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- 4 decades ago

Many things have happened... Many things
Nothing bad, of course. Well, maybe for a few people.

I've decided to remove from my affiliates. The admin of that site, while trying to negotiate with me in creating a php encoding script, had some other odd agenda. So weird... 

The admin of that site requested that I build a script that would encode MKVs to AVIs while keeping the subtitles and putting a logo on the upper right.

"Sure!" I told him. I knew I could make the script. I gave him two options. 1) Pay $200 bucks and I'll create the script and give it to you. 2) Pay absolutely nothing and upload media to my site or embed my videos on your site. In exchange, I'll host the script. Guess what this guy said... Well, his response is what I found ironic. He chose the free option (obviously), but he wanted me to "remove" any indication of the video belonging to Ultra Edge. What?! Remove the UE logo?? Why? Was he afraid that I'd steal his visitors -- As if Megavideos and Veoh weren't (the videos he embeds)? He also wanted me to remove the iframe too. Apparently, he didn't trust me, nor did he want me to get credit for anything I did. Can we say "Con"? Besides, I gave this guy a month to put my link on his site and he did not. So, I removed his. Besides, he didn't respond after I declined to do such. 

I told him he was bad at negotiating. Apparently, I understated when I said "bad". No, he's absolutely HORRIBLE. His site is much like all the other anime sites claiming to offer streaming anime. They never host it themselves. They just embed Veoh and Megavideos on their site. Some sites even force people to create accounts to "view" these embedded videos (which is stupid!). What would stop these viewers from going directly to Megavideos and Veoh? Besides, Megavideo charges people now. They only allow free users to watch maybe 1 or 2 hours a month.

Whatever. A lot of people online don't know how to negotiate. They usually choose to not respond instead of saying no. Well, whatever, right? Most anime sites are very fragmented. They are nothing like video game websites. Video game websites actually BUILD affiliates. Anime sites shun other sites and never build affiliates. What ends up happening is they die off. I don't really understand the logic in that.

As far as updates to UE. I've been fixing bugs and adding small features here and there. I replaced the ratings system. The old one just didn't work. The new one definitely works and it works well. I also made it easier to sort through the growing list of videos. 

Oh! I'm also hard at work creating a "Download Video" option for members only. This will allow people who are having problems streaming, or who would like to have a copy of a particular anime, to download the original MP4. Heck, why not?

I'm still working on the graphics. I drew a few characters I will eventually add to the site. I just need a good pen! I'll think of something, but my characters are all drawn out and ready to be scanned.
Posted on 01/22/2009 01:15 pm


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