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- 4 decades ago

Ultra Edge's purpose...
 What's the real reason Ultra Edge exists? Was Ultra Edge designed to be a repository of anime for those around the world? No.

Ultra Edge was initially designed as my personal repository for anime intros. It has grown thus far. Now, it's more of a personal anime archive for me. I download a lot of anime. Usually what I do when I'm done watching is keep it archived somewhere on my PC. I very rarely ever re-watch my anime. After my HDD fills up, I delete the anime I care less about and download more.

Way back when I was really into IRC downloading (before torrents), I used to idle in very popular anime channels and share anime through TDCC (downloading bot). After awhile, torrents became the new rule and I slowly weeded away from IRC. However, at that time, I had no way to share the anime I had (except seeding, which I didn't like [yes I'm a leech on bittorrent]). I even sponsored an anime dump which is a server filled with anime. That dump didn't last too long. It was also harder to maintain.

One day, after designing Bluespotlight (a website my friend and I tried to build), I decided to make my own. Ultra Edge was its name. After the site was built, I realized that I could use the website as a way to personalize my large stash of anime. Sure, it would be helpful if others uploaded. However, it would be more helpful to me; as I'd have an easier way to archive and categorize all the anime I have.

As of right now, I have nearly half a terabyte of anime on this server. It's steadily increasing. Plus, it makes it easier for me to find individual episodes of anime without having to browse a large folder of anime. On top of that, I can easily share the anime I have with anybody I want.

I still have a lot of anime to upload. So far, I've only uploaded half of what I have. Eventually I'll get to the other half. Eventually!

So, what is Ultra Edge now? It's an anime video and wallpaper repository. Soon, it'll be the largest. There's no other site out there quite like this one. Soon, I'll include manga downloads which will definitely make it a full-fledge repository. We'll see what the future holds. 
Posted on 03/17/2009 01:53 am


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Suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome
The intent of this blog is to relay a personality to its readers. Some blogs out there are only designed to give news. Others are designed to give opinions on specific subjects. However, my blog is designed to simply relay the creator's personality to its audience.

So, don't be surprised if you see issues that deal with drama or just plain wackiness. That is basically the point. Professionalism is only good for those who are suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. Heck, it's a part of Ultra Edge's mission statement. That mission is to be as human as possible. To show that, one would need to point out issues with not only the world, but with his/her self.

Majority of the people out there are either middle-class or poor. The rich take up a small portion of the world's population. So, my target audience is to those people. Those people don't suffer from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. They mostly have a good sense of reality in their bones. However, there are some that do not.

Corporations as a whole suffer from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. Here's an example.

Average Person:
"I'm gonna shove my foot up your ass!"

"I'm going to cause you physical harm!"

Average Corporation:
"We here at conglomerate A are proud of our high quality products and commitment to serve. Our strive for excellence has provided our customers with high quality products at affordable prices for over 30 years. 

We aim for the best turn around in our business endeavors. However, we regret to announce our partnership with conglomerate B has split. We will be foregoing our business marketing in other hopeful directions. 

Conglomerate B has partaken in our business strategies for over 5 years with the equal amount of dedication to our customers and business ethic. We hope to continue a successful and friendly relationship some time in the near future."

"F*ck you, conglomerate B! F*ck you and your momma in the ass!!"

Of course, this wouldn't classify them as out of touch, but this is how out of touch people speak. They don't talk like us humans.

I say corporations are out of touch because they make decisions that work against the very people that make them work. For example: Businesses that outsource work because it's cheaper. It never occurs them that they're employing slave labor. Also, many of these companies that do never make their products cheaper. Lord and Taylor is a good example of this. They sell clothing for hundreds of dollars. I saw a regular thin jacket for $999.99. I'm not kidding! Guess where it was made? Thailand.

Another example would be Microsoft. They build software and release it according to their stock holders and not their customers. Customers constantly beg Microsoft to release bug-free software and to give their products time to mature before they release them. What ends up happening is Microsoft rushes their products and they all end up low-grade. The Xbox 360 is a wonderful example of this as well. They rushed that system just to compete against Sony. What ended up happening was a hardware defect that causes Red Rings of Death on ALL their machines. They have yet to fix the issue. Why? Because they don't care.

Other video game companies are guilty of this as well. Nintendo isn't innocent either. Nintendo released Metroid Prime for the Wii with the new controls in Japan before they will in the US. The Japanese hate Metroid and always have. Why release it there first when the Americans absolutely love it?

