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- 4 decades ago

Suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome
The intent of this blog is to relay a personality to its readers. Some blogs out there are only designed to give news. Others are designed to give opinions on specific subjects. However, my blog is designed to simply relay the creator's personality to its audience.

So, don't be surprised if you see issues that deal with drama or just plain wackiness. That is basically the point. Professionalism is only good for those who are suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. Heck, it's a part of Ultra Edge's mission statement. That mission is to be as human as possible. To show that, one would need to point out issues with not only the world, but with his/her self.

Majority of the people out there are either middle-class or poor. The rich take up a small portion of the world's population. So, my target audience is to those people. Those people don't suffer from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. They mostly have a good sense of reality in their bones. However, there are some that do not.

Corporations as a whole suffer from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome. Here's an example.

Average Person:
"I'm gonna shove my foot up your ass!"

"I'm going to cause you physical harm!"

Average Corporation:
"We here at conglomerate A are proud of our high quality products and commitment to serve. Our strive for excellence has provided our customers with high quality products at affordable prices for over 30 years. 

We aim for the best turn around in our business endeavors. However, we regret to announce our partnership with conglomerate B has split. We will be foregoing our business marketing in other hopeful directions. 

Conglomerate B has partaken in our business strategies for over 5 years with the equal amount of dedication to our customers and business ethic. We hope to continue a successful and friendly relationship some time in the near future."

"F*ck you, conglomerate B! F*ck you and your momma in the ass!!"

Of course, this wouldn't classify them as out of touch, but this is how out of touch people speak. They don't talk like us humans.

I say corporations are out of touch because they make decisions that work against the very people that make them work. For example: Businesses that outsource work because it's cheaper. It never occurs them that they're employing slave labor. Also, many of these companies that do never make their products cheaper. Lord and Taylor is a good example of this. They sell clothing for hundreds of dollars. I saw a regular thin jacket for $999.99. I'm not kidding! Guess where it was made? Thailand.

Another example would be Microsoft. They build software and release it according to their stock holders and not their customers. Customers constantly beg Microsoft to release bug-free software and to give their products time to mature before they release them. What ends up happening is Microsoft rushes their products and they all end up low-grade. The Xbox 360 is a wonderful example of this as well. They rushed that system just to compete against Sony. What ended up happening was a hardware defect that causes Red Rings of Death on ALL their machines. They have yet to fix the issue. Why? Because they don't care.

Other video game companies are guilty of this as well. Nintendo isn't innocent either. Nintendo released Metroid Prime for the Wii with the new controls in Japan before they will in the US. The Japanese hate Metroid and always have. Why release it there first when the Americans absolutely love it?

So, for those who are out there, be careful. If you find yourself suffering from Out-Of-Touch Syndrome, read my blog to cure yourself!

Posted on 03/11/2009 07:33 pm


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