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- 4 decades ago

This is too funny!
An article appeared on the Internets claiming that Rhianna's lawyers are trying to "remove" leaked pictures of Rhianna (and Chris Brown with panties on his head) from the Internet.  


These people still don't quite understand how the Internet works. You can't remove ANYTHING from the Internet after it's been leaked. It's nearly impossible. Literately billions of people use the Internet a day. Billions of PCs access the Internet and any one of these computers that access it could have a copy of the leaked pictures. Here is the article here:

The pictures they're talking about are here:


I'm quite sure they're not going to be able to REMOVE them from the Internet. This is how I know that these same people don't understand the computers that are used in their lives. Computers are all around us and these same people barely know what a computer is, let alone how it works.

I just want to let people know that I'm only talking about the US. I'm not sure how proficient the rest of the world is in computers. However, I'm quite sure it's more proficient than us.

Just the other day, I read 3 articles that talk about how PCs were being hacked. These weren't just ordinary places. One was a computer involved in Air Traffic Control for airplanes and another for a college that specializes in IT. Sure, you can argue that these sort of things can happen to the best of us. I, of course, disagree.

First off, PCs that deal with Air Traffic Control do not need access to the Internet! I'm not just talking about desktop PCs. Oh no no no. I'm talking about Air Traffic Control servers that services SEVERAL airports. These servers don't need access to the Internet; at least directly! That's just asking to be hacked.

Secondly, a school specializing in IT shouldn't have insecure servers. IT involves computer security, so there's absolutely no reason why student alumni and personal information, such as social security numbers and etc., ought to have been hacked. Period. has been hacked 3 times. They've been hacked at least once a year since 2006. That's ridiculous. What makes it funny is that they keeping getting hacked through the same methods: SQL Injection. Heck, I can't find a job in programming and I at least know about SQL Injection. Yet,, the arguably the Internet's largest job search engine, can't even afford a few lacky PC programmers to program SQL code? To avoid injection, you simply don't trust data from the outside. Never take a variable grabbed from the URL and parse it along side of an SQL request! NEVER!

So, what am I concluding here? I'm concluding that the US still have a lot of incompetent computer people in high places. It's like I said in a previous post. It's not about how talented you are. It's about how much money you make. If you make a lot of money, then you can go far. If you don't, not so much. That may not apply to everything (Barack Obama is a wonderful example), but it applies to the majority of American society.
Posted on 05/09/2009 08:28 pm


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This is retarded. Yes, it is!
Just the other day I was talking with another contracting agency about a similar job. The female I spoke to admitted that getting into the market without a degree and experience is difficult or nearly impossible. I find that rather funny. George W. Bush went to Yale. Yet, he's a complete idiot. He's not where he is because he's got talent. Him and his family have money.

Simple jobs, such as call center reps, demand for people to have degrees; even for collections. What makes it funny is that these particular jobs don't care what degree you have, just as long as you have a degree. Does that make sense to you? A job that doesn't even care about the relevancy of your degree -- just as long as you have one? How would that match up to the job? How would that prove that the person is even capable of doing the job? Is it to keep the bums out? Maybe so.

Just because a person has a degree, doesn't mean they're talented. It just means they have money. I would go so far as to say: a person who has a degree is a person who took the correct number of courses to know the "basics" of a job. It doesn't make them a master at it by a long shot. If this were the case, then the H12B Visas from India wouldn't be known for making low quality stuff. Then again, they only get paid 1/3rd the amount of an American of the same level.

If I ever were to become the head of a major corporation, I wouldn't look for a degree. I'd look for talent. That's how companies go far. That's how companies make the most money. 

I just heard the other day that Obama was attempting to prevent these corporations from taking advantage of corporate tax loop holes. The loop holes are used when companies offshore a part of their business overseas. The places they offshore them to are small countries that charge little to no tax at all. According to US Tax law, they can't tax any corporation (or part of the corporation) stationed out of the country. If the countries want to tax these corporations, 9 times out of 10 they can't because the corporations adhere to US tax law. So, what ends up happening is they pay... Well... Nothing in taxes. At the same time, these companies can employ the local residence of that country and pay them little to nothing. So, people like us here in America get to suffer while these corporations rob the country they're benefiting from, while at the same time, enslaving the people of another. Now, if this isn't evil, then I don't know what is.

