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- 4 decades ago

Stupid People
There are a lot of stupid people in this world. I've heard of the phrase, "Everybody plays the fool sometimes". However, some people are just abusing it.

Why would you call your ISP because your PS3 doesn't work? What does your ISP have anything to do with game saves deleting? Heck, what does your ISP have anything to do with Sony's servers being down due to maintenance? Nothing!

People who are having issues with their connection in which a service tech needs to visit the home; you have people asking if a tech would need to come inside. Well, Shirley... DUH?! Yes, the technician has to go inside to FIX your issue. The problem is most likely in the home. Even if the problem was outside, how would the tech know that any of the adjustments he's made outside have fixed your particular issue which happens to be inside? Use your brain, folks! If your toilet is backing up and you call a plumber, would you ask him if he needs to come inside? No! Why? Because its obvious that he would need to come inside because that is where your problem _is_.

As you may or may not have figured out, I indeed work for Cable provider. Doing repair is what I do. Some times its more work than its worth.

Most people who know how to turn a light switch on don't ever call us; or call us very rarely. It's the people who can't figure out how to turn stuff on who do call; they make up the bulk of our calls.

1) People who don't know that their tvs are off:

Yes, I swear its true. There are people who call us because they don't get anything on the screen. Come to find out, either their cablebox is off or the TV is off. Sometimes, I'd get a call and give the customer an instruction such as "turn the cable box to channel 800". I'd get a question of, "Do you want me to turn the tv on?". No, of course not! Don't turn your TV on so we can see what we're doing. Leave it off and go to channel 800!

2) Routers are invincible:

Yes, they are - at least according to many customers that call. Whenever there's a network issue, customers swear up and down its not their router. They refuse to connect their computer directly to their modems because... Well... The router is invincible. Their wireless issues from their Linksys routers are all "caused" by the cable modem, and its hard to convince them otherwise.

3) Their DVD player's problems are caused by the cablebox:

Yet another customer fact. They aren't able to play DVDs because the player keeps saying "no disc", but somehow, cable is at fault. Even after explaining that the cable has nothing to do with their DVD player, they insist that its the cable provider's fault. Then they demand we fix it. We can't fix DVD players. We fix cable.

4) Billing is always wrong:

This is understandable. Every company that has a billing system will have problems. Even us repair folks get these calls. However, sometimes it isn't us who has the issue. 

Customers like to call and argue about their bill, while at the same time, never EVER looking at their billing statement. They claim they pay their bill in full, yet never really know how much their bill is because... Guess what?... They never EVER look at their bill. They tell you how much their bill should be, but neglect to realize that they don't ever pay their bill in full. The rest I'll leave to you to ponder.

Posted on 03/09/2011 08:48 pm


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