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- 4 decades ago

And here we are!
The last day of the year. Anybody excited for New Years? Anyone planning on actually sticking to their new years resolutions? 

In any case, I've been hard at work adding and fixing and adding some more. I just put up an online radio for the blog. I kinda got tired of only having one song playing. There are several songs I want to play. I also figured many others may enjoy the tunes I play, so I made the music streamable in real time. Basically, you can listen to the Ultra Edge Radio without being on Ultra Edge. If you're interested, you can connect to the radio using Winamp or your favorite media player. Simply choose the Open URL or Open Location option in your player and put in or simply click on the link. The music is quite extensive and I cover both anime and video game music. I'll also be adding tunes every now and then to increase the radio's library. Please enjoy!

Now, I know I said I was going to bring the Ultra Edge Subtitle Engine (tm) to version 1.0. As a matter of fact, it's there now. No doubt, it isn't completely bug-free. Well, not so much bug-free as I'd say crap-preventing. Some sub groups really make crap subs. Whether its bad English or incorrect translations or SRT/ASS coded garbage. My subtitle engine stumbles over Kuroshitsuji's subtitles because the subtitles were encoded with either 1) a garbage subtitle encoder program. 2) the typesetter was drunk or stupid. Whatever it is, there's extra columns in the subtitle files that just don't belong. I suppose it's to support effects found in proprietary media players (Windows Media Player anyone?).

Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. I had to struggle with Chaos Head's subtitles with Dark Rebirth at the helm. My God! They put in a lot of useless commentary in their subs. Usually its them mocking the characters or the translations they make. Nobody wants to read that garbage! 

Oh, and then you have subtitle files using character encoding that completely rapes the engine. Like, freaking French character encodings! The engine would completely barf once it read that garbage. Had to remove that crap too. I highly doubt I'll see the end of it. I'm quite sure somebody out there will find a way to make my engine explode from all the laziness out there. We'll definitely see.

In other news, I'm trying to form an alliance with several anime websites. However, I'm having difficulty in doing so. I suppose I could say it's pretty typical. Most anime sites refuse to affiliate with sites they feel compete for their visitors. Well, some... No, A LOT! A lot of anime sites just don't like to affiliate at all. This may explain why so many of them die. None of them are capable of supporting their own community because they're too busy trying to be #1. What happens is that these anime sites fragment and the only sites that survive are the Sub releaser sites. And sometimes those sites go down because a translator decides to... get a life and do something with their skills.

Otakucenter is a good example. Though, I'm don't believe they're concerned about their visitors leaving. I think they just don't "trust" Ultra Edge enough to embed videos on their website. Of course, that's one thing I forgot to bring up. The matter of trust. In order for these other anime websites to trust one another, they have to have heard of them before. Otherwise, they wouldn't give a care in the world. Also, if a website is offering something that seems too good to be true, they assume the offer is too good to be true and turn it down. I can understand the suspicion, but at least INVESTIGATE first! Don't assume every anime website has a virus or two.

In any case, what the heck is up with people afraid of visiting websites because of viruses? Why are you using Internet Explorer in the first place?? If you're so afraid of viruses, download Firefox and install the Adblock Plus and NoScript addons! 

