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- 4 decades ago

Article Rapage!
Hello and welcome to the first Article Rapage! What is Article Rapage? It's when I quote an article and TARE IT APART!! I rip off its arms and legs and finally its head in a bloody feast of guts and glory! Be dazzled as I comment on some stupid articles and make the journalists look utterly STUPID! For FREE!! No need to pay me.... Unless you want to.

Without further adieu... 

What Does EA's Wii Strategy Mean for Gaming?
URL: It took a global economic recession and sales in excess of 40 million units, before game publisher Electronic Arts sat up and paid attention to the Wii. But last week, during the company’s quarterly earnings conference, CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that developing for the Wii had become a major priority for his company. The publisher announced that it would bring a motion-controlled port of its popular survival-horror game Dead Space to the Nintendo console later in 2009. Riccitiello added that this would be the first of many new EA projects that would seek to bring a more “Core” experience to the family-friendly console. Why has it taken so long for large publishers like EA to recognize the potential to profit from high-quality releases on the most popular current-gen video game console? What does this move mean for the future of EA and console gaming in general? Good question! WHAT TOOK THEM SO FREAKING LONG?! This just proves that most 3rd party developers are blind fanboys who'd be prepared to go BANKRUPT before they make a game for a system they don't like. Heck, take a look at some of these 3rd party developers. EA was one out of many who have been reporting huge loses. This just proves that they're stupid. The Wii outsold the X360 a year and a half ago. You'd think they'd notice something then. Oh, but of course not! That just makes too much sense! They still put off the Wii as a kid's console that just happens to get grandpa and grandma on board. Now that the Wii has sold twice as many Wiis as there are X360s, they're starting to see the light. Oh, but that's not the only thing they saw. THEY SAW A HUGE FREAKING HOLE IN THEIR POCKETS! "Oh snap!" Said one of the executives at EA. "We're losing crazy money! W-Why?? What the hell's going on? I thought the world loved our messed up and retarded games?" "Well, sir..." Said the low-lacky making minimum wage. "HD games actually cost... umm... MONEY! It's due to the fact that people are spending less, thanks to the recession. Specifically, they are buying fewer copies of Madden, sir." "People love sports!" The executive retard iterated. "Don't they?" Trying to be as polite as possible, the lacky said, "Y-yes, of course they do, sir. It's just that nowadays, people are trying to conserve money and avoid buying the same old game over and over and over -- beside the fact that the roster is updated and nothing else." Porting cross-platform games to the Wii is nothing new, even for EA. Last year, for example, it brought out a Wii version of its mediocre racing title, Need for Speed: Undercover. The game featured buggy controls, horribly outdated graphics (even by Wii standards) and utterly forgettable gameplay. It was, as many have already pointed out, par for the course in terms of third-party quality on the Wii. However, something about John Riccitiello's conference statements last week make us believe that EA is serious about changing its approach. We have no doubt that a big part of EA’s new strategy means directing greater resources and quality control towards its Wii projects. Gone, we think, are the days of substandard ports. I honestly don't know why the journalist felt the need to bash NFS so harshly. The point isn't that NFS has began to suck harder and harder as time progressed. The point is EA is releasing crap and thinking that the Wii is just some cash cow that they can release anything on. EA isn't the only company guilty of this. What is the reason for this sudden turnaround? The Wii has fought on multiple fronts to garner developer support, even as it continues to break new sales records. First, it suffered from the stigma that it was a console designed for young children, a notion that carried over from the Gamecube era and has not been helped by the library of kid-friendly games. Executives undoubtedly worried that mature titles like Dead Space would fail to find an audience on the Nintendo console. Secondly, Nintendo itself has been a hindrance to third-party development on the console, up until recently. The first party games that it publishes are of such high quality, and attract such a fervent following, that it leaves little room for other developers to compete. The top-five best selling games for the Nintendo Wii are all games made by Nintendo. Ok, I have a problem with what this journalist is saying. First off, only the fanboys are calling Nintendo "t3h k1dd13!" I dunno why this "kid" image stuck with these fanboys. The greatest systems of all time, the NES and the SNES, weren't considered "for kids" even though the games were, for the most part, designed for children. So, what's the sudden change after the N64 era? It's stupid. Secondly, how can you blame