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- 4 decades ago

And here we are!
The last day of the year. Anybody excited for New Years? Anyone planning on actually sticking to their new years resolutions? 

In any case, I've been hard at work adding and fixing and adding some more. I just put up an online radio for the blog. I kinda got tired of only having one song playing. There are several songs I want to play. I also figured many others may enjoy the tunes I play, so I made the music streamable in real time. Basically, you can listen to the Ultra Edge Radio without being on Ultra Edge. If you're interested, you can connect to the radio using Winamp or your favorite media player. Simply choose the Open URL or Open Location option in your player and put in or simply click on the link. The music is quite extensive and I cover both anime and video game music. I'll also be adding tunes every now and then to increase the radio's library. Please enjoy!

Now, I know I said I was going to bring the Ultra Edge Subtitle Engine (tm) to version 1.0. As a matter of fact, it's there now. No doubt, it isn't completely bug-free. Well, not so much bug-free as I'd say crap-preventing. Some sub groups really make crap subs. Whether its bad English or incorrect translations or SRT/ASS coded garbage. My subtitle engine stumbles over Kuroshitsuji's subtitles because the subtitles were encoded with either 1) a garbage subtitle encoder program. 2) the typesetter was drunk or stupid. Whatever it is, there's extra columns in the subtitle files that just don't belong. I suppose it's to support effects found in proprietary media players (Windows Media Player anyone?).

Well, I guess I shouldn't complain. I had to struggle with Chaos Head's subtitles with Dark Rebirth at the helm. My God! They put in a lot of useless commentary in their subs. Usually its them mocking the characters or the translations they make. Nobody wants to read that garbage! 

Oh, and then you have subtitle files using character encoding that completely rapes the engine. Like, freaking French character encodings! The engine would completely barf once it read that garbage. Had to remove that crap too. I highly doubt I'll see the end of it. I'm quite sure somebody out there will find a way to make my engine explode from all the laziness out there. We'll definitely see.

In other news, I'm trying to form an alliance with several anime websites. However, I'm having difficulty in doing so. I suppose I could say it's pretty typical. Most anime sites refuse to affiliate with sites they feel compete for their visitors. Well, some... No, A LOT! A lot of anime sites just don't like to affiliate at all. This may explain why so many of them die. None of them are capable of supporting their own community because they're too busy trying to be #1. What happens is that these anime sites fragment and the only sites that survive are the Sub releaser sites. And sometimes those sites go down because a translator decides to... get a life and do something with their skills.

Otakucenter is a good example. Though, I'm don't believe they're concerned about their visitors leaving. I think they just don't "trust" Ultra Edge enough to embed videos on their website. Of course, that's one thing I forgot to bring up. The matter of trust. In order for these other anime websites to trust one another, they have to have heard of them before. Otherwise, they wouldn't give a care in the world. Also, if a website is offering something that seems too good to be true, they assume the offer is too good to be true and turn it down. I can understand the suspicion, but at least INVESTIGATE first! Don't assume every anime website has a virus or two.

In any case, what the heck is up with people afraid of visiting websites because of viruses? Why are you using Internet Explorer in the first place?? If you're so afraid of viruses, download Firefox and install the Adblock Plus and NoScript addons! 

Posted on 12/31/2008 05:00 am


Von :
Can I just say

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Hi. You're deal

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Greeting. Music

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Greeting. Where

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