Posted on 12/31/2008 05:00 am


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Time Warner hates you. They've always hated you. Why? Because 9 times out of 10, you're the customers who have speed issues with Ultra Edge. The website is slow for you because you're experiencing the result of packet shaping. Here's what Time warner had to say about you. TIME WARNER ANNOUNCES INTRODUCTION OF PACKET SHAPING TECHNOLOGY NATIONWIDE June 6, 2007 -- Time Warner today implemented a network management tool to improve the operation of the network for all subscribers. As a result, a small minority of users may experience slower speeds during peak hours when using certain applications that consume lots of bandwidth. You can address this situation by reducing your use of bandwidth-intensive applications during peak hours. "Peak hours" are generally in the evenings. "Packet shaping" technology has been implemented for newsgroup applications, regardless of the provider, and all peer-to-peer networks and certain other high bandwidth applications not necessarily limited to audio, video, and voice over IP telephony. Road Runner reserves the right to implement network management tools for other applications in the future. Customers are reminded of the terms of our Acceptable Use Policy at » * The Road Runner service may not be used to engage in any conduct that interferes with Road Runner's ability to provide service to others, including the use of excessive bandwidth. * The Road Runner service may not be used to breach or attempt to breach the security, the computer, the software or the data of any person or entity, including Road Runner, to circumvent the user authentication features or security of any host, network or account, to use or distribute tools designed to compromise security, or to interfere with another's use of the Road Runner service through the posting or transmitting of a virus or other harmful item or to deliberately overload or flood that entity's system. Customers are further advised that efforts designed to circumvent our network management tools may be in violation of our Acceptable Use Policy and may result in account suspension without warning. What is Packet Shaping? Well, here's what Wikipedia had to say about it: Packing Shaping is the control of computer network traffic in order to optimize or guarantee performance, lower latency, and/or increase usable bandwidth by delaying packets that meet certain criteria.[1] More specifically, traffic shaping is any action on a set of packets (often called a stream or a flow) which imposes additional delay on those packets such that they conform to some predetermined constraint (a contract or traffic profile).[2] Traffic shaping provides a means to control the volume of traffic being sent into a network in a specified period (bandwidth throttling), or the maximum rate at which the traffic is sent (rate limiting), or more complex criteria such as GCRA. This control can be accomplished in many ways and for many reasons; however traffic shaping is always achieved by delaying packets. Traffic shaping is commonly applied at the network edges to control traffic entering the network, but can also be applied by the traffic source (for example, computer or network card[3]) or by an element in the network. Traffic policing is the distinct but related practice of packet dropping and packet marking. So, in other words, its a technique that slows down your connection depending on what application is being used. For example, if you're downloading a torrent, Packet Shaping will slow down your connection. It can even extend to certain websites such as Ultra Edge and several other websites that have video, audio and other multimedia applications. Heck, it can even extend BEYOND that. This is why Net Neutrality is so important. If your ISP can dictate which sites you go to, then the Internet is no longer considered a free medium of information. Although I already talk about this very same problem in the FAQ section, I felt this piece of information needed to be known. A lot of people are complaining that my site is slow. However, these people happen to all be Time Warner customers. There are a few other ISPs such as Earthlink that some of these other people have accounts to. Understand that Earthlink's broadband uses Time Warner's network. So, even Earthlink customers are affected. Honestly, January 20th couldn't come soon enough.
Posted on 12/24/2008 07:33 pm


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New HD videos available
Just as I promised. Majority of the videos I have been uploading are now in HD resolutions. They are roughly the same size as the SD ones in terms of MBs. This is good news!

Every now and then I'll be working on the quality the HD videos project, but so far they look very pretty.

I changed the code around drastically to adjust the frame rate of the videos. So, instead of forcing 30 FPS on every video, the server now adjusts the frame rate based on what's found in the video itself... In other words... 60 FPS is fully supported. Heck, even videos that are higher are supported. A good example is Auriga.

I added a little tag above the video descriptions that notify people of whether or not a video is in HD.

Lastly, I set up the server so it changes the variable bit rate of the video depending on the resolution (yes, I went back to 1 pass encoding).

What does this mean to you? Nothing at all. Everything is done transparently. All you would need to do is upload your video and the server does the rest. Depending on the resolution, the server will label the video as HD or SD. It'll automatically add the subtitles if you're using MKV.

I don't know how to make it any easier except to put anime characters on the site (which I plan to do!). Once I do that, then I may work on themes and manga support. Stay tuned until then. 
Posted on 12/21/2008 10:11 pm


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Another quick change in plans.
I was on Youtube... Yeah, that's how my story begins... I was on Youtube and I found a huge resolution HD video. I said to myself, "Wait a sec! That's bigger than anything on got on Ultra Edge!" My site is SUPPOSED to be an HD anime site. Oh no, no, no! I won't take this lying down, I told myself. I also noticed the same thing going on with Veoh. Veoh has videos nearly the size of mine (not wide screen though). Despite the quality, it's just not enough. Soon, all of Veoh and Youtube videos will share the same quality as what's seen here. So, I knew from there I had to go one step further.

