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- 4 decades ago

What the heck?!
I decided to take a look at Anime Cap. Now, if any of you remember (which you probably don't!), the guys at Anime Cap wanted to affiliate with me but then... I dunno... Mysteriously disappeared. At the time, I thought the guy was dead. Apparently he's not. Surprised?

In anycase, I dunno what I was expecting, but I came across this:

Well its been a nice run, animecap will no longer offer HD streaming for free, we are charging $2 for membership the site should be open and ready for member signups in the coming days, doing this will allocate more time to animecap, making ongoing anime episodes online faster and in the highest quality possible. please if you have any complaints contact :D

WHAT?! Come on, Firestar. You're gonna start charging people $2 to become members of your site? Are you nuts?! The same $2 dollars people could save simply by coming here? Last I checked, I have a larger library of HD anime. Firestar only had about maybe 5 or 6 HD anime episodes when I last went to his site. That's it! Some of that stuff was old and licensed.

Firestar, here is some advice. Keep your services free, but put advertising on your site.  The more hits your site gets, the more revenue you'll earn. The more revenue, the happier, right?

Speaking of which, I was thinking about doing the same thing. I really only have google ads in one area of the page. I was thinking about scattering the ads here and there. I was also thinking about investing in some unobtrusive banner ads.  Ah well... We'll see what happens.
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Job Interview

Interviewer: "So, I see at your last job you worked for the RIAA."

Applicant: "Yes... Some of my responsibilities there were to...."

Interviewer: "GET THE F*CK OUT!"

Applicant: "I'm...I'm sorry?"

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Mortgages and Politics
Just look at Rick. People like him are disgusting. Sure, he makes a good argument for a troll. However, for anyone to feel that helping out his fellow man is wrong needs to get his/her head examined. This guy is basically saying that we shouldn't give money to people who are having issues staying in their homes. His reasoning was that people are 100% responsible for not being able to take care of their mortgages. What he fails to understand, however, is that those same people (2 million+) were suckered into those mortgages using predatory methods. Ya know, no down payments, people with bad or no credit being accepted and etc. Then at the end, having mortgage payments balloon after so many years and then keep ballooning afterwards. The value of their homes going lower than the mortgage reflects and thus making the homes useless. The banks expected people to pay, but in the end they can't. So, what happened is those same people foreclosed and the banks ended up with toxic assets (assets with little to no value). They obviously don't get paid for these foreclosed homes and now the banks are stuck. Now, of course, if you add 2 million people to the equation, it becomes a HUGE HUGE problem. This guy, Rick, is saying f*ck 'em! Those people got themselves in that mess and it's not "OUR" responsibility to "bail" them out. Essentially, let the people lose their homes and let whatever happens to them happen. Oh, but when questioned about that very same thing he claims he wasn't for that. Kinda hard to believe in such a story when he's turning his back the way he is. Kinda reminds me of libertarians. They also believe in the same thing. Libertarians are mostly people who believe in grass-roots democracy. They believe in small government and 'let the people do what they wanna do'. Of course, many libertarians do not believe in government funded programs. That, of course, enlarges the size of government. I don't think I can ever agree with libertarians on several fundamental issues. In essence, libertarians who are for smaller government do not support government funded health care... Ya know, we call that Universal Health Care. They don't believe in many social programs; some don't agree with public schooling. However, they do believe in pot o_0. So, when I think of libertarians, I think of hippies. When I think of hippies, I think of the Baby Boomers: the generation of people who didn't give two nuts about anyone by themselves. Oh, but not all Baby Boomers are libertarians. I stand firm to that, but they are similar in many ways. One of those would be not caring about the world or anybody else around them. The same generation that voted for Reagan. The same generation that's telling our generation to get a job when it's nearly impossible. They're starting to see that now, but its far too late. Yesterday, my mother presented a job posting for a job I just wasn't qualified for. I explained to my mother that I couldn't apply for the job because I wasn't qualified. By my response, she became perplexed and then continued to urge me to apply. At that point, I became annoyed. Perhaps back in the 70s it may have been easier to get such a job. Back then, you could just have the fire in your eyes and they'd hire you. Nowadays, you gotta have specific experience with object XYZ for 3 plus years with a bachelor's degree. Once you meet those requirements, you can work at the job offering you 9 or 10 bucks an hour. It's an insult. On top of that, they ship the jobs over seas or they hire foreigners for far far less. The Baby Boomers have been working at their little jobs for 20 to 30 years. So, it's hard for them to imagine competing with some guy in India whose government allowed for them to attend college for free. In India, college is mandatory and free. Here, college is optional and expensive. Tuition keeps going up and colleges are raping their students by forcing them to take college courses that have nothing to do with their respective fields of study. So, students pay more. The students who get loans to pay for these courses end up in deep deep debt when they graduate. Even when they graduate, its hard for them to get a job in their field because... Once Again... They are competing with the rest of the world. So, now you have students with a degree with a huge loan looming over their shoulders. Now, it's difficult for the student to get a house or a car. Heck, its hard to rent some apartments! This is what many people would call getting f*cked. After 2 and a half years of college, I couldn't afford it anymore. Tuition went up twice on me and I simply couldn't afford to stay. Not only that, I worked full time to maintain my living. Needless to say, it was difficult. However, I don't expect Baby Boomers to understand. My gf's parents are just as clueless: I lost my car due to economic woes. So, it became increasingly difficult to go to work and etc. My gf wanted to catch a few rides to work from her parents. I mean, they are her parents, so what harm come could come out of it? This is what her and I assumed. However, her mother made a big stink about why she couldn't get her own car and etc. Well, we obviously couldn't afford one right away. Another thing is that her parents promised her a car as a college graduation gift and never came through. My gf's parents are also those types of people who believe getting a job anywhere is easy. However, for a person, such as myself, who is overqualified for many of the jobs in my area, it's really not. My grandmother is the same way, but that really doesn't say much. Or maybe it does. Baby Boomers had it easy back in the day when all they had to do was look at pretty colors and get high. Nowadays, that's just not possible. They really only think about themselves and are completely uncaring about what's going on around them. Now, Baby Boomers are fussing and ranting about their Social Security and IRAs or 401ks. They're only worried about how they're going to retire and couldn't give two flooks about the younger generation. Heck, its the younger generation that's going to be stuck with a huge debt that the Baby Boomers placed on our shoulders. It's the younger generation that has to compete with the rest of the world for good paying American jobs. It's the younger generation that has to undo the uncaring and unrelenting social and political burdens irresponsibly placed on us from the generation before. Ugh!
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What's Killing the Video-Game Business?