So, for those who are out there, be careful. If you find yourself suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome, read my blog to cure yourself!

Posted on 03/11/2009 07:33 pm


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You really can't satisfy some people.
 Perhaps this is simply an understatement. I dunno.

I was speaking to an old member of mine at Ultra Edge. Her name is Toadstool1414. I haven't spoken or heard from her in several months. More like 3 months I believe. So, I decided to talk to her. She then exploded in a fiery rage. Here's the convo:
(10:41:39 PM) Quinton McLeod2: ??
(10:42:32 PM) Quinton McLeod2: If this is Adam, then why can't you get on your own SN? Seriously, man.
(10:43:14 PM) ToadStool1414: HUH?
(10:43:23 PM) ToadStool1414: why would this be adam?
(10:43:39 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Because sometimes he gets on this SN :/
(10:43:50 PM) ToadStool1414: when was that?
(10:44:12 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I have no specific dates to give. I can only tell you that it has happened more than once.
(10:45:38 PM) Quinton McLeod2: But interesting that you reply... You typically don't
(10:46:13 PM) ToadStool1414: that's cuz my aim is connected to my gmail and I don't answer cuz I'm doin my hw
(10:47:22 PM) Quinton McLeod2: I wasn't aware that gmail allows one to use AIM.
(10:47:27 PM) ToadStool1414: yep
(10:48:06 PM) ToadStool1414: and adam can't possibly use my AIM cuz he doesn't know my password. Its in 3 diff languages. and I never logg on from his comp
(10:48:14 PM) ToadStool1414: has he actually said that he was on?
(10:48:42 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Its something Adam admitted to Trevor about.
(10:48:57 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Says he logs in when he's on your PC
(10:49:12 PM) ToadStool1414: no
(10:49:22 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Oh?
(10:49:38 PM) ToadStool1414: no that's not gonna happen. nor has it ever happend
(10:50:43 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Never gonna happen? You have strict rules regarding your PC when he uses it?
(10:51:15 PM) ToadStool1414: He doesnt use my comp. nobody uses my comp except me
(10:51:25 PM) ToadStool1414: he has his own.
(10:52:22 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Oh. Why is that?
(10:52:45 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Why not share PCs? Yours is prolly faster.
(10:53:17 PM) ToadStool1414: um cuz he has his stuff on his comp and I have my stuff on mine
(10:54:29 PM) Quinton McLeod2: But assuming he forgot his PC and came to visit. When it comes to PC use, using yours is completely out of the question?
(10:55:30 PM) ToadStool1414: ok
(10:56:33 PM) ToadStool1414: you're kinda annoying me with these questions lol he doesn't use my comp. he never has. nkever will. and even if he did he cant get into my aim
(10:57:13 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Sorry. I'm just trying to wrap my head around this. I tend to ask a lot of questions when I'm confused.
(10:57:48 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Because there were many times I was trying to give something to you, but could never reach you.
(10:57:50 PM) ToadStool1414: theres nothing to be confused about
(10:58:13 PM) ToadStool1414: he edoesnt gert on my l;aptop. point blank DONE@@@@
(10:58:18 PM) ToadStool1414: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*********
(10:59:35 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Sure, you'd say that, but I was still confused. Like I was saying, I couldn't get a hold of you for like... 3 months. So, I asked Trevor if he was ever able to get in contact with you. He suggested that perhaps Adam used your PC and didn't log off your name.
(10:59:46 PM) Quinton McLeod2: When I asked him again today, he admitted he really wasn't too sure.
(11:00:13 PM) ToadStool1414: done
(11:00:16 PM) ToadStool1414: don't talk to me
(11:00:56 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Hmm... Having a bad day?
(11:01:32 PM) ToadStool1414: no kfuck im not havin a bad day
(11:01:37 PM) ToadStool1414: u pissin me off
(11:07:49 PM) ToadStool1414: don't tell me that he's been on my comp when he's been in class all day and I've been in my room all day
(11:08:13 PM) ToadStool1414: I don't appreciate this convo especially when I haven't talked to you in a while
(11:19:27 PM) Quinton McLeod2: Trevor is in the shower. However, if you wish to express how you feel, I'm more than willing to hear. Once again, I'm not trying to make you angry. However, if you are indeed angry, I'm willing to listen to your concerns and perhaps adjust to any recommendations you have.
I'm really not too sure what I did to exert such rage. I apologized, despite how confused I was. Alright, so Adam doesn't use her PC at all. Is that enough to really be super angry for? Here is my take on this. Its appears apparent to me that she's hiding something. I honestly couldn't care less, but apparently she does. Perhaps there's something on her PC she doesn't want Adam to know about and panicked after hearing about the possibility that he may have been on her PC? That's the only explanation I can think of. Why else get so angry? So, is Toadstool1414 cheating on Adam, her bf? If that's the case, then my condolences to Adam. I seriously wasn't trying to uncover anything scandalous, but I think I just did. What do you guys think? Was her anger warranted?
Posted on 03/09/2009 11:39 pm


