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- 4 decades ago

Sometimes complaining gives results
I've always had a complaint with programming or software engineering jobs. They usually expect one to have previous job experience or a degree. I, honestly, have neither. I've spoken to many temp agencies and other contractors who require such a thing. 

I even had a formal interview with Teksystems for such jobs. The female I interviewed with appeared very young. She didn't really know much about the job I was applying for. Nevertheless, I explained to her that I didn't quite understand why programming jobs required people to have degrees or previous job experience almost exclusively. I explained the catch 22 as being a exclusive club. The only way you can join the club is to already be in the club. Sure, you can get a degree, but it's not necessarily easy. It costs thousands of dollars to go to school and earn the degree. Some of us can't afford the sky high tuition to earn the degrees we need to get in such fields. So, programmers like myself are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I attempted to contact her by email to discuss another job shown under their wing and I have yet to get a reply. I sent two emails so far. That pisses me off. Not replying gives me the sense that the business isn't legit.

I applied to even more jobs with the same type of response. One day, I just got annoyed and sent this email to a temp agency:

"I'm assuming I just got off the phone with you a few hours ago. I never got that email, Mike. My email consists of a question I'd like to ask you. However, before I get to that question, I'd like to point something out: Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world, became what he was without finishing college and without having any prior job experience in the field. Let me remind you: one of the richest men in the world. Just the other day, a 17 year old teenager found a way to exploit Twitter and advertise his website through XSS. No college experience or job experience. Napster: said to be the dawn of P2P applications. The creator of that particular program had no job related experience or degree. Yet, he made millions of dollars selling his brand. World of Warcraft: the founders were college drop outs, and now they're one of the largest and most successful video game developers/publishers in the world. Yes, in the world. So, you probably can see where I'm going with this. So, here's my question. Why is the professional programming market so exclusive? In order for one to get a job doing the one thing he or she loves to do, they are required to have a degree or prior job experience. Yet, if that person can't afford a degree (like most of America), they are completely denied the opportunity to work for someone in that field. I've noticed that programming and/or software engineering jobs are huge catch 22s. Almost like a group of elitists who feel that one would need to be picked by the golden finger in order to be chosen to join the market. Mike, I've been programming since I was 12 years old. I started out on an IBM PC Jr. programming in A Basic. At 14, I began programming using Qbasic. I then went to a technical school and learned Visual Basic. From there, I began programming in tougher languages such as C++ and x86 Assembly. As time rolled by, I began programming in Java and C#. I began learning more about Java and C++ in the 3 years I've been going to college part time. Of course, I worked a full time job then and I was the only one financing my way to college. After tuition was increased 3 times, I could no longer afford it. I was thrown into debt. Yet, I never stopped programming. I soon got into PHP and MySQL. I created my own LAMP server and used my long history of programming to develop a website similar to Youtube: a video sharing website. During this time, I programmed my own computer game using the Ogre 3D engine. Here I am, 26 years old with no job to show for my life of programming. I can program both Windows and Linux applications, and I still have nothing. Mike, even with that all said, according to many like yourself, I'm not "skilled" enough to work in the programming field. I'm in the same situation as many talented programmers out there, yet just like them, I get over looked."
I accidentally sent the email to the president of the company (Oops!). In any case, the president of that company forwarded the email to the proper person and he read it. I'm assuming he spoke to the president of that company and they understood my plight. So, what they ended up doing was forwarding my resume over to the job in question. What a twist! So, now I just have to wait for a response from the company and hope I get scheduled for an interview. *Sighs*
Posted on 04/14/2009 06:00 pm


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Political Video Game Commentary!
Ah, the joys of politics... And video games...

It's easy to talk about both since they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like Bonnie and Clyde. Like face and dirt. Like casket and funeral. 

A few days ago, the president of Nintendo asked Capcom a very hard and thought provoking question. The question was (and I'm paraphrasing here), "Where's Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5 for the Wii?" Capcom heard this question and decided to think long and hard about it. The question was so tough that it took Capcom until April 1st to answer (oh, the irony). So, yeah, it took Capcom one whole day to say this:

Both ‘Resident Evil 5‘ and ‘Street Fighter IV‘ were designed for high-definition graphics systems using Capcom’s current in-house engine called MT Framework. To get ‘RE5′ or ‘Street Fighter IV’ out on the Wii, we would have to create all-new versions of both of these games, which is something we’re not opposed to doing. So the intention of both ‘RE5′ and ‘Street Fighter IV’ was to go for graphical showcases, which is not what the center of the bullseye Wii is aiming for. However, we do have a lot of ‘Resident Evil’ action happening on the Wii and hopefully we will have more in the future.
Hi, Capcom! Reality here. Just here to give you a friendly reminder that you ported Resident Evil 4 (originally for the Gamecube) to the Playstation 2. Oh, and lets not forget to a cellphone. I'd also like to remind you that Street Fighter IV is not based on your MT Framework, and although Resident Evil 5 is very pretty, Street Fighter IV doesn't do anything amazing graphically. What we call your response is an 'excuse'. Basically, an explanation used to defend a particular action one does whether it be true or not. In this case, it's no where near true. The excuse you used wasn't sufficient enough to defend itself from actions you've performed countless times in the past. So, as a friendly representative of reality, I'd like to call BS! Call back when you stop being stupid. AIG. The insurance company known all around the world as the company of crooks and liars. Making excuses about having to legally pass bonuses to a very small percent of your work force. Ah, it wasn't too long ago when a former employee of AIG whined that he deserved his 700,000 dollar bonus and he couldn't get it. Life must be really hard, huh? I certainly wish I could ask the Government for 2.6 billion freaking dollars. I sure could use it. Well, take that GM for screwing me on my car! Doing extra work on my car even though I didn't authorize it, then expected me to shell out 2 grand to pay it. Ha! You can keep the car, right along with the huge lot you guys have of unsold cars. Oh, wait. What was that GM? You're willing to come to a truce? Huh? You're going to remove all those extra BS fees you tack at the end of each car sale? You're also going to extend financing to people with scores below 620?! Really? Even though banks aren't lending and you're begging the government for 2.6 billion smackers on top of the 7.7 billion you're already asking? GM, what type of drugs are you taking? It's gotta be cocaine considering your CEO was asked by the President himself to resign. Well, it doesn't matter. The CEO has 25 million dollars to fall on. How about GM workers? Oh, wait. You fired those. Well, just goes to show you that when you screw me, I screw you back twice as hard... As a consumer. Bavaria's Interior Minister Likens Violent Games to Drugs, Kiddie Porn. According to him:
Such games are one of the causes for youth violence and also for school shootings, where images from killer games become reality. More and more children are getting mired in this virtual world of violence. They have no time left for school or job training, and are lost to our society. In regards to their harmful effects, [violent video games] are on the same level as child pornography and illegal drugs, the ban on which rightly is unquestioned
Wait, so let me get this straight. If a gamer plays a game such as Mad World, he's as sick and twisted as a person who watches child pornography? No, no... Wait, wait, wait! People who play violent games are on drugs too?! Well, yeah... I suppose there's nothing like getting high after lopping someone's head off or drilling a chainsaw through their chest. Oh yeah! Much worse than... I dunno... cutting my own wrist and watching myself bleed to death! Jack Thompson, where are you? Have you been talking to people in Germany too? Bad, boy! Just bad!
Posted on 04/03/2009 10:43 pm


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