Posted on 05/05/2009 06:23 pm


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Alone in one's opinions

Conversation with Berserker257

(04:21:19 PM) Berserker257: hey
(04:22:11 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You're alive?
(04:22:19 PM) Berserker257: haha well
(04:22:23 PM) Berserker257: i just played a load of games
(04:22:51 PM) Berserker257: the ds is getting some decent titles now
(04:23:01 PM) Berserker257: avalon code was a lot of fun ;) highly original
(04:23:32 PM) Berserker257: you basically can change the "make up" of anything in the game
(04:23:42 PM) Berserker257: changing monsters into completely different ones
(04:23:47 PM) Berserker257: giving them weaknesses or strengths
(04:24:10 PM) Berserker257: best part though is the ability to freely wield anything in both your arms
(04:24:12 PM) Berserker257: 2 swords
(04:24:13 PM) Berserker257: katanas
(04:24:15 PM) Berserker257: great swords
(04:24:20 PM) Berserker257: 1 of those and a gun
(04:24:22 PM) Berserker257: hammer
(04:24:23 PM) Berserker257: axe
(04:24:39 PM) Berserker257: and also later in the game you learn how fist fighting techniques
(04:25:01 PM) Berserker257: anyway you probably wouldn't like that specific game
(04:25:04 PM) Berserker257: but this one for sure
(04:25:06 PM) Berserker257:
(04:32:17 PM) Berserker257: but meh i guess you no longer play games
(04:34:42 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You say that a lot, but I never know why
(04:34:57 PM) Berserker257: well for one lol you never talk about playing anything
(04:35:09 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I do, actually
(04:35:13 PM) Quinton McLeod2:
(04:35:20 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I frequent there a lot
(04:36:12 PM) Berserker257: alright that's cool
(04:36:15 PM) Berserker257: but um
(04:36:19 PM) Berserker257: do you play anything on DS?
(04:36:33 PM) Berserker257: i'm looking for action rpgs :P
(04:36:36 PM) Quinton McLeod2: There are two DSes in my house
(04:36:38 PM) Berserker257: there's a lot of garbage
(04:36:46 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I own a black one and my gf owns a pink one
(04:36:55 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I also have an M3DS Real
(04:37:19 PM) Berserker257: yeh so do you know of any action rpgs for DS?
(04:38:10 PM) Berserker257: that's aside from rune factory and avalon code
(04:38:43 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Heroes of Mana, Children of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, The World Ends With You and Chocobo Dungeon I think,
(04:38:55 PM) Berserker257: erm
(04:39:01 PM) Berserker257: final fantasy 3/4
(04:39:07 PM) Berserker257: how do those fit into action rpg?
(04:39:12 PM) Berserker257: heroes of mana too
(04:39:20 PM) Berserker257: the world ends with you isn't an rpg at all
(04:39:26 PM) Quinton McLeod2: It is an RPG
(04:39:35 PM) Berserker257: it sure doesn't play like any rpg i've played before
(04:39:37 PM) Quinton McLeod2: It's listed as an RPG on gaming sites everywhere
(04:39:42 PM) Berserker257: it's a rythm game
(04:39:56 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You must be thinking of a different game, I'm afraid
(04:40:03 PM) Berserker257:
(04:40:34 PM) Berserker257: anyway
(04:40:35 PM) Quinton McLeod2: That's the battle screen
(04:40:37 PM) Berserker257: that is no way an action rpg
(04:40:39 PM) Berserker257: look at it
(04:40:41 PM) Berserker257: it's a rythm game
(04:40:41 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Have you PLAYED the game?
(04:40:45 PM) Berserker257: the hp
(04:40:51 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Have you played the game?
(04:40:52 PM) Berserker257: and rpg like battle scene doesn't matter
(04:40:57 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Yes or no?
(04:40:59 PM) Berserker257: yes
(04:41:00 PM) Berserker257: i have it
(04:41:03 PM) Berserker257: i wouldn't call it an rpg
(04:41:09 PM) Berserker257: it's too much of a dance game hybrid
(04:41:34 PM) Berserker257: oh well nevermind lol
(04:41:39 PM) Quinton McLeod2:
(04:41:39 PM) Berserker257: you were just pulling that info from sites
(04:41:40 PM) Berserker257: naturally
(04:41:44 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Go to Game Info
(04:41:54 PM) Quinton McLeod2: It's listed as an Action RPG
(04:42:00 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You have no idea what you're talking about :/
(04:42:00 PM) Berserker257: it's ok
(04:42:02 PM) Berserker257: thanks anyway
(04:42:31 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Umm
(04:42:32 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Wow
(04:42:36 PM) Berserker257: no seriously
(04:42:39 PM) Berserker257: i'm sorry i asked lol
(04:42:44 PM) Berserker257: i thought you were going to give me suggestions
(04:42:46 PM) Berserker257: you actually played
(04:43:00 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Nah. You're waaay too picky
(04:43:11 PM) Berserker257: i played rpgs since nes days
(04:43:12 PM) Berserker257: so what?
(04:43:18 PM) Berserker257: i know the difference between an action rpg
(04:43:22 PM) Berserker257: and rpg that has action elements
(04:43:25 PM) Berserker257: but just because of that
(04:43:29 PM) Berserker257: you can't call it a real action rpg
(04:43:30 PM) Berserker257: if you want that
(04:43:33 PM) Berserker257: look at secret of mana
(04:43:36 PM) Berserker257: or terranigma
(04:43:42 PM) Berserker257: there are some real action rpgs
(04:43:43 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You're not the holy mecca of RPGs, ya know?
(04:43:45 PM) Berserker257: but final fantasy 3?
(04:43:48 PM) Berserker257: what the hell?
(04:43:50 PM) Berserker257: come on man
(04:43:53 PM) Quinton McLeod2: If it's listed as an Action RPG, then that's what it is
(04:44:12 PM) Berserker257: whatever you say buddy
(04:44:12 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Just because it wasn't blessed by Berserker's seal of approval, doesn't make it any more or less of what it is. :/
(04:44:21 PM) Berserker257: i'm not trying to be an asshole
(04:44:26 PM) Berserker257: that's just what it means to me
(04:44:34 PM) Berserker257: if you don't actually do the fighting in real time
(04:44:37 PM) Berserker257: move the character in full control
(04:44:41 PM) Berserker257: then it's not an action rpg to me
(04:44:53 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You're talking about a "Live Action RPG"
(04:44:58 PM) Berserker257: menu driven games
(04:45:01 PM) Berserker257: aren't action rpgs
(04:45:17 PM) Berserker257: but that's MY opinion and i believe i have my right to it
(04:45:18 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Most are considered action. There's a difference between action and live action
(04:45:33 PM) Quinton McLeod2: That's just how things are. Doesn't matter what you name them as
(04:45:56 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Kinda of like how my gf referes to baby wipes as butt wipes. No matter what she says, they will be known as baby wipes.
(04:45:59 PM) Berserker257: lol whatever you say
(04:46:15 PM) Berserker257: again i'm sorry i asked
(04:46:28 PM) Berserker257: i know how opinionated you are lol and i'm sorry i stirred that part
(04:46:30 PM) Berserker257: of you
(04:46:33 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I'm not
(04:46:37 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I just stated facts
(04:47:03 PM) Berserker257: nah what you're stating my friend is YOUR opinion and you believe that to be the fact
(04:47:04 PM) Quinton McLeod2: And you decided to say, "You don't play video games anymore" and other weird questions like, "What makes you think that's an RPG?"
(04:47:33 PM) Quinton McLeod2: How is it my opinion if I just showed you facts to back it up?
(04:47:39 PM) Berserker257: but hey let's not argue
(04:47:42 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I took you to the official website
(04:48:07 PM) Berserker257: whatever ..i've even seen mmorpgs claim to be action rpgs
(04:48:08 PM) Quinton McLeod2:
(04:48:15 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Look, even wikipedia calls it an RPG
(04:48:16 PM) Berserker257: but you STILL play it just like a point & click game
(04:48:31 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I'm sorry, mang. You're just wrong on this one.
(04:49:03 PM) Quinton McLeod2: MMOs are action RPGs :/
(04:49:11 PM) Berserker257: lol enough man
(04:49:15 PM) Berserker257: i don't want to argue anymore
(04:49:18 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
(04:49:18 PM) Berserker257: if you think they are
(04:49:20 PM) Berserker257: that's fine
(04:49:24 PM) Berserker257: action rpgs they are not
(04:49:39 PM) Quinton McLeod2: lol. Ok, if you say so
(04:49:51 PM) Quinton McLeod2: You're definitely by yourself on your opinions, though