What's Killing the Video-Game Business?

Hint: It's not the economy.

Like pretty much every industry these days, video-game publishing is in some financial trouble. Electronic Arts, the world's largest game publisher, best known for Madden and the Sims, lost $641 million in 2008's fourth quarter. Activision-Blizzard, owners of the cash cows World of Warcraft and Call of Duty, reported losses of $72 million in the fourth quarter of 2008. (They lost $194 million the quarter before that.) THQ, the third-largest publisher in the United States, and known for lucrative licenses ranging from the Ultimate Fighting Championship to Pixar, had $192 million in losses over the holidays and is laying off 24 percent of its work force.

News of development-studio closings and layoffs are being reported around the world. And while publishers focus on internal cuts, many independent developers have closed outright. Such gloom, in a normally raucous industry, has set the talking heads, bloggers, and trade press to a quick conclusion: Losses and layoffs are the direct result of an economic crisis (on the premise that "things are tough all over").

But that idea, which makes intuitive sense, is completely at odds with recent sales numbers. In reality, video games are selling better than ever. The retailer GameStop announced sales of nearly $3 billion worth of games, hardware, and accessories during the nine weeks around the 2008 holidays—22 percent more than during Christmas 2007.

According to the research firm Media Control GfK, game software accounted for more than half of global packaged entertainment sales in 2008, beating DVD sales for the first time. The firm pegs game sales at $32 billion worldwide. (The U.S. market accounts for around 45 percent of the world total.) The NPD Group, which tracks sales for the industry, also reports that game software sales were up 26 percent in 2008.

So how can publishers lose money amid such incredible sales and record growth? The answer is simple: They're spending more than they're bringing in. Game development budgets have ballooned, and publishers are reeling because they can't keep the costs under control.

Games weren't always expensive to make: In the early days, a boy with an Apple II could rule the world. While there are still scads of cheaply made games on the market, all of today's big publishers employ hundreds of professional developers per game. These projects take years to complete, as each new generation of hardware allows for unprecedented advances in graphics, sound, and everything else. The greater the complexity of the game, the larger the development team. The larger the development team, the bigger the budget.

While industry leaders anticipated that budgets would creep higher, the shift to high-definition gaming with Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 has proved to be more expensive than estimated. At a conference in the spring of 2006, then-Midway developer Cyrus Lum sounded the warning, telling his audience that game development budgets could rise as high as $15 million to $25 million for a single title—previously unheard-of averages. "We need to rethink how we're financing games," Lum concluded.

When a newspaper quoted this frightening view, Lum found himself in hot water with his employer for making such sensationalist comments. It turned out that Lum's prediction was too low: Midway would go on to spend between $40 million and $50 million developing This Is Vegas, an action title set for release in late 2009.

That figure is not unusual. Budgets for next-generation development have continued to rise steadily across the board. And while executives and technologists knew that there would be heavy initial investment costs to retool—Electronic Arts spent a record $372 million on research and development during 2008's third quarter—they expected returns on that investment, something that's so far failed to materialize.

