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- 4 decades ago

Linux vs. Windows
So, who is better? Linux is. Plain and simple.

Whoa whoa now! Why is it better, you ask? Before I talk about that, I'll explain a few things first.


This server runs on Linux. However, based on what it does, it doesn't automatically make it better, of course.

Majority of computer users on Windows are n00bs. Now, before you say the majority of Linux users are nerds, understand that the majority of Mac users are also computer savvy. However, even still, that doesn't make Linux better.

Linux is better because of several reasons:

1) Free. Its free as in speech and beer. Most Windows advocates will bring in the 3 letter abbreviation (TCO). However, TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is nothing more but FUD created my Microsoft to confuse people. Those people bring up the cost of how much it would be to train people on the new OS and the cost it would be to hire IT staff that are knowledgeable about the OS. They also bring up software maintenance and customer support. However, what they neglect to tell you is what you're paying on the other end. They claim that Windows is easier for people to use, thus its saves time on maintenance and setup. However, when a Windows PC gets a virus, the amount of time it takes to bring the system back up costs money. Also, when updates are done, it takes time to test them and redistribute those updates. Also, Windows machines need a reboot after the updates are installed, which causes down time... Down time equals lost money. Also, lets not forget licensing costs per unit as well as licensing costs per software per Windows license. The price adds up. This is in light of everything else such as OS support which is more expensive than whats available on Linux.

2) Virtually virus free. I say virtually, because it does have a few viruses. However, the viruses are very few in number and are very hard to get. Many of them are incompatible to different distros (versions of Linux). Not only that, the viruses, if ever contracted, do very little damage to the system unless ran as root. So, that makes it even harder for anyone to consider the viruses actual threats. Now, we look at Windows, viruses are all over the place and the damage they do are typically system wide (because users are typically setup as administrator). Some viruses are super difficult to remove! Antivirus 2009 is a good example of a really hard virus to remove without downloading 3rd party tools to remove it. Plus, the severity of a virus can also depend on how badly it spreads. There are no known viruses that can spread on Linux. This, in and of itself, speaks volumes on Linux's system security.

3) It's more secure. Linux was designed from the ground up to be more secure. By default, users do not run as administrators which have system-wide powers. Everything is ran in a sandbox to prevent damage to other parts of the system. This is why viruses have very little effect on Linux. Also, Linux is much much harder to hack because of the way it's designed. Linux already assumes that individual programs can be hacked by remote hackers. However the case, Linux runs those programs with basic user rights so the hacker can only do as much damage as allowed by that individual program. So, even if a program is hacked, it cannot cause system-wide damages.

4) It's open source. That means the source code, or the guts that make it run, are open to the public. So anyone can look at the code and find bugs and make fixes for them. Since so many eyes are looking at the code, bugs and security vulnerabilities are found at a much faster rate. Many times when there are vulnerabilities, they are fixed within the same day or within hours of the vulnerability being found. Windows, on the other hand, only fixes such things once a month or sometimes even longer. So, a known vulnerability can go unfixed for months or even longer; which can give hackers the opportunity to take advantage of them and seriously causes havoc.

5) It's more stable. Stability is important for an OS. An unstable OS leads to crashes and reboots. Stability is especially important for servers and companies who rely on them. Its also one of the major reasons I run Linux for my webserver. You'll hear about servers that have been running without a single reboot for years at a time. Windows record uptimes can only be measured in months. 5 months is usually the max for a Windows server. 

All these reasons may not seem to be overly important to you or to any other n00b. Many Windows users are worried about games. Games is a huge factor and game developers have to seriously start supporting Linux in the future. This is one thing I cannot argue. However, as for everything else, Linux has Windows beaten; even in ease of use. 

That's right, you heard me! Linux is easier to use. There are many different subjects I can debate, but programs appear more streamlined in Linux as opposed to Windows. People can argue that Windows is easier, but they can only say that because they're used to it. However, if you take a completely computer n00b and sit them in front of both Linux and Windows, they may not be able to tell the difference. However, usually, Linux would be the pick since applications are right in front of their faces. No need to click Start --> Programs --> . Install and uninstalling programs are very easy through package managers. No need to hunt the Internet for specific and questionable exe files. 

Well, what do you guys think?
Posted on 02/03/2009 09:37 am


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