Posted on 05/03/2009 05:35 pm


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Avoid Job Scams!!
I like to warn people about this crap. So, here are a few things to watch out for:

Career Consulting Scams
You may be contacted by "career consultants" who are impressed with your resume and would like to represent you. In addition, you may be interested in their marketing, resume writing, resume reviews, or other career-related services.
Scam Details: In reality, this is a pitch for products or services the company wants to sell you.

Recruiting Scams
Recruiters may contact you saying that have clients with positions that you could be qualified for, though they don't have current openings. However, they also offer training sessions you should purchase to enhance your candidacy.
Scam Details: This is another attempt to sell you services, rather than to recruit you for legitimate job openings.

Bait and Switch Scams
With this scam, you apply for a job and are selected for an interview. During the interview you discover that they job you applied for doesn't exist and the company tries to interest you in completely different position.
Scam Details: When a company is hiring for jobs that nobody wants, they believe they may be able to more readily convince someone to take the job if they discuss it with them in person.

Phishing Scams
In this type of scam, you get an email saying a company has clients with positions that you could be qualified for, even sending you the description of what could be a legitimate job opening: "Your online resume has recently come to my attention. I am impressed with your qualifications. A client of mine needs to fill an opening and because of your previous experience in the tech industry, I believe you might be a solid match. In order to see the full job description, just click on the link below or paste it into your browser's address bar."
Scam Details: You can't apply directly for the job. Instead, you are directed to a link on a web site, where you fill out a form with your contact information and other personal information. This is an attempt to collect your personal information either to sell you services or to sell to a third party.

