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Welcome to the Ultra Edge FAQ!!

Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions and answers to other things.

Are there minimum requirements for Ultra Edge? If so why and what are they?
Yes! The reason is because the videos are in extremly high quality and it would be nearly impossible to view them using a busted PC. So, here are the requirements:

Intel or AMD Processor at 2.0 ghz and higher
1024 x 768 Monitor Resolution
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 or Macintosh OSX (any version) or Linux/Unix (any distro with a functioning Xserver client)
1 - 2 GIGABYTE(s) of free Hard Disk Space
Firefox 2 and up, or Internet Explorer 7 and up, or Safari (Google Chrome and Konqueror) - (Webkit 1.1 and up)

That's roughly about it. Some computers may have more than what the minimum requires and still experience slow down. Understand that if you have a Megavideo or Veoh video running in the background or if you are running an HD Youtube video in the background, it can potentially slow down videos on Ultra Edge. Don't be a pansy and panic. If the video is still slow, your PC just may not be fast enough. Consider an upgrade and come back.

When I upload a video and publish it, it doesn't play/has no sound/has no subtitles/won't show up/Desyncs. Why is that?
This all attributes to video errors. There's a reason why many release groups put CRC into the titles of their videos. If you download that video and the CRC or MD5 doesn't match, it probably will contain errors. That's pretty much how things work. Therefore, you'll get all kinds of funky stuff in the videos. Heck, I come across them all the time and I usually reupload better encodes. Some release groups (such as gSS) couldn't care less. They release their videos with all kinds of cobwebs and STDs that the videos spaz out when you play them. Heck, they don't care. They believe we should be greatful because they're subbing it for free. Well, here's my message to them... If you don't sub it, someone else will. You aren't the only people subbing anime out there. Quit being so self-righteous and sub my anime, b*tch!!

Why does the video take so long to encode/publish?
I wanna say because you're stupid or because you're fat, but I can't. Look... The server is old. Like, I had it since I was a teenager (I'm in my mid 20s now). I built a new PC and said, "Well, no one is worthy of possessing Sakura (my server's name), so I'll make it into a server". Now, lo and behold, Ultra Edge is born. You can blame Yumi: The Ultra Edge Maid. She (yes, its female) encodes every video now. When you click on the Publish Now button, it adds your video to a queue. Depending on the work Yumi has set in front of her depends on how soon your video gets published.

Now, I could go into a long story on what the server is doing internally, but after reading what I had wrote, I found that it was boring. If you want the server to go faster, why not donate so I can upgrade the thing?

You say that you preserve the quality of the videos uploaded. How is that?
I used to... Not any more. The videos were getting waaaay too big. I try to preserve as much as I can, but until someone donates terabyte HDDs like donuts on Christmas eve, then I can't. Though, the quality is still nice and I plan to keep it that way.

Anyway, Standard Definition files are resized to 714 x 379 and High Definition files are resized to 910 x 512. They are both widescreen resolutions since anime is now released in widescreen and nothing else. There are a few fullscreen vids out there. Until I add code that allows for that, you're all just SOL.

What the heck is a .webapp / How do I watch downloaded streams? / Why should I care?
Good that you ask! The downloaded streams make it easier to allocate resources to the videos. That way, if your computer absolutely blows donkey balls, it can still play (somewhat). However, for you to actually run .webapp files, you need to install Prism. You can install it here. For Ubuntu Linux users, click here. For all other OSes (*Nix and Mac) go here. I recommend 0.8 if you can find it. 0.9 is riddled with bugs and breaks everything from 0.8 and below. Once you install it, simply download the webapp file and double click on it. Simple? Of course it is!

Why is Ultra Edge so wicked slow? I can't watch my videos without it buffering so much...
Hi! How are you? So, you're wondering why the video is moving so slow and whatnot? Well, there could possibly be several factors (beside the fact that you're a n00b). You have ISPs who love Packet Shaping, and then you have other things. Well, before you wet your panties, I have implemented a few things that could curve the slow down and the buffering and etc. However, before I get into that, lets try educating you because you're stupid (seriously, what's up with that?).

1) Have you tried waiting for the buffer timer to reach 100? You probably didn't and were probably looking at the timer dumbfounded and wondering "What the hell is this?" Well, it's a timer (idiot). Let it reach 100 before you start crying like a little baby.

2) Are you downloading torrents? A lot of people don't realize that torrents take up bandwidth. They also create multiple connections at once, so they could cause your crappy router to explode. So, if you ARE downloading torrents, try pausing them. Or, you can make it so your stupid router can handle the multiple connections torrents make.

3) Yous ISP is probably gay. No, I don't mean happy. Though, I bet they are happy considering they're raping your wallet while telling bold faced lies like, "Enjoy unlimited Internet access for speeds up to blah blah blah". Oh, I dunno... Sounds like Rogers High Speed, Road Runner and Comcast to name a few. Push for Net Neutrality if you wanna see something happen. Though, it looks like that is already happening.

4) Lastly, are you borrowing your neighbor's wireless? Perhaps (and I highly doubt) you're using your own wireless? Well, depending on your signal and what you use for wireless, it isn't a good idea to stream HD stuff through it. I know of some idiots who stream video while downloading torrents, while browsing through Myspace (the horror), and doing webcam through Yahoo while infected with crazy viruses somewhere in the basement of their mother's house! It just so happens the wireless router is somewhere in the attic. Ok, that's retarded. Use your brain! I seriously believe that if we take the warning labels off of everything and let the problems solve themselves, we'd be much better off. Why? Just think of chain saws and things that explode with no warning labels. I bet the idiot-populance will diminish by a couple of hundred thousand.

If none of that applies to you, then you can use my awesome tactic. You can try increasing the buffer size on each video. On the URL just add &BUFFER=100. You can't miss the URL location bar on the top. It's where you enter your WWW website names. The buffer can go anywhere from negative 200 to positive 200. Negative numbers simply make the video play without buffering at all. A high positive number simply makes the buffer larger. Play around with it and see if you get some good results. Shouldn't that be cool?!

You can also download the streamable anime file. It uses Prism to deliver more resources to the video itself. The buffer is automatically preconfigured to a higher number than the default on the website. It's designed to be super duper easy! Learn more by reading the questions above. If that doesn't work, you can always download the video directly. In order for you to download the video, you have to be a member of Ultra Edge. So, no matter what, if you're serious, you will be able to watch the anime you're trying to watch.

If you still have issues then make an account and complain in the message forums. If you don't complain, then how will any of us know you have a problem?

What file types are supported by Ultra Edge?
For video, the file types are only AVI, MP4, WMV and MKV. Other formats have major problems with conversions. So, if you have any other format, just encode it to XVID using the AVI container. If you want to upload MP4 files, make sure the video is encoded using X264/H264 with MP3 or AAC sound. For images, I support: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png and gif. More file types will be supported in the future. However, for now, those are what are supported.

Why doesn't my MP4 file play correctly?
Read the question above to figure out what your MP4 file needs to be encoded as. Most MP4s are encoded the way they're supposed to, but many are not. If you don't know either way, you can then locate your nearest expert and ask them. If your 10 year old daughter is the computer expert in the house, then you have more problems than uploading MP4s; and that's an understatement!

MP4 files need to be encoded using the X264/H264 video codec. If you're experiencing no sound, make sure the video has been encoded using MP3 or AAC sound. Anything else just won't play. Also, just to let you know, MP4 files are never re-encoded by Ultra Edge. If you don't know anything about encoding, then its best to find the AVI version of the file you're trying to upload.

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