I checked the videos and realized that they aren't exactly small. I then realized that when increasing the resolution, I still had leg room to decrease the size of the videos. This would allow for me to stream them reliably. So, as of this moment, I will take MKV with softsubs out of beta and turn it to version 1.0. I will then quickly work on increasing the quality of the videos on Ultra Edge. So far, there are two higher quality videos on the site. Gundam 00 S2 episode 3 and 6. Unfortunately, they are the only ones. However, I won't stop there. Every HD video uploaded from here on out WILL be shown at a higher resolution of 910 x 512. I can't make it any bigger or it would be virtually unviewable to those enjoying 1024x768.

So prepare for some nice sized looking streaming anime, folks!!
Posted on 12/20/2008 06:38 am


C :
Not, to be a jerk...well, maybe to be a bit of a jerk PEOPLE STILL USE 1024x768 in 2008!?!? Okay, okay, maybe some people in the general population still runs 1024 but I had thought that the anime-viewing subset would run a higher resolution than most

C :
So, what I'm really saying is...720p would be nice =)

Qchan :
To be perfectly honest with you... Yes, people still run 1024x768. Quite a few people do, as a matter of fact. I check the webcounter as often as I can and nearly half of the traffic has people with resolutions of 1024x768.

Qchan :
So, on that note, I have to support it. However, 910 x 512 isn't a push over. Streaming 720p will be difficult though.

Demitrius :
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Ultra Edge sure is growing...
January is when I first put up this site. February was when I began the actual blog. So, it's been awhile since then. As it stands, the website is getting very large... At least, much bigger than it was before. I expect it to get even bigger as more anime rolls in. I'm starting to add additional anime to the site. As I'm doing that, the popularity of the site is growing. Of course, not as big as I'd like, but its getting there. I'm still looking for uploaders though. Never knew it would be this difficult to find people to upload anime.

So far, I've been fixing bugs and adding things to the site that need to be added to make it worthwhile. Embed code, full MKV support, MP4 support, a cleaner UI for the blog, security and bug fixes as well as content. I suppose the only thing left is an anime-ish look to the site. I believe that's going to take additional planning. I say this because the site was designed to look appeasing to several browser engines while allowing me to squeeze as much content in one area as possible. At the same time, I needed flexibility in the code to allow me to add more stuff. Changing the graphics may prove a little challenging, but it can be done.

I also have been thinking about adding manga to the site. Very much like A person can upload a zip file and the server would make the images inside available for view in comic book form. I'm still working on that idea. Right now, I'm really trying to focus on a mascot character for the site. I think I can do it, but like I said, I need more time to plan the layout with the character(s).

We'll see in the upcoming months. 2009 should prove to be interesting, I'd say.
Posted on 12/18/2008 08:02 am


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Yet another update!
As the title suggests, there's another update! I finally set the server code to automatically search for the subtitle track. Before, it would always check track 3. However, I found (and knew that I would eventually) a couple of anime releases that like to reverse the tracks around.

On top of that, I got rid of the character coding issue that was found in many subtitle files. I also added additional code to completely eliminate the brace "bug". I'm still going to keep the MKV with softsub support in beta for now. So far, everything is looking up. The MKVs have all been converted the way they're supposed to be.

There's still no support for dual audio and dual subtitle tracks just yet. I dunno if I'll even add support for those. Depends on the demand, I suppose. We'll just have to see.
Posted on 12/17/2008 04:44 pm


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More info on softsubs
Welcome, all! I finally (at least I think) fixed the comments in braces "bug". You can see exactly what I mean if you watch Toradora episode 2. Though I believe there's still work to do! For the most part, anime from now on should feature smooth and professional looking subtitles. There may be an occasional burp, but I'm still working on those small details.

MKV with softsub support is still in beta. For example, MKVs that feature dual subtitle tracks or feature dual audio tracks aren't supported. This is mainly because most anime that is released uses 3 tracks in total. You have the video track, the audio track and then the subtitle track. The server always looks for the subtitles in the 3rd track. With Dual Audio, the subtitles could be found in the 4th or 5th track. Same with dual subtitles. Some release groups like to put comments on the third track and the translations on the fourth. Though, it's very rare, it does happen every now and then.