Blobbernut :
here is my take on this, you kept asking the same question, just wording differently, most people find that quite annoying, and most people will get angry to shut people up, it looks that she was angry (not because she is cheating) but because YOU after 3

Qchan :
I figured I was too. Though, I did attempt to change the topic concerning what I wanted to give her. I believe by that time, it was too late.

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Some people aren't that smart.

The question was rather simple:
Recent polls have shown a 5th of Americans can't locate the US on a world map. Why do you think this is?
My Answer: A vast number of Americans are idiots. There's no avoiding this fact. It has nothing to do with the idiots, but all to do with the failing school system and idiot parents. If I were her, I'd be a little bit more suave and say, "I believe it is mostly due to the fact that our schooling system and lack of parental supervision has allowed a culture of apathy and ignorance. Because of this, knowing such basic things, as geography, isn't considered cool or important. Thus, in the end, you have a large sum of people who are incapable of reciting answers to simple questions." It has become acceptable in society to be an idiot. If you're cool, you can't be a nerd or at least know something about something. Being completely oblivious to everything qualifies one to become cool. However, "coolness" is an image that only stays with a person for so long. Once you're out of school, it doesn't matter how cool you are. It all comes down to making money. The people who make the money now are the nerds. There are a few exceptions when dealing with entertainers, but of course, they usually don't last very long anyway. Now, my gf speaks very much like Miss South Carolina. She has difficulty articulating and expressing herself through words. She also has a lot of blond moments. There was one time she thought that flies spawned from meat. For example, she thought that if you took a piece of meat, stuck it in a jar, closed the lid tight and left it in the jar unattended for several months, that eventually, flies would grow from it. I had to explain to her that flies would first need to lay eggs in the meat for flies to grow from it. At that moment, maggots would grow and flies would therefore appear from there. This easily turned into an argument; but I couldn't stop laughing when it was over. I don't blame her at all. I blame her schooling and her parents. Her parents are nut balls. I don't particularly understand them or their parenting. Now, I wouldn't say her parents are idiots. However, I'd definitely say that they like to wallow in ignorance. The poor children that have and still are being raised by them have my sincere empathy. What's wrong with my gf's parents? Well, they have backwards policies. For instance, they impose strict curfews but allow marijuana and alcohol use in the home. They refuse to let their kids go down the block, but they are allowed to stay up as long as they want and watch rated R movies. The irony of it all is that they aren't allowed unrestricted Internet access. That means, no MySpace, no Youtube, no Facebook, no nothing. Just email use. They use a net filter to filter out the websites they don't want them on, but they don't monitor their use. Is that backwards or what?? One of my gf's sisters already figured out how to bypass the net filters. Heck, it was only a matter of time! I spoke to my gf about this. Some of the stuff she doesn't find wrong. For example: roughly about 3 years ago, my gf told me how she got wasted on her 21st birthday. Sure, that's great and all. Parents allowed it. But she had a curfew at 10:00pm. 11:00pm if she had to work. That's stupid! I told her that too. How can any parent allow for their child to get high and wasted but then impose a strict curfew at 21 YEARS OLD?! Now, I can understand how you may not want your child coming in at odd times of the night, but if you're going to impose a curfew, why be lax on drugs and alcohol?? Another retarded thing they do. They allow their kids to use their roller skates in the street, but their not allowed to ride their bikes on the side of the road... IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. I just can't wrap my head around that. They aren't allowed to go down the street, they can't ride their bikes in the side of the road... But they can roller skate on the street? I don't care what the kids have, they are STILL in the street! So, what's the difference between them having a bike or roller skates in the street?? Heck, what's the point of riding a bike if you can't even ride it away from the house for a block? What are the kids gonna do? Ride their bikes in a circle in the driveway and then ride their roller skates in a circle in the street?! Their policies, I believe, contributed to a lot of beliefs my gf has of the world. My gf honestly believe that the majority of the country smokes pot. I have nothing to dispute that claim with, but it's a bit hard to believe that. I'm sure most people have tried it, but I don't believe someone like Bill Gates is calling up one of his buddies asking for a bag of weed. Heck, I can't even imagine Warren Buffet on the corner of some shady neighborhood buying weed from some shady looking pot dealer. Most of her friends smoke pot, but very few of mine do. So far, I can only name two of my friends who do. The rest are a bunch of nerds would never imagine doing that. So, yeah. Parents influence a child's thinking by an overwhelming lot. Because of nutcases like this, America is the way it is today.
Posted on 03/08/2009 10:29 pm


