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- 4 decades ago

People who complain about Linux...
I came across a guy in who complained about Linux and how Windows is the best. Here is what he had to say:

I'll tell you why!

The average consumers computer came with Windows. If Windows works perfectly well, why would they even think of switching? There may be plenty of stories about people getting viruses and messing up their machines, but I have a real feeling those people are actually in the minority! If your Windows PC is working well, there is no reason to write posts and campaign for your OS, but if your machine crashes every 2 seconds you will get pissed off and tell people how much Windows sucks. For most people Windows works perfectly well so there is no reason to complain and there is no reason to switch.

Now let me give you another reason as a person who has a computer with Ubuntu and has played with different distributions (Mandrake then it became Mandriva, Red Hat, Slackware, then settled on Ubuntu after about 5 years of trying different things). The command line is annoying as hell! No one wants to have to use the command line and no one wants to waste time Googling how to fix a problem, especially via command line!

In Windows, I never need to Google because the GUI always has every option I could think of to fix any problems that occur. Though to be honest I haven't had a Windows problem on my computer in years. The only reason I've re-installed has been because of hard-drive failures and/or motherboard failures. I've never even once had a problem with drivers on my machines when I install new hardware. In Ubuntu I had too much trouble installing and getting everything running! Once I got 7.04 running I was happy, but then 7.10 came out, then 8.04 and I decided it was time to upgrade. Sadly the new upgrades made my computer run slower than molasses and I couldn't do a damn thing. Sometimes Ubuntu would boot up, sometimes it would get stuck, and I couldn't figure out how to explain it! I ended up installing the 64 bit version (I had been running the 32 bit Ubuntu) and I was able to get back up and running to my full capacity.

Oh and another reason I prefer Windows, the arrangement of the folders! Windows is in "WINDOWS", programs are installed in "Program Files" my settings are in "Documents and Settings" It just makes sense. In Linux there is a "bin" directory for programs, what retarded naming system is that? At least spell out the whole word, it's "binaries" why use a short form? That is one of the most annoying things about Linux!

As far as the killer application thing goes, I'd say my killer app would be "Turbo Tax"! I like to use what I am used to and I like it's interface. But, even if there was a version for Linux I still wouldn't make the full switch because I like my Windows and I know it works perfectly!

WHile it's true that most every computer comes prepackaged with Windows, it is not true that the people who have problems with malware and other issues are the minority. Mostly everyone experience problems with slow down after 6 months and malware infections. If this was a "minority" issue, then Microsoft would have no need to release an Antimalware program on their own.

The commandline in Linux is an old myth that people still use today. You don't have to go to the command line. Heck, you don't have to use it to fix anything (even your video). With the inclusion of Bulletproof X, there will honestly be no need to use the commandline.

As far as newer versions of Ubuntu running slower -- the newer versions have Compiz running by default. Simply disable the effects! Right click on the desktop and choose Set Background. Click on the tab on the far right and choose "None' for Desktop effects. The speed will magically return. People don't even want to learn how the freaking OS works. No one jumped on Windows and felt they knew everything right then and there. It took time for everyone to learn it. To assume that after you learn Windows that you wouldn't need the same time to learn an entirely new OS is absurd and downright stupid sounding.

The arrangement of folders? Are you kidding? The arrangement of folders are similar to the Macintosh. Do you hear people complaining about the Mac? Of course not! Why the heck would he even want to go into the system directories to run a program? All the programs installed are available in the Applications menu on the upper left hand corner. You don't look for the "executable" in the Bin folder. Linux is not Windows. It doesn't work that way. All of his settings would be located in the "Home" directory. That is where Microsoft got its "Documents and Settings" idea from. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

1) Programs are located in the Applications menu on the upper left hand corner.
2) Documents and Settings are located in the Home folder
3) System directories and are located in the root folder "/".


Turbo Tax a killer app? Are you kidding me? You can run Turbo Tax in Wine on Linux. Heck, Turbo Tax is nothing more but Internet Explorer in a shell. You can literately go into the program's install directory and open the xml files it uses for each individual "webpage" it shows to do taxes.

Pfft! He likes his Windows because it works perfectly. Sure, enjoy it. Once XP is phased out, buy the next expensive version of Windows. After that, buy the next one and then the next one and then the next one. While you're doing that, keep running the WGA which is designed to assume you're a software pirate. Run the restrictions that say what you're allowed and not allowed to do. Continuing renting Windows. The EULA says you don't OWN Windows, so it's not even yours. Your PC doesn't belong to you; it belongs to Microsoft. Enjoy that. I'll continue to live free and save money for something that deserves my attention like hardware.  
Posted on 08/18/2008 11:52 am


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What's going on with Anime
Hmm... They've been having network issues for several months now. I suppose this is what happens when you host a Windows server using IIS.  You get all types of hackers who love to bring down sites like this.

Well, they were nice people. I hope their site rests in peace.

In other news... I haven't updated the blog in awhile. Of course, I've been working on code on the site. I fixed a lot of things. I still need to add more features to the site. Most of all, I need more visitors. I haven't really actively gone out to look for some.

I also plan on getting a 1 TB HDD! That way, my server will have more than enough room for the videos that I will be hosting -- oh as well as the wallpapers. Hopefully this site gets popular. I mean, if a club-access only site can have thousands of people, I'm sure my site can!
Posted on 08/01/2008 08:32 am


Dark :
First,re-design the site it's terrible really basic black and can do better than this! Head to now! Or somewhere like that! Learn how to design a layout or get a free good one and code that! >=D

Qchan :
Great advice! Finally, some feed back. I will go to that website and I'll see what they have. Thanks for posting!

fogWraith :
You don't even know what the heck you're talking about. 1. They do not run Windows, not then, not now, not ever. 2. Network issues, yes... the ISP. 3. Still are nice people, site is not dead nor are they. 4. Get your fucking facts straight. Tard.

Qchan :
Hey, fogWraith! Welcome to the site. At the time, it ran under the Windows IIS. I checked using It appears to be under Linux now. 2) I wouldn't consider the ISP to be a network issue, but OK. 3) The site is alive now! 4) You really love them

Thomas :
Sorry. This is

Paula :
Good Day. One o

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