Production difficulties and product delays continue a full 26 months after Sony's PlayStation 3 reached store shelves. When companies regularly spend $40 million to develop a title and contribute more to the marketing, they need to sell at least 2 million units to break even. While Halo 3 racked up pre-orders of 1.7 million copies, and Gears of War 2 has sold more than 3 million units, only a handful of titles each year do that well. Consider that Will Wright's Spore, which sold 1 million copies in its first 17 days, was supposed to be a big hit for Electronic Arts; but the development cost was so high that that internal estimates now say it will take five years—and a bunch of sequels and expansions—for the company to recoup its initial costs.

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV, released last May, is the prime example of a blockbuster game. GTA IV sold 6 million copies during its first week, bringing in $500 million. True to form, it cost Rockstar $100 million to produce, 1,000 people worked on the project, and it took three-and-a-half years to complete. Six months later, sales began to founder—a major setback to a publisher that bet the farm on the title and predicted sales throughout 2009.

Despite GTA's declining returns, the initial sales numbers were so compelling that other companies are desperate to follow suit. During Electronic Arts' last quarterly call, CEO John Riccitiello explained that the company would be pursuing blockbuster hits as a primary revenue source. Perennially successful sports franchises like Madden—titles that always come out on time and on budget because the company's bottom line depends on it—have given EA a bit more wiggle room than its competitors. Riccitiello has decided to use that wiggle room to craft expensive games of exceptional quality, products that don't ship until they're deemed perfect.

The industry has long discussed going with this "Hollywood model," in which a few games/movies turn a profit, those hits more than covering the other losses. The analogy between the Hollywood blockbuster model and the games business falls apart, however, because of the huge difference in overhead costs. Electronic Arts steadily employs 7,400 developers. The industry standard is a $10,000 man-month, meaning the company burns through more than $74 million for development each month. The big Hollywood studios, by contrast, make movies by giving money to temporary production companies, which then hire temporary crews with one-project contracts. The temporary entity will make the film from start to finish. And once production is complete, the studio receives a finished product that it can distribute to theaters—without the continued overhead expenses that game publishers often face.

Companies like EA and Activision are two kinds of businesses at once, making games themselves while publishing the work of other developers. It was a natural evolution: Publishers built distribution and marketing networks for themselves, grew successful, and found that they could use that same pipeline to sell somebody else's games. Though publishers rake in more profits when they own the titles they're releasing, working with outside firms enables them to put out more games.

Of the 48 titles EA released last quarter, eight were from other developers—mostly in the Rock Band series—while 40 were developed internally. If a publisher is looking to do blockbusters, that figure needs to be reversed. Using an external production company means you don't have to bear the burden of overhead, and when the game inevitably slips and needs more time, it isn't a problem for the publicly traded publisher needing to meet a quarterly window. But, perversely, EA's Riccitiello has said the company plans to cut the number of titles it's developing, hoping that releasing fewer games with even more effort will generate more blockbusters. That means costs will rise above the $40 million mark, an extraordinary gamble.

It's unrealistic for a company that employs many thousands of developers to abandon internal production immediately. In the short term, Electronic Arts should consider copying the old Hollywood "studio system." During the Great Depression, a movie could be made in two weeks—and people would go to see a new movie each week. EA could make games that cost less. How? Change the scale and scope of the world. Make the story shorter. Use lower-quality graphics. Recycle proven tools and technology.

Consider the case of Portal. The first-person puzzle game began as a student project before it was scooped up by Valve Software. Valve polished the game up and took it to EA, which distributed the game at retail as part of its "Orange Box" collection. As of two months ago, they'd sold 3 million copies. Electronic Arts, though, doesn't seem to have absorbed the lesson of this success story. EA doesn't need to find its own Grand Theft Auto—it needs to let 1,000 Portals bloom.

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Is downloading anime illegal?
 No, it's not! Downloading anime is NOT illegal unless you're in Japan or if the particular title is licensed in your territory.

Let us be reminded that a few years ago, an American anime company tried to claim that people were "pirating" anime by the thousands. Guess what happened. That company lost the case. The judge presiding over the court case said that the anime company didn't own the original licenses to the anime he was claiming were being pirated. The original licenses belonged to the Japanese companies. Considering that most Japanese companies are only worried about Japan, Americans downloading anime is a non-issue. So, those who are concerned, quit hurting your face over it.

I just revamped a few things on the affiliates section. Now its possible for people to add their own sites to the affiliates and possibly earn a few extra hits. Heck, why not? If you have an anime site you'd like to get some exposure, join my affiliates and reap in the benefits! 
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Where is HD Anime going?
That's the major question on my mind. Will people accept it or will they reject it? Ha!

The answer is obvious! People absolutely love HD Anime. So, where does that leave us?

Crunchyroll.... They're offering HD anime... For a fee. This is bad. Sure, they can legally show Naruto, but for it to cost money is sucky. Why pay money for something you can see for free on Cartoon Network? Well, yes Cartoon Network is far far behind the Japanese. But don't let those small details ruin your cake. Understand that the manga is even FURTHER. Manga FTW!