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I tell ya... Some websites just...
  I dunno... I usually read the headlines for Daily Tech every day. I try to keep up to date on my technology. I read Digg, SlashDot, Daily Tech, PCStats, Tom's Hardware and a few others on the daily basis for my news.

However, Daily Tech simply astounds me on how fanboyish their readers are. They are mostly all hardcore, foaming at the mouth Microsoft fanboys. It's insane. They defend Microsoft no matter what they do. Microsoft could kill a nun and they'd blame the nun for it! They'd say, "Oh, well, she shouldn't have been in the way when she saw Microsoft's eye twitch."

I was reading Daily Tech and one of the articles mentioned something about a senator being disappointed with Microsoft's response to laying off H1-B visa workers before American workers. Of course, Microsoft said they will make decisions based on work and performance. Sounds OK until after you learn of what Microsoft's true intentions are. First of all, Microsoft is a big advocate for H1-B workers. Everyone knows this. When Microsoft was reported to have laid off several thousand workers, they were all American workers. They didn't lay off a single H1-B worker. Now, it's to my understanding that H1-Bs are for positions in which companies have a hard time finding American workers for. So, if that's the case, why lay off Americans over H1-B workers? Well, the answer is obvious. They're cheaper.

Of course, the fanboys at Daily Tech have a completely different view. They believe that H1-B workers are "harder working" and bring brains to an otherwise "brainless" country. No joke. Read this comment from Daily Tech that scored a 5/5 on the particular article:

I think this senator is really REALLY short-sighted. He is clearly doing this as a political maneuver to try and win seats for his next election as the idea 'sounds' good to his electorate I'm sure. A company like Microsoft needs the ability, however, to tap into the WORLDWIDE pool of talent, and needlessly limiting their capacity to do that only hurts American companies. As it stands right now, the H1B Visa process is absolutely ridiculous. Only 65,000 H1B Visas per year, that you can only apply for, ONCE per year. These applicants are extremely talented individuals, scientists, engineers, doctors, high-level consultants, etc who are usually at the top of their fields in their respective countries. It is a good portion of THESE people who have contributed to the BRAIN drain in their respective countries, and the BRAIN ESCALATION here in the United States. And its funny how people call them foreign, because unless you're a native american indian, your parents, or grandparents, and so-on ALSO CAME FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY looking for new opportunity! BTW, most H1B workers are paid the same or HIGHER wages than their American counterparts...
This guy is dead wrong. But not only that, he completely doesn't understand the purpose of hiring Americans over H1-B workers (who are only allowed to stay in the country if they are working for the particular company that has hired them under the visa). H1-B workers don't have full citizenship, so once they are let go, they go back to their respective countries. H1-B workers actually make much less than American counterparts; mostly due to H1-B fraud. Also, if you don't hire Americans for your work in America, then what would that say for your company? Let's put it like this. Lets say you (the reader) own an American company of over 1,000 employees. Let's also say the government allows an unlimited number of H1-B visas. So, you decide to take advantage of that and dedicate 70 - 80% of your work force to H1-B visas. You can argue that foreign workers are harder working and provide a higher quality of work at your business. These are all valid. This may all seem OK for you and your business, but what does it say about your image to other Americans? The quality of your product can be high, but your image will take a blow. It says a lot to the American public if you're hiring that many H1-B workers. It'll appear anti-American. It'll also give many Americans the idea that they have to compete for domestic jobs and therefore depress many of them. If the majority of American corporations were like that, it'll cause uncertainty in the market due to the fact that Americans will get a false sense of not being able to acquire good paying jobs in their field. After awhile, the market would crash. Lets try a more realistic approach. Lets say the government restricted H1-B visas from 65,000 a year to 20,000. Your company fills all 20,000 visas within a month (which is quite common). A downturn appears and your company is forced to make a few cuts. So, you lay off several thousand American employees but keep all 20,000 of your H1-B workers. What do you think most Americans would think of your company then? Doing such a move can hurt your company's image. Bottom line is: not hiring Americans can drastically effect the economy. The American consumer is the driving force to the American economy. If you stop hiring Americans, then less and less of them buy products from your or any business. When that happens, companies make less money. Companies make less money and they lay off more people and it turns into a continuous downward spiral. Eventually, you'll be stuck with what we have now; an economic disaster. You can hire all the H1-B workers you want. However, once you're forced to let them go, they go back to their country and cannot contribute any more to the American economy. Therefore, we all lose. Not only that, but America is losing its presence in the world. We only manufacture cars (for the most part). Once that's gone, there's really nothing that America would be producing to earn money. That, in and of itself, leads to an economic issue. At that point, we'd be importing more than we're exporting and it'll be harder for the American dollar to keep its dominance.
Posted on 03/05/2009 01:09 pm