Unemployment Scams
People or companies offer to complete or file your unemployment insurance claim for you - for a fee. They may say they have a connection to your State Labor Department and can expedite the processing of your claim.
Scam Details: There is no benefit to paying a service to file your claim. In fact, some states probit anyone other than the claimant from accessing the unemployment system. Unemployed workers should file their own claims for unemployment via the state unemployment office web site or by phone. Using a paid service to file your claim will not ensure faster handling. 

Work at Home Scam

    I was looking for employment and I came across a WORK-AT-HOME thing and I thought it would be pretty cool, since you only had to fill out applications, send em back and you get paid for it, So I thought Hey I could do this, So I did and I had to pay 15$ But whats 15$? Anyways, So I paid and I quickly got the Training, and lo and behold, it was a pyramid Scam, so I reported the person who hooked me up to the Right Authorities and i am hoping they can be dealt with, be wary, the Ad is very little detailed and they will ask you for money for their training, Im going job hunting so i can pay my bill off, Dont be as stupid as I was!
—Guest Richard

Secret Shopper Scam

    Do not forget the companies, usually from Canada, that contact you, send you a check, and then ask you to wire money to them. The check bounces, but the money has been wired from your account.
—Guest Jay Martin

Media Scam

    I sent an e-mail out off of craigslist in response to a receptionist job, and received a very long form e-mail back stating they needed a credit report run before I could begin the interview process. Mind you, they said they only needed verification of my social security number, address, and employment history. So, I am in the process of reporting them for fraudulent business practices as I write this.
—Guest Ashleigh

New "microfinance gateway" email scam

    Received this today; appears that a likely legitimate link to from header pic is used to lend credence to sender. Good day, I got your contact through online Job network. Please permit me to ask you if you will be interested in a Part Time paying job that will not affect or disturb your present job, in which you can earn you up to $600 weekly. Do reply this email if you'll like more details. Best regards Morris Miller. Do not reply this email if you do not reside in the US.
—Guest kiminee

Ellis Developments

    I was searching and came across an Executive Assistant position. That the business location was 123 Main St should have been a tip off, but I figured they just didn't want to bother. An hour after I sent in my resume and CL, I got an email saying that the position had been filled but they had a position for Business Management Whatever, where you accept checks for payment and transfer money via Western Union. Ellis Dev. even has a website, which contains some "expert witness" certificate. I am lucky and thankful to be able to tell that this is a scam, but I fear that some people haven't been so fortunate. This, my friends, is a Nigerian scheme, so STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING INVOLVING MONEY TRANSFERS!! What is happening is they are sending you fake checks for you to deposit into your own bank account. By the time the bank figures out that the checks are fake, you have already wired money to some thief from your bank account with money that doesn't exist.
—Guest Mr. Name Withheld

Poland Investments Inc

    This company sent me an email offering a job making $125k/yr without any prior meetings, contact or application. The email address does not match the person who 'signs' the email. I couldn't tell what they were after because I didn't respond, but I've confirmed it's a scam so BEWARE!!
—Guest Crystal

Career Switcher Teacher Credential Scam

    This scam is a real joker, because it is often sponsored by public universities. They advertise for people wanting to switch to teaching. They also want a few thousand dollars upfront. 

Mail Distribution

    The guy that emailed me even provided a link to their website, which was legit. However, after several emails, they said payment was being sent, then I received an email stating they overpaid, and I was to cash the check and western union them the balance. I had already contacted the legitimate company and confirmed it was a scam, and sent the correspondence and told them, not to hold his breath.
—Guest Anonymous

Purchasing Agent Job Scam

    I was contacted by email with a job offer from a marketing and advertising company based in the UK. They promised $2500/month for 3-4 hrs a day work. Not bad! I noticed they had last year's date on email...hmmm. There also was no info online about the company. There was misspellings in their emails and on the website. Every email I received had a different address. They created the website just a few days before emailing me. I think if I had played along enough, I'm sure they would have gotten to my SS# and bank information. These people need to get a real job!
—Guest Anonymous

Internet Scam

    I too received an email regarding this "employment position" For kicks I said "I'm interested" to see what it was about. Yeh like there just going to give (a total stranger) large amounts of money and HOPE I send them the rest!! My take it that after you cash a check or (2) from them, probably small ones-they drain your bank account because you have to put your account number on any check you cash at you own bank. BEWARE...
—Guest dob

Absolutely Payment Career

    This company responded to my resume on, but I cannot imagine why any company would want to hire a stranger to accept payments from them. I feel certain this is some kind of scam. Has anyone else received this type of so called employment offer? Have you reported it? If so, where?
Posted on 05/03/2009 04:38 am


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