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- 4 decades ago

Yet another update!
As the title suggests, there's another update! I finally set the server code to automatically search for the subtitle track. Before, it would always check track 3. However, I found (and knew that I would eventually) a couple of anime releases that like to reverse the tracks around.

On top of that, I got rid of the character coding issue that was found in many subtitle files. I also added additional code to completely eliminate the brace "bug". I'm still going to keep the MKV with softsub support in beta for now. So far, everything is looking up. The MKVs have all been converted the way they're supposed to be.

There's still no support for dual audio and dual subtitle tracks just yet. I dunno if I'll even add support for those. Depends on the demand, I suppose. We'll just have to see.
Posted on 12/17/2008 04:44 pm


Marlie :
This is a truly

Angeni :
Hello everyone.

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