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Wacky world we're living in...
 As the title suggest; we're living in a wacky world.

Wouldn't life be grand if it was anything like the atmosphere of RPGs? In RPGs, anyone will talk to you. People constantly give stuff away for free, and crooks and murderers are made overly apparent. Sure, there's the added bonus of monsters, demons, super powerful overlords and the such; but for the most part, you knew who or what they were and how to avoid them.

Now, here comes reality. Not everyone will just talk to you. You can't just walk into anyone's house and start a conversation with them while they're cooking dinner for their kids. People rarely give things away for free, and crooks and murderers aren't overly apparent. As a matter of fact, it's the exact opposite.

Take this website for example. I have to follow a set of rules to prevent my site from getting hijacked. PHP wasn't built with security in mind, so the following rules were created:

1) NEVER trust anything from the outside. If a user is inputing their name into a field that will be saved on the site, assume a hacker is trying to use it to gain entry into the system, or deface the website or something. 

2) NEVER allow your website to reveal ANYTHING detailed about your server or site. Putting the version of Apache you're using is fine. Even putting what type of server you're on is OK. Allowing your site to display errors about MySQL is BAD. Allowing your server to display ANY error that you haven't intended to the user is bad. It's especially bad when it's a production server: a server that provides some sort of service. AKA Every website you've been in contact with. I've been guilty of this recently and luckily I caught on before it was too late.

3) DISABLE GLOBAL VARIABLES!! Never use this ever! It allows anybody to add something like "&admin=true" to the end of the URL and magically makes it a variable that can be seen in the website. The danger in that is if you had a variable called "$user" which held information about your username, a person could easily put "&user=whoever" at the end of your url. If the user "whoever" happens to be an admin, then that user has admin rights to your site!!

There are several other PHP rules, but those 3 are the most important. Its sad that one would have to follow these rules because of the evils of society.

Now, I've never been scammed in my life. However, many people close to me have (and multiple times). The human race, by nature, is very trusting. You have several scam artists who take advantage of that. So, because of that, you gotta be on high alert at all times.

Several years ago, when I was 16 or so, my mother got involved with someone from the Ivory Coast in Africa (yes, we all know about these scams now, but this was when they first became widespread). Some lady claimed that she was the heir to some huge diamond repository and that she wanted my mother to cash checks and send the money back to her while keeping 10% of it. She mentioned something about a civil war and her assets being in danger.  My mother asked me about it. I was 16 years old at the time and I couldn't care less. However, as time went by, I started asking myself, "Why would they need you to send American money to them if their assets there are under fire? Why would the change in currency matter?" and "Why would they choose you of all people?" Needless to say, I became suspicious. In the end, my mother lost contact with them and nothing fraudulent happened.

