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This may strike you as odd, but this help page is only designed to define aspects, words and phrases to those who are less savvy to the Internet and to anime. If you are having problems with viewing videos, or uploading videos and etc., you may want to check out the FAQ section instead.

What is Anime? - Anime is a Japanese word meaning, "cartoon". It is commonly used in America to describe Japanese cartoons or Japanese animation. Some may refer to anime as Japanimation, but the word itself isn't as common as the word, "anime". Besides, the word, "japanimation" doesn't sound as fluent as "anime" sounds.

What is Manga? - Manga is another Japanese word meaning, "comic". Once again, it's commonly used in America to describe Japanese comics. Mangas (or manga) are usually always in black and white. The purpose of this is to allow issues to be published once every week. In what manga lacks in color, it makes up in detail. Manga features some of the most detailed art graced in any comic you'll ever read. Also, Japanese manga tend to end each issue with a cliffhanger to promote future issues to keep the reader's attention. It works fairly well considering that manga features some of the most rich story lines you'll ever read. Many Japanese manga titles are then made into anime series or movies. Much like a book being made into a movie. Popular titles such as Bleach and Naruto are features in Japan's popular Shounen Jump; a series of Japanese manga crammed in one large weekly book. Shounen Jump is ever available in America, but its very far behind the Japanese version.

What the heck does "itadakimasu" mean?? - Commonly misspoken by a good friend of mine, the word is Japanese for, "I'm ready to eat!" or "Rubba-Dubb-Dubb! Thanks for the scrub!" It's commonly used by many Japanese just before they dig into a meal. This is very similar to saying a little prayer before eating, but the implications are much different. This particular act is commonly found in more anime you can shake a stick at. Often times, you'll see 'otakus' doing this sort of thing.

What is an otaku? - The word, "Otaku" is Japanese for "Enthusiast". It's pretty straight forward. Many anime fans can be considered otakus because they may (every now and then) do anime-like or Japanese-like things such as yell "itadakimasu" before a meal or use the word "baka" instead of "stupid".

Huh? Baka? - Don't be ashamed. Many otakus use this word and they use it a lot. "Baka" is a Japanese word that means, "stupid" or "idiot". If someone calls you baka, take offense to it!

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