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- 4 decades ago

Where is HD Anime going?
That's the major question on my mind. Will people accept it or will they reject it? Ha!

The answer is obvious! People absolutely love HD Anime. So, where does that leave us?

Crunchyroll.... They're offering HD anime... For a fee. This is bad. Sure, they can legally show Naruto, but for it to cost money is sucky. Why pay money for something you can see for free on Cartoon Network? Well, yes Cartoon Network is far far behind the Japanese. But don't let those small details ruin your cake. Understand that the manga is even FURTHER. Manga FTW!

Well, we'll see how well that goes. Crunchyroll is insanely popular and completely dwarfs my site in its sheer number of members. However, eventually, I will defeat them with the sword of LOVE. DO NOT BE FOOLED! The sword of love can KILL. It kills mercilessly and then talks about your mother when it's done. It's vicious!

Well, looks like I'm going to be looking for more anime series. Yumi has been a good girl and has been encoding everything set on her plate. However, she's been acting weird by skipping stuff... But at least she goes back and finishes the job. I'm talking about the Yumi bot of course. She's a bot that works invisibly on the site and fixes things. Right now, she/it works on encoding videos that are in queue. It makes it so much simpler for Apache to offload some resources. 

So, which anime will I look to? I dunno. I sure could use a few helpers *Hint Hint*. Ah, well. I suppose I'm asking for a miracle.
Posted on 02/15/2009 05:40 pm


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wdef :
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