Now, fast forward about 2 years. My mother gets contacted by some other people: Nigeria being the birthplace of this story. Remembering what happened with the Ivory Coast story, I quickly became weary of it. These people wanted my mother to cash money orders and send a big portion of the money back to them. Soon, she began getting money orders for large sums of money. My sister saw this and decided to join in. They tried to get me to do it and I said, "Sounds like a scam to me." They give me the information about this guy and whatnot. He even had a website. He was masquerading as a legit international business of some sort. The thing that set alarms off in my head was the email address. It was just a simple yahoo email. That's when I asked myself, "Why use a yahoo email when you own a website, let alone your own business?" I whois'ed the website and found that the website was hosted by some British company that linked to some guy in Arizona. "Huh?!" I asked myself. "If this guy is the CEO of an international company stationed in Africa, then why have a British hosting company hosting a website for some guy in Arizona?" On top of that, the guy wanted them to scan their picture IDs and email it to him. Why?! There were so many questions left unanswered. On top of that, the number on his website forwarded to a "make your own fax" number. After finding this out, I warned them not to do it. They did it anyway. In the end, the money orders ended up being fraudulent and the banks they cashed them in, froze their accounts and demanded they pay back the money they cashed.

About perhaps a year or two ago, a couple moved just above our apartment. They claimed they were from NY. I don't have a problem releasing their names. They were Maurice Knight and Shavon Ebens. The husband claimed he was a fireman in NY and needed to travel to go to and from work. However, he claimed he was off for 6 months for some odd reason. I didn't care. He claimed they made roughly 100,000 a year. At first I thought that was pretty high for a fireman, but I couldn't find the salaries of a fireman in NYC at that time. After awhile we became friends and nothing appeared to be odd about him. Then he began talking about his father and how he oversaw  auctions for cars in NYC. He claimed his father was a policeman. At the time, I thought nothing of it. I didn't have the money anyway, so I couldn't offer what he was asking for to deliver the cars from the auction to where I lived. He asked my gf if she knew anybody that would be interested. She said she'd ask around. Still, at this point, nothing apparent appeared. So far, none of our friends were believing it. But even so, that didn't set off alarms in my head yet. I soon suggest my sister check it out. However, because I didn't fully trust it, I told her to only give him half and give him the other half when she actually sees the car. I also suggested she get something in writing so she doesn't get completely screwed. Even so, I wasn't thinking much about it.

Then one day, something odd happened. I've already introduced Maurice to my older brother and my best friend. None of them saw anything awkward about him. However, I noticed he started buying my gf expensive stuff. "Why only buy my gf stuff and not both of us as a couple? Why isn't your gf that you're trying to wed not upset by this?" I spoke to him and voiced that I didn't appreciate what he was doing. That appeared to have been the end of that.

A few weeks later, I introduced him to the Wii. He seemed to be very into it and gave us $500 bucks to go find one. Unfortunately, it wasn't so easy at the time. So, I returned the money and apologized. Then he did something that made me suspicious. He started getting upset and ranting how he could pay a crackhead in NYC to get a Wii and they'd do it. I was asking myself. "Why would a fireman even suggest doing something like that?" It wasn't long after I heard of him mentioning other questionable things that made be question is character. He was very racist and always felt The Man was trying to keep him in check. His view on life was pretty awkward for the type of person he wasn't trying to get us to think he was.

One day, out of the kindness of my heart, I found a Wii and bought it. I figured I'd sell it to him as a wedding gift. He, of course, wanted it for free. I told him I couldn't give it to him for free as the money I used to buy it came out of our rent money. Since finding a Wii at that time was super rare, I figured I'd buy it to save him the trouble. So, what he tried to do was pay to get my car "fixed". My car had an issue and that was the wheels were out of alignment and the tires needed to be changed and rotated. He paid for the tires to be changed and rotated, but not for the alignment. He figured since he did that, I'd go ahead and give him the Wii. Of course, he did it without my permission. He did it secretly with my gf's blessing of course. I refused to do it. I told him that I didn't ask for my car to be worked on and that he wasted his time doing that. At the time, I only wanted 300 bucks for the Wii (since that's how much I paid for it). He refused. I then got a look at the receipt and saw he only paid $130 dollars for the tire change and rotation. My Wii was more than twice that amount. I saw the game he was trying to play and it pissed me off.

A few days later I learned that my sister paid Maurice for the auctioned cars. However, instead of only paying half, she paid the full amount. I called her and told her I only wanted her to pay half and not the whole thing, but she told me her bf decided on his own to pay the other half. So, I couldn't argue with that.

