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- 4 decades ago

I tell ya... Some websites just...
  I dunno... I usually read the headlines for Daily Tech every day. I try to keep up to date on my technology. I read Digg, SlashDot, Daily Tech, PCStats, Tom's Hardware and a few others on the daily basis for my news.

However, Daily Tech simply astounds me on how fanboyish their readers are. They are mostly all hardcore, foaming at the mouth Microsoft fanboys. It's insane. They defend Microsoft no matter what they do. Microsoft could kill a nun and they'd blame the nun for it! They'd say, "Oh, well, she shouldn't have been in the way when she saw Microsoft's eye twitch."

I was reading Daily Tech and one of the articles mentioned something about a senator being disappointed with Microsoft's response to laying off H1-B visa workers before American workers. Of course, Microsoft said they will make decisions based on work and performance. Sounds OK until after you learn of what Microsoft's true intentions are. First of all, Microsoft is a big advocate for H1-B workers. Everyone knows this. When Microsoft was reported to have laid off several thousand workers, they were all American workers. They didn't lay off a single H1-B worker. Now, it's to my understanding that H1-Bs are for positions in which companies have a hard time finding American workers for. So, if that's the case, why lay off Americans over H1-B workers? Well, the answer is obvious. They're cheaper.

Of course, the fanboys at Daily Tech have a completely different view. They believe that H1-B workers are "harder working" and bring brains to an otherwise "brainless" country. No joke. Read this comment from Daily Tech that scored a 5/5 on the particular article:

I think this senator is really REALLY short-sighted. He is clearly doing this as a political maneuver to try and win seats for his next election as the idea 'sounds' good to his electorate I'm sure. A company like Microsoft needs the ability, however, to tap into the WORLDWIDE pool of talent, and needlessly limiting their capacity to do that only hurts American companies. As it stands right now, the H1B Visa process is absolutely ridiculous. Only 65,000 H1B Visas per year, that you can only apply for, ONCE per year. These applicants are extremely talented individuals, scientists, engineers, doctors, high-level consultants, etc who are usually at the top of their fields in their respective countries. It is a good portion of THESE people who have contributed to the BRAIN drain in their respective countries, and the BRAIN ESCALATION here in the United States. And its funny how people call them foreign, because unless you're a native american indian, your parents, or grandparents, and so-on ALSO CAME FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY looking for new opportunity! BTW, most H1B workers are paid the same or HIGHER wages than their American counterparts...
This guy is dead wrong. But not only that, he completely doesn't understand the purpose of hiring Americans over H1-B workers (who are only allowed to stay in the country if they are working for the particular company that has hired them under the visa). H1-B workers don't have full citizenship, so once they are let go, they go back to their respective countries. H1-B workers actually make much less than American counterparts; mostly due to H1-B fraud. Also, if you don't hire Americans for your work in America, then what would that say for your company? Let's put it like this. Lets say you (the reader) own an American company of over 1,000 employees. Let's also say the government allows an unlimited number of H1-B visas. So, you decide to take advantage of that and dedicate 70 - 80% of your work force to H1-B visas. You can argue that foreign workers are harder working and provide a higher quality of work at your business. These are all valid. This may all seem OK for you and your business, but what does it say about your image to other Americans? The quality of your product can be high, but your image will take a blow. It says a lot to the American public if you're hiring that many H1-B workers. It'll appear anti-American. It'll also give many Americans the idea that they have to compete for domestic jobs and therefore depress many of them. If the majority of American corporations were like that, it'll cause uncertainty in the market due to the fact that Americans will get a false sense of not being able to acquire good paying jobs in their field. After awhile, the market would crash. Lets try a more realistic approach. Lets say the government restricted H1-B visas from 65,000 a year to 20,000. Your company fills all 20,000 visas within a month (which is quite common). A downturn appears and your company is forced to make a few cuts. So, you lay off several thousand American employees but keep all 20,000 of your H1-B workers. What do you think most Americans would think of your company then? Doing such a move can hurt your company's image. Bottom line is: not hiring Americans can drastically effect the economy. The American consumer is the driving force to the American economy. If you stop hiring Americans, then less and less of them buy products from your or any business. When that happens, companies make less money. Companies make less money and they lay off more people and it turns into a continuous downward spiral. Eventually, you'll be stuck with what we have now; an economic disaster. You can hire all the H1-B workers you want. However, once you're forced to let them go, they go back to their country and cannot contribute any more to the American economy. Therefore, we all lose. Not only that, but America is losing its presence in the world. We only manufacture cars (for the most part). Once that's gone, there's really nothing that America would be producing to earn money. That, in and of itself, leads to an economic issue. At that point, we'd be importing more than we're exporting and it'll be harder for the American dollar to keep its dominance.
Posted on 03/05/2009 01:09 pm


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