Well, we'll see how well that goes. Crunchyroll is insanely popular and completely dwarfs my site in its sheer number of members. However, eventually, I will defeat them with the sword of LOVE. DO NOT BE FOOLED! The sword of love can KILL. It kills mercilessly and then talks about your mother when it's done. It's vicious!

Well, looks like I'm going to be looking for more anime series. Yumi has been a good girl and has been encoding everything set on her plate. However, she's been acting weird by skipping stuff... But at least she goes back and finishes the job. I'm talking about the Yumi bot of course. She's a bot that works invisibly on the site and fixes things. Right now, she/it works on encoding videos that are in queue. It makes it so much simpler for Apache to offload some resources. 

So, which anime will I look to? I dunno. I sure could use a few helpers *Hint Hint*. Ah, well. I suppose I'm asking for a miracle.
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Street Fighter IV
 Alright. So, Street Fighter IV will be released in a few more days. Anyone out there excited? I know a few people who are. However, this game is only on the X360 and the PS3. It's not even on the Wii; nor does it show signs of coming to the Wii. 

Capcom, what the heck is wrong with you?!

Capcom must have retards working in their sales and marketing department. This would be the 3rd retarded move they've made in the last few months! First, it was not bringing Tatsunoko vs. Capcom over to the States. The game already was doing poorly in Japan. So, why not try to gain some extra cash by bringing it here? The 2nd time was when they decided not to bring the Monster Hunter 3 demo here. WHY NOT CAPCOM??? If you want the Americans to like your game, why not show them what it is first? Thirdly, not porting SF4 to the console with the most sales. There's hardly anything in SF4 that couldn't be ported to the Wii using the Tatsunoko vs. Capcom engine. It's like they hate money. Capcom can't blame it on the falling dollar. Sure, the American dollar is falling, but its still above the yen (last I checked). The Japanese have been in a recession for yeeeaaaarrrrsss. Why not stop making games for the Japanese if the falling dollar is your excuse, Capcom? "Oh!" Says Capcom. "We are a Japanese company, so it's our responsibility to SHOOT ourselves in the foot by creating yet another Japan-only hentai dating sim." GIVE ME A BREAK, CAPCOM!! Do 3rd parties honestly hate Nintendo so much that they will disembowel themselves before they ever release a game on the Wii? Really? Well, I say they should all just perform the ancient samurai suicide ritual right now and kill themselves. That way, the ones that attempt it and somehow live through it (if organ failure or bleeding profusely doesn't kill them) they'll realize how hard the gaming community is laughing at their stupidity. Heck, we are ALREADY laughing at Tecmo for being flaming idiots by not trying hard enough to keep Team Ninja. Team Ninja WAS Tecmo, but Tecmo didn't realize it until THE WHOLE ENTIRE TEAM LEFT. Now, they're on the verge of getting bought up by a bigger company because they're losing a ton of money. Did Tecmo even release a single Wii game? Of course not! Other third parties see this and, just like a Lemming, follow blindly to their own stupid deaths. Kinda reminds me of Sega. Sega, since the Genesis, had been making stupid business decisions one after another: First: The 32X Second: The Sega CD Third: Not releasing the Sega Neptune instead of the 32X Fourth: Going bankrupt after releasing their best system ever (Dreamcast) HOW DO YOU DO THAT SEGA?! HOW?!?!?! Fifth: Releasing crappy Sonic games to the wrong demographic instead of releasing them on the Gamecube where they would have actually SOLD! Sixth: Releasing Virtual Fighter 4 around the same time as Tekken 4 (A PS2 Exclusive)... AND THEN MAKING IT A PS2 EXCLUSIVE!! Seventh: Getting bought out by Sammy. Sammy only bought you, Sega, because they loved you. Despite how many times we got burned by your stupid decision, we loved you too. Finally: Still releasing crap Sonic games! Just give us a regular 2D Sonic game! QUIT TRYING TO FIX SOMETHING THAT ISN'T ALREADY BROKEN!! Don't give Sonic a sword, don't make him transform, don't send him to the future, don't send him to the past, don't put him in a story book, don't give him a skateboard, don't give him a gun, don't give him a genie, don't give him bullet time and DON'T GIVE HIM ANY MORE FRIENDS!! He's got a enough of them!! Just give us a 2D Sonic with a spin attack... And if you absolutely have to... Give us Tails, BUT THAT'S IT!! In other news... Yes, Ultra Edge is (still) one of the very few (if not only) HD Anime Streaming websites on the entire INTERNETS... It's probably the only one that allows other users to upload their anime content. Why is that? No one thought about doing this? I can't possibly be the only one! It's been a year now and I have yet to see any serious websites doing what I'm doing. I've seen maybe two, but they're completely dead. Meanwhile, you have HD anime being released all over the place! People killing each other trying to find a good high quality stream. Meanwhile, you have these second rate anime sites still linking to Youtube and Veoh. Oh, and Megavideo, which by the way, CHARGES MONEY TO WATCH THEIR CRAPPY QUALITY VIDEOS!! A fellow poster in the message forum brought this to my attention and even wondered why I didn't get much traffic here yet. I sat there and scratched my head wondering the same thing. Of course, the obvious conclusion could be because not too many people actually KNOW about Ultra Edge. Of course, promoting UE isn't exactly cheap either. I have an idea... How about you people (Yes, that would be you who are reading this) tell a friend or neighbor about Ultra Edge. Ya know, just go up to them and say something like: "Hey, mang. Go to Ultra Edge. They're awesome!" I'm sure they'll say, "Sure, dude. Where at?" Then you can say, "Heck, I don't know. Google it!" That will only take up 2 seconds of your time. Don't hog Ultra Edge to yourself!! Share it! Didn't your kindergarten teacher teach you how to share? Didn't you parents teach you to share your animal crackers with your siblings? You better share those crackers! Share Ultra Edge!
Posted on 02/14/2009 08:18 pm