Later, Maurice's actions began to change. He seemed rushed. He wanted to hurry up and marry Shavon and wanted my cousin, my gf and I to be in his wedding. Personally, I hate weddings (and funerals). I like receptions though! In any case, Maurice had to leave to NYC to resolve some conflict he had. I went upstairs to call upon Shavon so her and my gf could do wedding planning and what not. However, when she answered the door, she was hiding behind it with just her head peering out. Let me not forget to mention that it took her an extremely long time to answer the door. At first, I didn't think anything of it, but once I went back to my house and sat down I asked, "Was she naked?" After awhile, I was sent back upstairs by my gf and Shavon seemed to be ready to go. She called out to Maurice's brother who stayed with them at the time. Thats when it hit me. "Why would she be naked around Maurice's brother?!" At that point, I knew something weird was going on.

Time passed and it was time for the wedding. Days leading up to the wedding exhibited more odd behavior from Maurice. I decided I wasn't going to attend the wedding. They were upset, but I didn't care. After the wedding, I noticed my gf became pretty trusting of them. At that point, I was very very suspicious. There are just too many instances of odd behavior that I just couldn't ignore. I cautioned her that trusting them as much as she does could lead to problems. However, she didn't believe me.

Weeks later, I came across this: NY Times. Come to find out, he WAS a con artist. A week afterward, he was arrested. Several months after that, Shavon just "disappeared". In the end, I was alright since I didn't lose anything. However, my sister did. Even after I told her to go to the police while Shavon was still around, she didn't. Eventually, my sister was out of the money she gave them.

Something very similar happened to my gf recently. She wanted to buy a car from some guy on Craigslist. Now, I never trusted Craigslist. So, I never go there. However, my gf did. She found a car in which she figured would be a good buy. Eventually, she was speaking to the guy and he wanted her the send the money through Money Gram. She asked me about it and I said, "Money Gram? I don't know if I would do that. It would be better to send the money through Paypal so at least some of it is insured." She claimed the guy didn't have a paypal account. I explained that sending money without some sort of insurance is risky. It would be much easier if Money Gram had some sort of escrow service that would allow her to hold the money until she felt it was right to release it. She claimed that they were using Ebay's Motor Protection. I scratched my head and said, "You found the car on Craigslist. What would Ebay have anything to do with it?" She claimed that Ebay had a service that would allow one to use its Motor Protection service. I still didn't trust it. At that point, I said, "That doesn't make any sense. Why would Ebay have something like that if the car isn't being sold through Ebay?" At this point, an argument began. I knew, by listening to her, that it didn't make any sense and felt that it could've been a scam. So, I figured if it was, it would be a good lesson for her to learn. So, I said, "Alright. Fine. Do what you want." and she did just that. Come to find out, it was a scam and she's out of $6,000 bucks. I know that, in essence, this hurts the both of us. However, I made sure to reserve a bit of our refund in my account just encase.

When it comes to buying cars online, I know the rules. I warned her of many things during her transaction that I found funny. I preached to her the rules of buying a car online:

1) Make sure that you're able to physically SEE the car. A person can promise anything to you, but until you actually see it, then it could very well not exist at all.

2) Don't buy a car on Ebay. I know my gf didn't do this, but there are a lot of scams, even on Ebay, for this very thing. Paypal may have a safety net, but it can only insure up to $1000 dollars. Plus, you'll be bidding on a car in which the value may be very well below what you're paying for.

3) Take your time buying a car. Never rush. Rushing leads to making poor decisions and getting caught up in scams.

4) Go to a reputable seller or website. If it looks funny, then 9 times out of 10, it IS funny. Do your research and make sure you're not going for a ride.

5) NEVER EVER Wire money. My gf learned this the hard way. Money Gram and Western Union are both easy ways to get instant money without being traced. Don't get caught up in that trap. Also, don't trust other escrow services. Use what is well known! Credit Cards have safety nets and they are much more secure than Money Gram and Western Union. Paypal is also much more secure. Don't just use anything to transfer money. Otherwise, you'll be out of $6,000 dollars.

Yet more rules to avoid being hurt. It's definitely a wacky world we live in. It's nothing like the RPG world in which a strategy guide can warn you of in-game scams.

