloadable Content is also available! Can't seem to stream that anime file or perhaps you just want to keep a copy for archive reasons? Never fear! You can download the anime file used to stream to your computer... FOR FREE!! Download as many times as you like! The rate is unlimited!

  • A steady growing library of anime keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. You want anime? Quit pretending like you don't! I know you do! Otherwise, why would you be here?!?! With over a quarter thousand anime episodes available for streaming, you couldn't possibly say no! Say yes!

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