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Back in the days
Back in the days, I didn't have a computer (duh?!). Well, I did, but streaming anime back then was a pain. So, I had to watch anime on cable television. It was always a rare moment to catch anime on cable back then. Cartoon Network existed, but Toonami didn't. So, I had to rely on the Action Channel and the Sci-Fi channel for anime. Oddly, even those were censored (thanks American dubbing companies!). 

Nowadays, its easy to watch anime. It gets even more easy as anime gets more popular and popular. HD anime is starting to show up. What was an odd commodity is now easy to watch; in 1080p even.

I suppose this website was built to reflect my inner desire for easily accessible anime. There's no other anime websites designed for anime streaming beside the ones that link to the major video streaming networks. However, they don't even control the videos they link to, so it feels kinda cheap.

Actually, I did come across some HD anime streaming sites. 2 actually. They're pretty cool, but their admins seem to be... missing... One of them wanted to affiliate with me, but after sending an email agreeing with the affiliation, he mysteriously vanished. I can only assume that the person... I dunno... Died.

No, I don't think it's too much to assume the person has died. People die everyday. When people on the Internet die, they don't have some huge sermon or fancy outro. They just disappear and you never hear from them again. Reminds me of Ian Kim... He just vanished too... Oh, Ian Kim is (or was) the creator of Emiko Genesis. That was a very long time ago. His mangas sucked (story wise), but his art was pretty good!

Eventually I'm going to make money on this site. However, until that happens, I'm just sitting here trying to make a living. I suppose in order to make money on a site, you first have to invest a little money. Eventually I will do that once I get some. However, money isn't easy to come by nowadays.

Posted on 02/11/2009 05:40 pm


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The Yumi Bot
Muahahahaha! I finally finished it! I've been putting it off and putting it off. However, I finally finished it!

What am I talking about?

The Yumi Bot! A program I designed using C# and mono. It's a little program I developed to handle the queuing of videos set to be published. Before, the server used to do multiple encoding instances concurrently; meaning that each user could encode two videos at one time. If there were 10 people encoding, then they could have 20 videos encoding all at once. That would downright kill the server. Not to mention, the videos would take all day to encode. So, I introduced a queuing system that allows the server to encode one video at a time. 

I increased the number of videos a person can "encode". I say this loosely because they'd actually be queuing their videos until the Yumi bot gets around to them.

In the future, she'll be doing other things such as maintaining music on the Ultra Edge radio and cleaning up the very messy messy database.

Posted on 02/10/2009 08:57 pm


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Article Rapage!
Hello and welcome to the first Article Rapage! What is Article Rapage? It's when I quote an article and TARE IT APART!! I rip off its arms and legs and finally its head in a bloody feast of guts and glory! Be dazzled as I comment on some stupid articles and make the journalists look utterly STUPID! For FREE!! No need to pay me.... Unless you want to.

Without further adieu... 