Posted on 03/04/2009 06:29 pm


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WWWWW 6,000 you could've wasted on me! Well not much of a waste but wth... idk wth to say on this note. But Qchan, you 100% right! Money Gram? WHAATTT!!?!! I a

Carissa :
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Fawne :
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MoCvs, <a href="http://www.wsip8ggs">ollu8</a> ; , [url= m]oprg3[/url], 97rnp

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What the heck: Part II
 Ah, I sent an email to Firestar expressing that what he was doing could seal his website's fate. I gave him some advice on what he should implement in order to gain more visitors and perhaps earn ad revenue. Of course, he argued me down and denied the advice I gave him. Ultimately, he said this:

I am a professional web developer, I already know how to implement such a thing, but there is seriously no need to, the users do not visit the site for pointless extra themes but the content itself.

Also please do not try to confuse yourself into thinking your site is better due to the fact that is messy and has more episodes. There is only 1 reason your site has more visitors (which can be debated) it is due to advertising, I do not spam animecaps name here and there, I prefer the site to be spread by word of mouth.

Please try to forget the offer of partnership as it has been withdrawn, until you learn to stop trying to be a smartass that has no idea what he is talking about. and believe me I was holding back in every one of these emails but your arrogance is just to great to even let go. I could never see us ever getting along

For those interested in seeing his site, please visit:

His response kinda ticked me off. I was only trying to help the kid. However, I suppose now, it just doesn't matter. I'll just respond publicly.

1) You're talking about implementing themes to your very dull looking site. Your site is uninspiring. Put SOMETHING on it. Put up a naked picture of yourself. Write "AnimeCap" in crayon and post it. Rub your dirty balls on a pristine white piece of paper and scan it. Show the world! Something!

2) Oh my goodness. Let me not confuse myself into thinking my site is better than yours. Oh no! Lets completely forget about the fact that you have absolutely nothing on your site. You have 10 different anime in which 7 are extremely old. Your forums are bare bones and... That's it! There's nothing else. Your site offers nothing. You don't even offer rope for your visitors to hang themselves with, because that is what they will do when they see your site. There are no links, no pictures, no nothing. It's like walking into a playhouse with no windows and no toys. Like stepping into an asylum with the word "AnimeCap" written in purple lipstick on the front door. Yet, my site is messy. Its messy with... Anime... Yeah, your site is clean. Spotless, but my website is dirty with UP TO DATE anime. Filthy! Just simply filthy!

It's a bit hard to believe your site gets any visitors. If it did, you wouldn't be talking about charging people $2 to become members so they could... uh... Well, gee. What exactly would they be paying $2 bucks for? Not to watch the anime, because you don't have anime. Heck, you don't even have a functional forum. You have... NOTHING. You also mention 'word of mouth'. Well, in order for your site to be spread by word of mouth, there would actually need to be... umm... words for people to... uhh... spread about your site. Currently, the only word they'll be spreading is dull. Oh, and maybe "boring" and "flat". Perhaps it'll remind them of the time they shut their bedroom lights off and went to sleep. Exciting! Look, I'm giving word of mouth right now. Awesome!

3) What partnership? I didn't want to 'partner' with you. YOU wanted to 'partner' with me. I told YOU I wasn't interested and would rather affiliate with you. I didn't email you, kid. YOU emailed me. Remember?

hey Just visited your site, wanted to know if you want to partner or even merge with, it seems we have the same goals. We also do podcasts if you would be willing to do that as well that would also be cool, I normally take care of backend, server, space, bandwidth. We need more uploaders to upload more HD content currently i am the only one uploading anime and it is becoming quite stressful. please if you love all that is holy or atleast anime consider this offer of partnership/merger.

Seems to me that YOU (I'm emphasizing here) needed to partner up. You even wanted to merge. Doesn't make sense to merge since you really didn't have anything. Kinda like marrying a woman in which all she had was a plastic shopping bag full of cloths, and then when things go sour say, "Well, I'm revoking my offer to you! I was going to hand you a piece of gum I saved in my pocket. Now, you can't have it!!"

You were holding back too?!?! No way! You mean to tell me you would've went Super Saiyan at any moment?! OMG! What were you expecting me to say after you just turned Super Saiyan?

It's over 9000!!

Well, there. I said it.
Posted on 03/01/2009 04:01 am


sl33p :
Feuds are never fun and noone ever looks good. Why give his shitty site the platform?

sl33p :
And btw, I can no longer upload...Site looks like it's doing its thing but the vid never show up to publish.

Qchan :
Email me. We'll discuss it.

Qchan :
Concerning his website. I told him I would post the situation on my blog. In essence, I'm still helping him out. He's still getting negative press, but eventually he'll learn.

Max :
Good evening. S

Glynis :
Good afternoon.

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