Nintendo with a lame reason as, "Their games just rock too hard"? WHAT KIND OF REASON IS THAT? It had nothing to do with Nintendo's quality at all. Nintendo has always had high quality games since the NES. It had all to do with third parties releasing GARBAGE on the Wii. 3rd parties got too cocky thinking that anything and everything would sell on the Wii. After the crap didn't sell, they'd whine and complain that Nintendo's games are overshadowing theirs. That's BS! Recently, however, Nintendo has left a wide a gap in the software lineup for 2009. At last year’s EA, fans complained that Nintendo had little coming down the pipeline to satisfy the so-called “hardcore” fans. These might be the same “core” gamers that EA hopes to attract with its new lineup of higher-quality Wii games. Furthermore, the economic recession has had a tremendous impact on the HD gaming market. Amidst studio closures and massive layoffs, few companies can afford to devote the massive resources required to create fully HD games on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The reason is because assets like graphics and sound are more expensive to produce when they need to be near-Hollywood quality. Wii game development is closer in cost to last-generation titles, and this has to look attractive to companies like EA who are seeking to reduce costs. It's not Nintendo's responsibility to provide every game for the "hardcore" audience. Nintendo has never done that, so why should they suddenly do it now? It's as if these people forget that 3rd parties exist. Why don't these same "hardcore" fans expect the same from Microsoft and Sony? It's stupid. EA and several of these idiot 3rd parties felt the pain a LONG time ago. It's only until recently they're starting to realize that they're bleeding and bleeding badly. Anyone with half a brain could see that the Wii was selling like hotcakes. Some of these idiot 3rd party developers refused to do research and see which games sold well and which didn't. They all assumed that their games had to be casual. In the end, the market got flooded with crap and they lost. On top of that, these same 3rd parties would invest million and millions of dollars into HD games that never had decent returns. Some of the games that did have decent returns were outsold by MARIO KART WII! Yes, that's right. Mario Kart Wii outsold Grand Theft Auto 4 for the year 2008. I bet you Mario Kart didn't cost nearly as much as it did for GTA4 to be developed. Not only that, but Mario Kart Wii is a "core" game. The same with Super Smash Brothers Brawl. That game outsold some big budget games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 and Devil May Cry 4. What's their excuse? Nintendo's games just rock too hard... What does this all mean for us gamers? The good news for Wii owners is that they can soon expect a wider variety of better games for their system, as third-party developers really start to get serious about the console. Games like MadWorld and Dead Space will open the door for more mature, even “M” rated games on the machine. We wouldn’t be surprised to see a new Rockstar project announced on the Wii very soon. All I can say is that it's about TIME! It shouldn't take a 40 million unit lead and a global economic recession to tell these idiot 3rd party developers and publishers that the Wii is serious business. You don't play around with numbers like that. Developing crap games or not developing games on the Wii at all is just as bad as having sex with a total stranger with no condom. There are risks! The bad news for HD gamers is that the recession is taking its toll on many smaller companies that may have been working on games you wanted to play. We recently found out about the cancellation of the HD Indiana Jones game by LucasArts (and its new status as a Wii/PSP project). Turok 2 was also recently canned. HA HA HA HA! Good! Wanna know something? The first 3rd party to feel the pain has got to be FACTOR 5. They were complete graphics whores and were always seen selling their souls to the highest bidder. Anyone remember when Julian Eggebrecht claimed that Sony was first to come out with motion controls? Everyone knew it was total BS, however, because he was paid by Sony, he was obligated to LIE. Now look at them. They're nearly gone if not completely gone already. Their first HD game, Lair, was utter garbage. These are the same 3rd parties developing games such as Indiana Jones and Turok 2. They just want to make pretty games. They don't care if they suck or not. On top of that, they release garbage on the Wii... So, they just release garbage all the time trying to score a quick profit... Then they all die off like moths to the HD fire. Look for more publishers to follow EA’s lead in the coming months, as the Wii lives up to its sales numbers and really does take its place as a lead platform this console generation. Too late! The Wii was console leader the moment it outsold the X360 in the US. This was despite of Microsoft's 1 year head start. I'm not even an analyst and I could see what was going on a mile away. Then again, analyst are usually always wrong anyway.
Posted on 02/09/2009 10:23 am


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