What Does EA's Wii Strategy Mean for Gaming?
URL: It took a global economic recession and sales in excess of 40 million units, before game publisher Electronic Arts sat up and paid attention to the Wii. But last week, during the company’s quarterly earnings conference, CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that developing for the Wii had become a major priority for his company. The publisher announced that it would bring a motion-controlled port of its popular survival-horror game Dead Space to the Nintendo console later in 2009. Riccitiello added that this would be the first of many new EA projects that would seek to bring a more “Core” experience to the family-friendly console. Why has it taken so long for large publishers like EA to recognize the potential to profit from high-quality releases on the most popular current-gen video game console? What does this move mean for the future of EA and console gaming in general? Good question! WHAT TOOK THEM SO FREAKING LONG?! This just proves that most 3rd party developers are blind fanboys who'd be prepared to go BANKRUPT before they make a game for a system they don't like. Heck, take a look at some of these 3rd party developers. EA was one out of many who have been reporting huge loses. This just proves that they're stupid. The Wii outsold the X360 a year and a half ago. You'd think they'd notice something then. Oh, but of course not! That just makes too much sense! They still put off the Wii as a kid's console that just happens to get grandpa and grandma on board. Now that the Wii has sold twice as many Wiis as there are X360s, they're starting to see the light. Oh, but that's not the only thing they saw. THEY SAW A HUGE FREAKING HOLE IN THEIR POCKETS! "Oh snap!" Said one of the executives at EA. "We're losing crazy money! W-Why?? What the hell's going on? I thought the world loved our messed up and retarded games?" "Well, sir..." Said the low-lacky making minimum wage. "HD games actually cost... umm... MONEY! It's due to the fact that people are spending less, thanks to the recession. Specifically, they are buying fewer copies of Madden, sir." "People love sports!" The executive retard iterated. "Don't they?" Trying to be as polite as possible, the lacky said, "Y-yes, of course they do, sir. It's just that nowadays, people are trying to conserve money and avoid buying the same old game over and over and over -- beside the fact that the roster is updated and nothing else." Porting cross-platform games to the Wii is nothing new, even for EA. Last year, for example, it brought out a Wii version of its mediocre racing title, Need for Speed: Undercover. The game featured buggy controls, horribly outdated graphics (even by Wii standards) and utterly forgettable gameplay. It was, as many have already pointed out, par for the course in terms of third-party quality on the Wii. However, something about John Riccitiello's conference statements last week make us believe that EA is serious about changing its approach. We have no doubt that a big part of EA’s new strategy means directing greater resources and quality control towards its Wii projects. Gone, we think, are the days of substandard ports. I honestly don't know why the journalist felt the need to bash NFS so harshly. The point isn't that NFS has began to suck harder and harder as time progressed. The point is EA is releasing crap and thinking that the Wii is just some cash cow that they can release anything on. EA isn't the only company guilty of this. What is the reason for this sudden turnaround? The Wii has fought on multiple fronts to garner developer support, even as it continues to break new sales records. First, it suffered from the stigma that it was a console designed for young children, a notion that carried over from the Gamecube era and has not been helped by the library of kid-friendly games. Executives undoubtedly worried that mature titles like Dead Space would fail to find an audience on the Nintendo console. Secondly, Nintendo itself has been a hindrance to third-party development on the console, up until recently. The first party games that it publishes are of such high quality, and attract such a fervent following, that it leaves little room for other developers to compete. The top-five best selling games for the Nintendo Wii are all games made by Nintendo. Ok, I have a problem with what this journalist is saying. First off, only the fanboys are calling Nintendo "t3h k1dd13!" I dunno why this "kid" image stuck with these fanboys. The greatest systems of all time, the NES and the SNES, weren't considered "for kids" even though the games were, for the most part, designed for children. So, what's the sudden change after the N64 era? It's stupid. Secondly, how can you blame Nintendo with a lame reason as, "Their games just rock too hard"? WHAT KIND OF REASON IS THAT? It had nothing to do with Nintendo's quality at all. Nintendo has always had high quality games since the NES. It had all to do with third parties releasing GARBAGE on the Wii. 3rd parties got too cocky thinking that anything and everything would sell on the Wii. After the crap didn't sell, they'd whine and complain that Nintendo's games are overshadowing theirs. That's BS! Recently, however, Nintendo has left a wide a gap in the software lineup for 2009. At last year’s EA, fans complained that Nintendo had little coming down the pipeline to satisfy the so-called “hardcore” fans. These might be the same “core” gamers that EA hopes to attract with its new lineup of higher-quality Wii games. Furthermore, the economic recession has had a tremendous impact on the HD gaming market. Amidst studio closures and massive layoffs, few companies can afford to devote the massive resources required to create fully HD games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The reason is because assets like graphics and sound are more expensive to produce when they need to be near-Hollywood quality. Wii game development is closer in cost to last-generation titles, and this has to look attractive to companies like EA who are seeking to reduce costs. It's not Nintendo's responsibility to provide every game for the "hardcore" audience. Nintendo has never done that, so why should they suddenly do it now? It's as if these people forget that 3rd parties exist. Why don't these same "hardcore" fans expect the same from Microsoft and Sony? It's stupid. EA and several of these idiot 3rd parties felt the pain a LONG time ago. It's only until recently they're starting to realize that they're bleeding and bleeding badly. Anyone with half a brain could see that the Wii was selling like hotcakes. Some of these idiot 3rd party developers refused to do research and see which games sold well and which didn't. They all assumed that their games had to be casual. In the end, the market got flooded with crap and they lost. On top of that, these same 3rd parties would invest million and millions of dollars into HD games that never had decent returns. Some of the games that did have decent returns were outsold by MARIO KART WII! Yes, that's right. Mario Kart Wii outsold Grand Theft Auto 4 for the year 2008. I bet you Mario Kart didn't cost nearly as much as it did for GTA4 to be developed. Not only that, but Mario Kart Wii is a "core" game. The same with Super Smash Brothers Brawl. That game outsold some big budget games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4. What's their excuse? Nintendo's games just rock too hard... What does this all mean for us gamers? The good news for Wii owners is that they can soon expect a wider variety of better games for their system, as third-party developers really start to get serious about the console. Games like MadWorld and Dead Space will open the door for more mature, even “M” rated games on the machine. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Rockstar project announced on the Wii very soon. All I can say is that it's about TIME! It shouldn't take a 40 million unit lead and a global economic recession to tell these idiot 3rd party developers and publishers that the Wii is serious business. You don't play around with numbers like that. Developing crap games or not developing games on the Wii at all is just as bad as having sex with a total stranger with no condom. There are risks! The bad news for HD gamers is that the recession is taking its toll on many smaller companies that may have been working on games you wanted to play. We recently found out about the cancellation of the HD Indiana Jones game by LucasArts (and its new status as a Wii/PSP project). Turok 2 was also recently canned. HA HA HA HA! Good! Wanna know something? The first 3rd party to feel the pain has got to be FACTOR 5. They were complete graphics whores and were always seen selling their souls to the highest bidder. Anyone remember when Julian Eggebrecht claimed that Sony was first to come out with motion controls? Everyone knew it was total BS, however, because he was paid by Sony, he was obligated to LIE. Now look at them. They're nearly gone if not completely gone already. Their first HD game, Lair, was utter garbage. These are the same 3rd parties developing games such as Indiana Jones and Turok 2. They just want to make pretty games. They don't care if they suck or not. On top of that, they release garbage on the Wii... So, they just release garbage all the time trying to score a quick profit... Then they all die off like moths to the HD fire. Look for more publishers to follow EA’s lead in the coming months, as the Wii lives up to its sales numbers and really does take its place as a lead platform this console generation. Too late! The Wii was console leader the moment it outsold the X360 in the US. This was despite of Microsoft's 1 year head start. I'm not even an analyst and I could see what was going on a mile away. Then again, analyst are usually always wrong anyway.
Posted on 02/09/2009 10:23 am


