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- 4 decades ago

Sad times we're living in...
What sad times we're living in. We're in the hands of the most corrupt government in American history -- a government influenced by greed.

Corporations making record profits while our economy is collapsing. People are losing jobs and their job are being shipped overseas. Our country is in a war that has no basis or meaning and the American dollar is dropping. Does that make any sense? Of course not! Not only does the Bush administration condone torture, but they are also spying on the American citizen. If that wasn't bad, you also have those criminals giving themselves and their friends immunity from persecution.

Just recently, Bush and his cronies announced that they were going to resume the wiretaps. Huh?! They know domestic wiretapping is illegal. If they didn't, they wouldn't be trying to give the telephone companies legal immunity.

Vote for Obama and end this madness, people.

Anywayz, I'm going to add a few categories on the top. The first category is going to link to my stories that I've written over the years. Of course, many of them aren't finished. I just stopped because I lost interest in a lot of them. However, I believe many people want to read them.

I'll also add categories for my art and a few tutorials.

As far as everything else, I've been hosting a voice chat server for a very long time now. Many people used it (the same old people). However, just recently, I decided to switch to Mumble to accommodate users of other operating systems. Of course, the kid who were using the voice chat left (after using it for years). They didn't leave any sort of message of why they were leaving or anything. They just plain o' left. So, I'm still hosting it if anyone is interested in using it. I'll post the details later.

Another thing that has happened within the last few months was umm... I was fired! Yes, from my job. I worked at Verizon under their FIOS technical support for a few months, actually. I wasn't fired because I was being a horrible employee. I was fired because Verizon said I falsified documents. Of course, this isn't true. In the process of me getting hired, Verizon emailed me my employment papers that I needed to sign in order to start the job. I was given a welcome letter that read "Steven Dixon". Now, my name is Steven Dotson. Every now and then I'd get mail with my last name spelled funny. I figured that was the case here, so I corrected the last name and sent everything back to Verizon. Everything else had my name spelled correctly except for that one paper. 

I started work a few weeks later and found a Steven Dixon sitting right next to me. I tried to do the right thing and report the incident. I went to (who I thought at the time) HR and explained to them what was going on. Liz Davis (the female's name I spoke to) promised to send my issue up to Corporate HR. I figured my issue would be resolved. A few weeks passed and I hadn't heard anything. So, I went to a different person. Once again, I assumed I was speaking with HR. Her name was Felicia. I explained the same thing I did to Liz Davis to her. In anycae, a few weeks passed and I hadn't heard anything. I sent an email to Felicia asking what was going on. She replied that I received a different welcome letter than what I know I received. I replied that I never received the welcome letter she claimed I was getting. At this time, I knew I had an issue a lot more complicated than it should've been. So, from there, I went to the Union (CWA 1123).

I spoke to the Union's Vice District President Christy Gasky. I explained to her what was going on. She told me she'd look into it. Of course, Christy Gasky is so slow and unorganized that she I didn't hear from her in awhile. So, I sent her emails bugging her about what was going on. I didn't receive a real answer until I stopped her in the hall (pathetic). She didn't answer my calls, so I had no other choice! From there, she explained what was going on (which was absolutely nothing since they wouldn't tell her).

A few weeks past again and I ended up being summoned by security (huh?!). So, they called me in and after I sat down with 2 employment security guys and Christy, the security guys tried to say that I received the 2nd mysterious welcome letter that I never got and that I was lying about it. That annoyed me because I know what I got. I don't delete any of my emails. I keep them all. I explained to the security guy that I hadn't received any such welcome letter. I got Steven Dixon's welcome letter and I just figured the last name was spelled wrong. I didn't think it would be bad if I corrected my own last name. After all, everything else was right. The security guy went on to say that they sent the first one in error and second a second one in less than a minute later. I explained that if they did then it's possible that gmail's spam filter went crazy and tossed it somewhere. Since I check my email using Thunderbird, I rarely ever see Gmail's spam folder. So, it could've got caught up in there. However, I couldn't say for certain. I received everything else they sent. Needless to say, he didn't believe me.

What made this interview odd was that the security guys knew very little about  PCs.

I figured that if Verizon were hiring PC techs and they were trying to catch them in the act, they'd at least use PC literate security personnel. The security guy that I spoke to didn't know what a spam filter was. He didn't understand that I used an OS other than Windows. He didn't even know what Open Office was. He knew nothing! Absolutely nothing! Let me shine some light on perhaps Verizon's incompetence in the computer field. They sent Microsoft word documents for the welcome letter. Its easy to alter the document. The security guy told me it was impossible. In my head I was quite litterly screaming, "Are you an idiot?!" The security guy wa told by 'Verizon' that no one could alter a DOC file. If that's true, then Verizon needs to hire people who know what they're talking about. If they didn't want people to edit the DOC file, they could've easily created a PDF which works much better than a DOC file could ever do.

In anycase, I offered to give him the email I did receive as well as a screen shot of what was in my email folder regarding every single Verizon email I've received. The next day I was summoned back into security and the security guy told me he didn't get it. I told him I sent it to him at 5:45 that evening. He swore up and down he didn't get. He began to assume I didn't send it. His associate had to show him his spam folder. From there, he was able to find it. "Oh there it is!" the incompetent security guy said. Well, no duh! The same could've happened to me. This should've been an open and shut case with this guy. He understood that not all email reach its recipient. Of course, a few more weeks later, I was fired. Huh?! So, you mean the security guy STILL didn't understand?!

In anycase, I had no choice by to began talks with Christy Gasky. During the first grievance they told her that they felt I misrepresented myself by signing a paper that wasn't mine and not consulting HR. I thought I did! That's what I wrote in my grievance letter. Come to find out, Liz Davis is not HR. She's just payroll. Usually HR handles payroll, but not at Verizon. Apparently, their HR isn't in my city. 

In anycase, the grievances are still on going. I doubt I'll get my job back. However, it's sad how no matter what I say, its completely irrelevant to what they think. They have no evidence and yet they refuse to believe me. After the grievance I think I'll consult a lawyer.  
Posted on 02/25/2008


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