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- 4 decades ago

Ultra Edge was created by me, Qchan or Quinton McLeod. You'll know its me if you see "red text".

This website was created using the Linux operating system. This also includes the graphics as well. More specifically, I use GIMP for all the graphics. The site itself is hosted on a Linux server running Apache 2. Thus, the server code is in PHP.

I originally came up with the idea of an anime based multimedia website when a friend of mine and I decided to collaborate on a Myspace-like website. Of course, all he did was the brainstorming. He couldn't program the code, or design it, or create the graphics or even host it. At that point, I was afraid I'd end up taking most, if not all, of the credit. I decided to stop working on that and start working on my own website.

Stage was dying and the number of high quality video sharing websites were (and still are) very very low. I realized there are close to no anime video sharing sites anywhere on the Internet. This allowed me to realize that there was an entire untapped market out there. Of course, being an anime lover myself, I decided to capitalize on that. I wasn't really looking so much as to how much money I'd get, but more toward how many anime fans would be happy to see a video sharing site geared towards them.

That is the story of Ultra Edge and how it came about. I look forward to hearing from the members of Ultra Edge to improve upon the site and add things that people would like to see. I'm always open to new ideas and I hope to hear from you and everyone else soon!
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