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Linux vs. Windows
So, who is better? Linux is. Plain and simple.

Whoa whoa now! Why is it better, you ask? Before I talk about that, I'll explain a few things first.


This server runs on Linux. However, based on what it does, it doesn't automatically make it better, of course.

Majority of computer users on Windows are n00bs. Now, before you say the majority of Linux users are nerds, understand that the majority of Mac users are also computer savvy. However, even still, that doesn't make Linux better.

Linux is better because of several reasons:

1) Free. Its free as in speech and beer. Most Windows advocates will bring in the 3 letter abbreviation (TCO). However, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is nothing more but FUD created my Microsoft to confuse people. Those people bring up the cost of how much it would be to train people on the new OS and the cost it would be to hire IT staff that are knowledgeable about the OS. They also bring up software maintenance and customer support. However, what they neglect to tell you is what you're paying on the other end. They claim that Windows is easier for people to use, thus its saves time on maintenance and setup. However, when a Windows PC gets a virus, the amount of time it takes to bring the system back up costs money. Also, when updates are done, it takes time to test them and redistribute those updates. Also, Windows machines need a reboot after the updates are installed, which causes down time... Down time equals lost money. Also, lets not forget licensing costs per unit as well as licensing costs per software per Windows license. The price adds up. This is in light of everything else such as OS support which is more expensive than whats available on Linux.

2) Virtually virus free. I say virtually, because it does have a few viruses. However, the viruses are very few in number and are very hard to get. Many of them are incompatible to different distros (versions of Linux). Not only that, the viruses, if ever contracted, do very little damage to the system unless ran as root. So, that makes it even harder for anyone to consider the viruses actual threats. Now, we look at Windows, viruses are all over the place and the damage they do are typically system wide (because users are typically setup as administrator). Some viruses are super difficult to remove! Antivirus 2009 is a good example of a really hard virus to remove without downloading 3rd party tools to remove it. Plus, the severity of a virus can also depend on how badly it spreads. There are no known viruses that can spread on Linux. This, in and of itself, speaks volumes on Linux's system security.

3) It's more secure. Linux was designed from the ground up to be more secure. By default, users do not run as administrators which have system-wide powers. Everything is ran in a sandbox to prevent damage to other parts of the system. This is why viruses have very little effect on Linux. Also, Linux is much much harder to hack because of the way it's designed. Linux already assumes that individual programs can be hacked by remote hackers. However the case, Linux runs those programs with basic user rights so the hacker can only do as much damage as allowed by that individual program. So, even if a program is hacked, it cannot cause system-wide damages.