Anyway, I'm still hard at work. Soon, I'll be working on the graphics to spice things up a bit. I want to draw/create a mascot for the website. So, you may see an anime character drawn right along the logo. I also want to get rid of the boxy look of the blogs and updates and put in text bubbles of the mascot. It'll be interesting. We'll see what happens.
Posted on 12/13/2008 07:48 pm


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Fixed this and fixed that
I realized that there WAS a desync issue with certain MKV files. It affected Gundam 00 episodes 3 and 4 as well as Toradora. I added some additional code to fix that, so I think everything should be working as far as that's concerned.

I've also noticed that there are still some inconsistancies in some subtitles. Usually it's in the form of open and closed braces -- { Hello! } -- . So, I'll work on that and get it working better.

So far, I'm getting closer to getting the code out of beta, but I still have a long way to go. I'll keep working until its done.

Also, if some of you were trying to get on the website last night, I apologize. Had some minor ISP issues. Everything should be back up and running.

Please enjoy!
Posted on 12/11/2008 08:03 pm


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More on the MKV support
 Another day goes by as I run tests through the beta code for MKV support with soft subs. Previously, the comments in the softsubs would show (which is annoying!). VLC used to have issues with that very same thing. I implemented code that would completely nullify the comments inside the softsubs. So, now it should look a bit more professional.

I want to point out that the MKV support with softsubs is STILL beta right now. I've noticed that Gundam 00 episode 3 has desync issues. They can be fixed simply by clicking on the slider bar. It'll change the position of the video by a couple of seconds if you do it right, but it'll resync. I've only found this issue with episode 3, so I think it may have been a conversion problem. I honestly hope this is the case. Otherwise I'd have to alter some more code to fix it.

Once again, it is beta. If you find any problems with the video you're watching, you can either contact me, leave a comment under the video or notify me in the forums. The quicker I know about these issues, the quicker I can fix them.

On a side note. I've never uploaded videos to Veoh. I wonder if Veoh supports mkv or if it forces people to re-encode their videos. Ah well...

I will post more news as it breaks. So, stay tuned! 
Posted on 12/06/2008 03:51 pm


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Another update!
I'm happy to report that Ultra Edge now supports MKVs with soft subs! w00t!

Though, I have to warn everybody that it's still in the beta stages. So far, from what I've tested, things appear to be going smoothly. So, if you have an mkv file you're interested in uploading, then try it out. If the subs do not show, then don't fret. It is in beta afterall!
Posted on 12/05/2008 11:37 pm


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Updates for December
It's been awhile since I've made another blog post. I've been seriously working on the code for the site.

I finally got the blog looking decent. No more would anyone need to see every blog entry on one page. It's now set up so the older entries are archived. I also made a few changes to the comments code. It should prevent even more hacks (already spotted a few).

I worked on the video section code a little bit. I made a few security adjustments as well as a few new features. The embed code is a new feature I added. Now, you and everyone else can embed videos directly on websites outside of Ultra Edge.

I added the Anime Basket feature. It works much like "Add to Favorites". You can only add videos to it at this time. However, there is a little area that, based on what you've added to the basket, can determine what other things you might be interested in checking out. This feature is littered all over the place to make it easier to find new content.

I fixed the layout code so that it looked decent under Webkit. This would consist of such browsers like Konqueror, Google Chrome and Safari.

I've added improved MP4 support. This makes it easier to include MP4 video without having to wait for the server to re-encode it. AVI files still need to be re-encoded.

I fixed the paging code (code that splits the multimedia into multiple pages). Now, it can support pages beyond the width of the current table. Since there are so many videos being added, I needed a way to keep track of the new pages that will be visible.

I updated the FAQ section to support the changes done on the site.

I cleaned up a bunch of code and got rid of a the "include" maze code that featured included files that then included more files that included even more files. 

Added code to force MySQL to sort and search for a lot of media on the site instead of forcing poor PHP to do it.

In the future, I'll be working on adding additional graphics to the website. I'll also be working on trying to make the site easier to navigate and use. From what I can tell, it's pretty easy and everything is fairly well documented. However, I can always make it more easy (without losing functionality!). So stay tuned!

Posted on 12/02/2008 03:35 am


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