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- 4 decades ago

Ultra Edge's purpose...
 What's the real reason Ultra Edge exists? Was Ultra Edge designed to be a repository of anime for those around the world? No.

Ultra Edge was initially designed as my personal repository for anime intros. It has grown thus far. Now, it's more of a personal anime archive for me. I download a lot of anime. Usually what I do when I'm done watching is keep it archived somewhere on my PC. I very rarely ever re-watch my anime. After my HDD fills up, I delete the anime I care less about and download more.

Way back when I was really into IRC downloading (before torrents), I used to idle in very popular anime channels and share anime through TDCC (downloading bot). After awhile, torrents became the new rule and I slowly weeded away from IRC. However, at that time, I had no way to share the anime I had (except seeding, which I didn't like [yes I'm a leech on bittorrent]). I even sponsored an anime dump which is a server filled with anime. That dump didn't last too long. It was also harder to maintain.

One day, after designing Bluespotlight (a website my friend and I tried to build), I decided to make my own. Ultra Edge was its name. After the site was built, I realized that I could use the website as a way to personalize my large stash of anime. Sure, it would be helpful if others uploaded. However, it would be more helpful to me; as I'd have an easier way to archive and categorize all the anime I have.

As of right now, I have nearly half a terabyte of anime on this server. It's steadily increasing. Plus, it makes it easier for me to find individual episodes of anime without having to browse a large folder of anime. On top of that, I can easily share the anime I have with anybody I want.

I still have a lot of anime to upload. So far, I've only uploaded half of what I have. Eventually I'll get to the other half. Eventually!

So, what is Ultra Edge now? It's an anime video and wallpaper repository. Soon, it'll be the largest. There's no other site out there quite like this one. Soon, I'll include manga downloads which will definitely make it a full-fledge repository. We'll see what the future holds. 
Posted on 03/17/2009 01:53 am


Glenda :
Great Site. Use

Paolo :
Give please. La

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