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- 4 decades ago

Another quick change in plans.
I was on Youtube... Yeah, that's how my story begins... I was on Youtube and I found a huge resolution HD video. I said to myself, "Wait a sec! That's bigger than anything on got on Ultra Edge!" My site is SUPPOSED to be an HD anime site. Oh no, no, no! I won't take this lying down, I told myself. I also noticed the same thing going on with Veoh. Veoh has videos nearly the size of mine (not wide screen though). Despite the quality, it's just not enough. Soon, all of Veoh and Youtube videos will share the same quality as what's seen here. So, I knew from there I had to go one step further.

I checked the videos and realized that they aren't exactly small. I then realized that when increasing the resolution, I still had leg room to decrease the size of the videos. This would allow for me to stream them reliably. So, as of this moment, I will take MKV with softsubs out of beta and turn it to version 1.0. I will then quickly work on increasing the quality of the videos on Ultra Edge. So far, there are two higher quality videos on the site. Gundam 00 S2 episode 3 and 6. Unfortunately, they are the only ones. However, I won't stop there. Every HD video uploaded from here on out WILL be shown at a higher resolution of 910 x 512. I can't make it any bigger or it would be virtually unviewable to those enjoying 1024x768.

So prepare for some nice sized looking streaming anime, folks!!
Posted on 12/20/2008 06:38 am


C :
Not, to be a jerk...well, maybe to be a bit of a jerk PEOPLE STILL USE 1024x768 in 2008!?!? Okay, okay, maybe some people in the general population still runs 1024 but I had thought that the anime-viewing subset would run a higher resolution than most

C :
So, what I'm really saying is...720p would be nice =)

Qchan :
To be perfectly honest with you... Yes, people still run 1024x768. Quite a few people do, as a matter of fact. I check the webcounter as often as I can and nearly half of the traffic has people with resolutions of 1024x768.

Qchan :
So, on that note, I have to support it. However, 910 x 512 isn't a push over. Streaming 720p will be difficult though.

Demitrius :
Good design, wh

Emil :
Good evening. H

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