4) It's open source. That means the source code, or the guts that make it run, are open to the public. So anyone can look at the code and find bugs and make fixes for them. Since so many eyes are looking at the code, bugs and security vulnerabilities are found at a much faster rate. Many times when there are vulnerabilities, they are fixed within the same day or within hours of the vulnerability being found. Windows, on the other hand, only fixes such things once a month or sometimes even longer. So, a known vulnerability can go unfixed for months or even longer; which can give hackers the opportunity to take advantage of them and seriously causes havoc.

5) It's more stable. Stability is important for an OS. An unstable OS leads to crashes and reboots. Stability is especially important for servers and companies who rely on them. Its also one of the major reasons I run Linux for my webserver. You'll hear about servers that have been running without a single reboot for years at a time. Windows record uptimes can only be measured in months. 5 months is usually the max for a Windows server. 

All these reasons may not seem to be overly important to you or to any other n00b. Many Windows users are worried about games. Games is a huge factor and game developers have to seriously start supporting Linux in the future. This is one thing I cannot argue. However, as for everything else, Linux has Windows beaten; even in ease of use. 

That's right, you heard me! Linux is easier to use. There are many different subjects I can debate, but programs appear more streamlined in Linux as opposed to Windows. People can argue that Windows is easier, but they can only say that because they're used to it. However, if you take a completely computer n00b and sit them in front of both Linux and Windows, they may not be able to tell the difference. However, usually, Linux would be the pick since applications are right in front of their faces. No need to click Start --> Programs --> . Install and uninstalling programs are very easy through package managers. No need to hunt the Internet for specific and questionable exe files. 

Well, what do you guys think?
Posted on 02/03/2009 09:37 am


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The rules of horror movies
  Ok, I've watched my fair share of horror movies. I will admit that I'm not a crazy fan of them like someone I know. However, I've seen enough to figure out what one would need to do to avoid death.

How to avoid death in horror movies!

1) Don't trip! If you trip, you're dead! So, in other words, pick up your feet when you run. Also, don't look behind yourself when running. LOOK at where you're running. Otherwise you may run into a tree, or trip over a branch or a rock, or maybe even run into the KILLER itself! 2) You hear a noise or see something strange? Don't investigate it! Everyone who has done that DIED horrible deaths. Typically, the noises or weird things happen in dark areas. The moment you hear or see something strange, RUN THE OTHER WAY! 3) Stay outdoors and away from forested areas. Killers/Monsters/Demons/Spirits/Etc. love it when they have their pray cornered. Houses are the easiest places for these things to kill you in. They're convenient, closed in and strangely sound proof (your neighbor won't ever hear a peep). Forested areas are typically death traps in horror movies. There's always something to trip over. Not only that, when you scream, no one will hear. Not even the animals, because animals appear to know what's going on. They'll never appear when monsters are chasing YOU! 4) Stay out in the open and with several people. No 5 people aren't enough. You need at least 10 - 20 people or more. Monsters and killers tend to go through 5 people as if they were little kids in a sand box. 10 people aren't so easy. Plus, if you're out in the open, it's easier to spot the killer. 5) Stay away from blonde girls. They typically get themselves and other people killed! They're the dumbest form of humans in any horror movie. A good witch could be telling her how to stop a curse or how to prevent the deaths of all of her friends, but the dumb blonde will NEVER listen, and thus her and all her friends will die. So, stay away from them! They're dangerous! 6) NEVER attack the killer/monster. You'd just be wasting your time. They're very good at killing and are sometimes immune to death. You're better off running and never stopping. 7) Don't try to bargain with the killer/monster. They only have one thing on the mind and that's killing YOU! You can't reason with something like that. Like I said earlier: you're better off running and never stopping. 8) Just because you don't see the monster/killer, doesn't mean you out ran it! They can ALL teleport! The moment you look back, they'll be in front of you ready to take off your head. Never assume you lost them and always run into heavily crowded areas. Killers have a hard time killing you when other people are involved (unless they just don't give a f*ck, then you're screwed). 9) Most monsters/killers/etc. have rules they have to follow. Learn those rules so you can stay alive. Also, there will always be a sign of something to come. Usually, dead animals (or lack of animals [no birds flying]), odd smells or something. That's how you know something will happen. Its usually always related to a rule the monster/killer/etc. has to follow. For example, they can only attack you in your dreams, or they only come out at night, or they target stupid blondes... Something! 10) SHOOT IT IN THE HEAD! I often find that people fail to do that when attacking monsters and killers. Spirits are a different story, but killers and monsters usually ALWAYS have heads! Shoot the head! Also, never assume its dead until you cut the head completely off. Even if you unload a clip of bullets into the monster/killer/etc.'s head, it's no indication that they're dead. Assume its still alive!
Posted on 02/02/2009 10:45 pm


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